More Gun Silliness from Sen. Feinstein

Feinstein_SillinessFrom, By / 26 December 2012 – Madame Feinstein — she of the brilliant “assault weapons” ban — has had  another great idea this week.  Why doesn’t the United States, like Australia,  buy back these prohibited weapons for something like $500 a gun, and then outlaw  them?

There are more than a few problems with Senator Feinstein’s thought.  First  and foremost, the Australians have nothing like our Bill of Rights, with its  Second Amendment and the history behind it.

But beyond the theoretical problems  and the Supreme Court fight that would entail, a country that is on the verge of  its own Greek-style fiscal crisis cannot possibly afford a buyback of this  magnitude.  Looking at the numbers, Australia’s buyback program, consisting of  semiautomatic guns, automatic guns and shotguns, cost their government $500  million in 1997. Using a 1% levy on income taxes, the government paid  approximately $500 per gun.

How would this look in the United States?  According to Gallup’s most recent  poll regarding gun ownership, 47% of 315 million Americans own guns, which means  148,050,000 Americans admit to owning guns.  In Australia, one in four guns fell  into the “banned” category, so using very simplified numbers, we’ll assume each  American admitting they own a gun only owns one.  Continuing with our simplified  numbers, we’ll use the Aussie numbers of one in four being banned, so 37,012,500  would need to be bought back by the government.  Even if the government only  offers $500 per gun (which would be woefully under fair market value for many of  these weapons), it would cost taxpayers $18,506,250,000.  Keep in mind that the  national debt is around $16 trillion.  How are we supposed to pay for this, when  the Senate can’t even pass a budget?

Compare this $18.5 billion cost to the cost of simply allowing teachers who  already have valid concealed carry permits to carry in schools (with the two  stipulations of the principal being aware of it and being required to keep the  gun on your person at all times, as I mentioned last week), and a gun buyback  program seems frivolous and more unnecessary government waste.  Registration  isn’t the answer, not when we have newspapers publishing the names and addresses  of gun owners — although it’s certainly a burglar’s dream, because then the  people without guns suddenly have targets on their houses.

While “tragedy” seems too small a word to describe the events at Newtown — or  Aurora — let’s not allow the liberal nannies rampant in our government and media  to violate our Constitution in the pursuit of more security.  Even if the  American government had the money to waste, any buyback would be a violation of  the spirit of the Constitution.  Our Founding Fathers intended for us to  maintain weapons to protect against tyranny, not willingly surrender our weapons  to obtain false security.  So instead of coming up with kneejerk solutions that  would effectively treat a gunshot wound with a band-aid, why not solve the  problem?  We can blame the problem on guns, but what we’re really seeing in  America — and worldwide— is a breakdown in Judeo-Christian values and a  willingness to accept individual responsibility.

No buyback can save people from themselves.  No government can protect the  people better than they can.  It’s time for the government to get back to its  responsibilities outlined in the Constitution, just like it’s time for parents  to start being parents again, which means making sure their children are moral,  healthy and fit for society.  Until then, no gun law in America can protect us,  which will be a great disappointment to Madame Feinstein.

Image: Source: (part of 2007  operations, DEA press release: [1]); author: Drug Enforcement Administration;  public domain.



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