Help me watch!

By Frank Williford –

Most liberals are not nuts nor are most conservatives. But there are far too many nutty ones in each group. It is the nutty ones in one group that grasp onto some action by the nutty ones in the other group and try to turn it into a cause for condemning everyone in the opposite group. A legitimate difference in personal political opinion does not automatically establish a person as being nutty. It is the unbridled animosity and hateful vindictive language which is injected into the political scene and then continually nurtured that identifies the nutty contingent from the remainder.

Unfortunately politicians in high places, who have significant authority, have many more opportunities than the rest of us to demonstrate their nuttiness. They are able to project their quirks, claims and counter claims daily through the auspices of a national media which delights in stirring up emotions. It is quite possible the fourth estate is also largely, if not completely, nutty.

If I were to be classified into either group, no doubt I would be designated my many of my acquaintances as one of the nutty conservatives. This would be a mistake because it would assign credit for far too much rigor in my thought process. My thought process normally idles along on the fuzzy line of demarcation that separates actual fact from personal belief. An engineer by training I try to embrace only facts for the fuel of my thoughts and conclusions, but I am far from universally successful in this regard. Try as I might, I occasionally see or hear something so outrageous I am compelled to immediately classify it as nutty without giving it any fair consideration. Infrequently I sense something totally implausible; yet it strikes a fact nerve in my being and I cannot let it go. I have now encountered just such a thing.

I have started to recognize a trend in political thought which seems to me an aberration and therefore probably not possible,……yet?  Is my emotional side or my factual side seeing what at first glance appears to be improbable ? Only time will tell but the facts are there if I can correctly ascertain what they really mean.

IT APPEARS TO ME SOME OF THE LIBERAL MEDIA AND LIBERAL PUNDITS ARE STARTING TO DISTANCE THEMSELVES FROM OBAMA.  Without citing details it is clear to me several of the most pro-Obama newspapers have issued editorials decidedly unfavorable to him in the past thirty days. Likewise several of the normally docile news reporters have started to direct serious questions at the Obama administration and the DNC. Now a scathing commentary about Obama’s claim of saving Detroit, by one of Obama’s most influential liberal supporters, Michael Moore, has put the frosting on the cake, as it were, for me.  Influential liberals are, at last, taking a hard look at Obama and they are afraid of what they see. The only conclusion I can come to is that serious thinking liberals, not the nutty contingent, have seen Obama and his mostly unqualified senior appointees operate outside of constitutional law so often and with such abandon, they are alarmed by what he may do next.

I believe the run-up to the election will verify my thesis and I will be watching closely for additional confirmation. Help me watch!

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