Tom Pauken

A political analyst and former Texas Republican leader says his home state will not tolerate U.N. observers monitoring its election process.


Recently The Daily Caller reported that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott officially put Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on notice: United Nations-affiliated election monitors are not above Texas law.

He was reacting to the announcement from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) that it would send dozens of international poll monitors to the United States to monitor the upcoming elections. Ostensibly the OSCE representatives would be on the lookout for what liberal-leaning civil rights groups have described as systematic efforts to suppress minority voters likely to vote for President Obama.

But Abbott pointed out to the secretary of state that Texas law prohibits unauthorized persons from entering a polling place or loitering within 100 feet of a polling place’s entrance on Election Day. “If the OSCE does not want to follow Texas law, then perhaps it should send its representatives to another state,” he stated in letter to Clinton.

Tom Pauken is a former chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, who served on President Ronald Reagan’s team.

“Part of the problem is you’ve got a group from the U.N. that have gotten themselves involved with ACORN and some of these very liberal groups and want to come in and try to mess with Texas — and of course we prominently have a sign [that says] ‘Don’t Mess with Texas,'” he tells OneNewsNow. “And clearly Texans are united — particularly all of us who are conservatives — in saying this is ridiculous.”

According to Pauken, it appears the U.N. has gotten the message.

“The latest I’ve heard is they’re not going to try to come in and observe at the polling places,” he notes. “They’re just not entitled to under our laws. It was a silly idea in the first place, and clearly [was] pushed by folks nationally who have a left-wing agenda.”

Pauken says Texans will not put up with foreigners coming into the state to make mischief.

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  2. But, it appears that it is ok for NAACP to take over a polling place in Houston

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