McCain gets fed up with fellow Republican, says ‘lends some credence’ to idea of filibuster reform

From The, by Alexis Levinson, 2:35 PM  12/03/2012 –

WASHINGTON — Republican Sen. John McCain became so fed up with a Republican  colleague’s efforts to block the National Defense Authorization Act on Monday  that he suggested in a floor speech that perhaps Democratic Majority Leader  Harry Reid’s push to change the rules of the filibuster was not a bad idea.

The comment came after McCain criticized his Republican colleague Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky for holding up the NDAA.

“I find it disappointing that one member of the United  States Senate feels that his particular agenda is so important that it affects the lives and  the readiness and the capabilities of the men and women who are serving in the  military and our ability to defend this nation,” McCain said. “I think it’s hard  to answer to the men and women in the military with this kind of behavior, but I  will leave that up to the senator from Kentucky to do so.”

“Much to my dismay,” McCain said of Paul’s objection, “it lends some credence  to the argument that maybe we ought not to do business the way that we are doing here in the United States Senate.”

The comment appeared to refer to Reid’s push to change the rules governing  the filibuster, which he says Republicans have “abused,” leaving the chamber  hamstrung.

The reform would prevent the minority from filibustering on the motion to  proceed.

Republicans, especially Sen. Mitch McConnell, have criticized the plan as the  majority taking away the rights of the minority in the Senate.

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    What a crime…………..McShame calling out Rand Paul for wanting to derail the indefinte detention of NDAA.

    yep- POW-MIA TRAITOR McShame………………….co-author of the 2006 Amnesty Bill with Ted Kennedy , and “nominee” for Prez by the globalist criminals who have owned the Repug Party for 4 decades.

    McShame – ever the apologist for the statists’ agenda…bet some of you even voted for that TRAITOR for Prez

    “In the end Sparta’s narrowness of spirit betrayed even her strength of soul. She descended to the sanctioning of any means to gain a Spartan aim…. Militarism absorbed her, and made her, once so honoured, the hated terror of her neighbours. When she fell, all the nations marvelled but none mourned.”
    Will Durant, The Life of Greece

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