Fate of “Flying Pigs” vs “Slaughtered Hogs”

Op-Ed: 01/02/2013, By State Senator Craig Estes (R- Wichita Falls) –

 Texas State Senator considers asking Texas Rangers to find missing Texas congressional conservatives

State Senator Craig Estes

State Senator Craig Estes

Where have all the federal budget-cutting Texas conservatives gone?As Chairman of the Texas Senate Committee responsible for our state’s Homeland Security, I am contemplating calling out the Texas Rangers to find them.

It appears that somewhere between Texas and Washington, they got lost.

That’s right! Some of our Texas congressional Republicans voted to pass Obama’s “fiscal cliff compromise” legislation.

This legislation looks like, smells like and tastes like a tax increase. Why?  Because it is a tax increase bill!

In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the last-minute fiscal cliff deal reached by congressional leaders and President Barack Obama cuts only $15 billion in spending while increasing tax revenues by $620 billion.  That’s right —a 41:1 ratio of tax increases to spending cuts so for every $41 of additional taxes we pay, the federal government will cut $1 of spending.  My fellow Americans, we have a problem, a huge spending problem.

Texas families have to live with balanced budgets. Texas state government does too. So why not the federal government?

It’s not rocket science— our national economy simply can not continue living off deficit spending.

However, Obama and some wayward Texas Republicans have decided big government is too sacred to cut. In short, they have decided to be for tax increases before they can be opposed to tax increases. Reaching into our back pockets, they have deferred some of America’s toughest spending problems—in particular the ballooning cost of health care— with a “fiscal cliff compromise bill” that doesn’t even come close to the kind of $4 trillion deficit-reduction deal the country’s leaders had hoped to negotiate.

I am truly appalled at the lack of leadership shown by our Republicans in Congress (especially those from Texas).  The audacity to vote for this tax bill, is well… it’s just un-Texan.  Worse still, Grover Norquist, the Americans for Tax Reform founder and keeper of the so-called Tax Pledge, reportedly urged the House Republicans to pass it without adding spending cuts!

Folks, as our country has approached this fiscal cliff, some of our Texas Republicans sent to Congress have opted to leap before they look.

Apparently they naively subscribe to the Texas notion that federal government will reduce its spending when “pigs fly.”

But I say, when it comes to tax increases like this “fiscal cliff compromise bill”, we need the Texas Rangers to find the real Texas Conservatives we sent to Washington or these Republican hogs will get slaughtered come next election.

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Estes – I am so glad you posted this for public consumption. You may be reminded of the principles herein when your career reputation as a “moderate” and easy money republican voting record comes back to haunt you.

    Or as the scripture says – be careful of throwing stones when you live in a glass house.

    Your ” thrown stones” are noted. You have backed yourself in to a corner, and we shall see how fiscally responsible YOUR votes are in Austin. We will be watching ( & CALLING ) when YOUR votes do not line up with strict interpretation of both the Texas & US Constitution.

    I suggest you look diligently at 10th Amendment solutions to the abuses of power in DC, and uphold your Oath of Office in Texas, up to and including secession if necessary.

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