America’s Parity – The Government vs We The People

by Lenny Leatherman


Why do I need an AR 15?

For the same reason I needed an M-16 when I was in the U.S. Army – to defend against a tyrannical hostile force.  Hopefully, it will not be the U.S. government!

I believe the current administration would like nothing better than to strip ‘We the People’ of any means to defend our Constitution against all enemies; foreign AND domestic.

Try to imagine our Constitution without the 2nd Amendment. Left with no way to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government, how long would it be until America is under the control of a Marxist government with its sheeple (47% and growing) following along blindly clinging to their free birth control and food stamps?

North Korea and South Korea are actually in a state of war. Korea recognizes the 38th parallel as being a demilitarized zone that prevents both sides from destroying each other.

I sometime think of America as being in a state of perpetual war, with the Constitution serving as a ‘demilitarized zone’. The government is on one side and ‘We The People’ on the other.

In order for the two Koreas to peacefully coexist, there must be military parity. I believe we too must attain parity with the government.

Wikipedia reports that currently there are 2,916,719 military troops serving at the pleasure of the Commander-N-Chief (the President). That number includes active duty military and reserve components. The primary weapon in service today by our military forces is the M 16. The civillian version of that weapon is the AR 15. There is one major difference – the AR 15 is strictly semi-automatic.

According to Justin Peters in his article dated December 20, 2012, there are approximately 3,750,000 AR 15 style rifles in the U.S.

A November 2012 Congressional Research Service report found that, as of 2009, there were approximately 310 million firearms in the United States.

As of the end of November, 2012, figures show that there have been 16,808,538 applications to purchase a firearm.  If they were approved, that would be enough weapons to stock every member of Nato‘s armed forces nearly five times over.

NRA’s membership has increased by 250,000 just in the last month!

Those staggering numbers suggest to me that citizens no longer trusts the government, and they are rapidly achieving parity!

Does anyone still wonder why the current administration is so desperately trying to find ways to gut the 2nd Amendment? Parity in firepower causes government bureaucrats and tyrants to fear We The People.

Isn’t that the way our Constitution was designed to work?

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