Why the secrecy and what’s the hurry?

Weatherford College

After reading the article, Durant donates land, money to Weatherford College, by Melissa Winn, one could easily form the opinion that Jerry Durant’s land donation deal is an example of community leaders working in harmony for the betterment of Weatherford College. That may in fact be true, or it may not.

Other information has surfaced that tend to cast a shadow over this issue. Residents throughout the county are beginning to question some of the statements that have been made regarding this proposal – paraphrased statements like, “It is a good deal for Weatherford College, but if you don’t approve it right now; the deal’s off.” and  “If you don’t approve this proposal now, we will never help you again with anything in the future.”

Is this really an example of ‘community leaders’ working in harmony, or is it in fact an example of the ‘playground bully’ demanding and getting whatever he wants?

We recognize and appreciate Jerry and Vickie Durant’s countless acts of generosity over the past 40 + years. And we find it difficult to believe that one who has invested so much of his own time and treasure in this community would seriously make such a “now or never” threat.

Is there a credible reason why this “deal” cannot be addressed in PUBLIC meetings – after sufficient notice has been given to all county residents?”

As one Weatherford College board member puts it –

“I think we need to make clear that there is a distinction between the community of Weatherford represented here by two groups, the ag folks and the elderly, and on the other hand, the county as whole to whom we have a fiduciary duty.  While this is not exactly a backroom deal, it certainly has the feel of a proposal that was put together by a very small and exclusive group of people with private, albeit not-for-profit, interests that want to now run it through a public board with as little discussion and examination as possible at a time of year where people are turning their attention elsewhere.  This property belongs to the people of Parker County, held in trust for them by Weatherford College for the accomplishment of the College’s educational mission.  I simply don’t think this land swap sweetened with some cash meets that threshold.”

If it looks too good to be true…. it usually is –

Lenny Leatherman –

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  1. So, the deal takes land with a great location and gives the college land in Thorp Springs? Why would anyone think that is a good deal?

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