LifeLine Animal Project: Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter Evaluation

LifeLine Animal Project, Susan Feingold, Shelter Evaluator, 9/28/2012


Overall Assessment

One of the biggest overall problems at WPCAS is lack of supervision, which in turn is causing many of the other problems. During the shelter observation period, it seemed that no one was performing important duties normally associated with a Kennel Supervisor or a Field Supervisor.  WPCAS also doesn’t have functional Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), which are needed in order to ensure jobs such as enforcement of ordinances, shelter disinfection, providing care to animals and other critical tasks are done properly and uniformly.

In addition, the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter has a very unique campus.  The campus is beautiful, but unlike most animal shelters that are housed solely in one building or in one tight cluster of buildings, WPCAS has numerous unattached buildings throughout the campus.  Because it is so spread out, the animal shelter’s physical structure adds challenges to communication and to providing customer service.  Complicating matters, Parker County Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are housed at WPCAS in a separate building, enforce separate ordinances, have different hours of operation, and care for all livestock.  WPCAS relies on inmates who are rotated almost daily to perform most of the kennel cleaning duties, which adds challenges to properly managing an animal shelter. Finally, much more could be done proactively to prevent euthanasia at WPCAS.

Because change is often difficult for employees, management should implement changes recommended in this evaluation methodically with forethought and should notify employees of the changes in advance, through written memos/policies/procedures and in staff meetings.  

For a comprehensive assessment of the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter, go to WPCAS LifeLine Animal Project.

5 responses

  1. Very interesting! This explains all the stories i have heard about out of control disease and sick animals. Doesn’t appear that anyone is in charge of anything, just a big jumbled mess. Honestly, it seems like a whole lot of LAZY is going on at taxpayer expense. Very upsetting that they are killing animals in front of other animals. That must be horrifying for them. Does anyone there care about the animals’ welfare? It sure doesnt seem like they care at all. Absolute bare minimum effort required to get their paycheck. very, very sad. I hope the city government makes some major changes after this review. Starting fresh with a whole new WELL TRAINED AND HELPFUL team would show the city’s willingness to make positive changes.

  2. What a great legacy our city leaders are leaving behind. They should be ashamed. Citizens brought these issues to them and they banned them from speaking about it at City Council meetings. People still being harrassed and banned for trying to help, the manager refusing to do what it takes to get dogs adopted, rescues being treated so poorly they will not pull from WPCAS, and a well paid staff doing a whole lot of nothing. So this is what we have. A nice taxpayer funded campus where homeless pets go to die a horrible death. This whole mess can be laid at the feet of our elected officials and the people they appoint. When will they wake up and do what’s right. Maybe a little less lining their own pockets and those of their friends and relatives and a little more governing is in order. Until then, they are a disgrace and are dragging our wonderful city down with them.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      And the city of Weatherford RE-ELECTED the entire slate, and the mayor……………with the usual pathetic turnout of voter participation.

      The reigning regime has done nothing but put a few bandaids on the problems and have failed to address the core issues.

      Sadly, the county comissioners court tosses in close to 1/2 a million bucks, but demands next-to-nothing in accountability…………….pathetic.

      Until cities and counties D-E-M-A-N-D term limits – abuses, theft, petty larceny, high crimes and low comedy will be the continuing order of the day in “government”

      And our ” governor “, our state rep and state senator have all overstayed their welcome.

      Term limits – 2 terms, NO MORE , will cure a lot of these problems – we might then someday have a true government ” of, by and for ” the people.

      Till then ? – pay up and shut up is the attitude of your petty little rulers, and the pattycake politics of local groups effect NOTHING.

      “Democracy is a form of religion, it is the worship of jackals by jack asses.”
      H.L. Mencken

  3. >Fostermomoftwo: I totally agree with your assessment!!! Such a shame!

  4. I would love for you to take another look and access the changes at WPCAS. Since Dustin Deel came abroad the facility is in top notch condition. If we could only get the residents of Parker to take care of their animals.

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