Ensure the polls are manned by workers who are trained to spot fraud

by Frank Williford – 
I have been perturbed for some time now by the number of internet popups asking the viewer to:
Wish Obama happy birthday!
Show your support for Obama
Tell Michelle you support Obama
Help Michelle celebrate _______.
Send three dollars to Obama
etc   etc   etc
Even the casual viewer understands Obama will never see any of the well wishes or even know how many responses were received.
Then why all the bother?  Obama’s pictures and campaign utterances fill the news daily. He is not suffering from lack of exposure.
Then there is the issue of the democrats strongly opposing rigorous voter identification at the polls. Also there is Atty. General Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute anyone for voter intimidation or voter fraud in a previous election.
Now it all starts to come together for me. The solicitations from the Obama camp, when answered, will provide sufficient information about the respondent so that with just a bit of additional homework the respondent can be registered to vote without their knowledge, after a cross reference to voters lists  identifies which of the respondents are not likely to vote since they have a history of nonvoting in general elections.
PRESTO a listing of likely nonvoting persons is available for registration as voters so the unscrupulous can vote for them.
It is imperitive that every legal effort be made to identify voters are who they say they are especially if the voter list available to the poll workers and poll watchers indicate this person is not a regular voter. We must ensure the polls are manned by honest and conscientious watchers and workers who are trained to spot fraud.
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