Texas ~ strong economy and free health care?

by Lenny Leatherman –

Why are the big counties in Texas growing so rapidly? There may be more than one reason. While many are coming here because our economy is strong, could others be drawn here for free health care?

Today the Washington Post ran an article written by N.C. Aizenman about what I believe amounts to tacit collusion between officials from the state’s biggest counties.

The Washington Post article stated that, “For years, Texas’s six most populous counties, as well as some smaller localities, have offered free [emphasis added] or low-cost health care for uninsured residents with incomes as much as three times the federal poverty level, or about $57,000 [emphasis added] for a family of three. The cost of the programs: about $2 billion a year.”

Free health care for a family with an annual income of $57,000 – are you kidding me? What incentive is there to purchase insurance when free health care is available?

Creeping socialism anyone?

If Texas has the highest number of uninsured in the nation, (some say 24 percent) could this socialistic free health care system be part of the problem?

These ‘officials’ fret about the cost of health care, and are scheming for ways to shift a major portion of that $2 billion per year to Midicaid.

Using Bear County as an example – County Judge Nelson Wolff who is (surprise surprise) a Democrat discussed the cost of the free health care that Bexar County provides for 55,000 people at a cost to tax payers of about $106 million a year.

If there was ever an example of a transparent quid pro quo, this is it! 

How many votes can you buy with free health care for 55,000 people?

The poor folks in Bexar County shouldn’t have to pay for all that free health care – right? Wolff wants to shift half the cost of the free health care for 55,000 people onto Medicaid. That would free up about $53 million per year that could be used to expand other free services – more free stuff for more votes – right?


What a plan!

Shift the tax burden off the backs of Bexar County tax payers onto those who pay for Medicaid. Judge Wolff could then say, “Look at all the money I saved you tax payers”.

What a guy!

Who wouldn’t vote for Judge Wolff….in sheep’s clothing?

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Dallas & Harris County – the leading demographic identifier is Hispanic. I believe Bexar is too and Travis very close.

    Our esteemed legislators have also chosen to turn a blind eye to the dental scam for the welfare crowd, and allowing very lax standards so many dental corporations rake in loads and loads of cash. The entire program is rife with abuse. I am sure our “Christian conservative” senator and legislator have concrete plans to battle these abuses.

    These changes came after News 8 revealed that more than $500 million was paid out for Medicaid children, primarily for cosmetic braces.

    Meanwhile, Medicaid data obtained by News 8 under the Texas Public Information Act indicate a potentially larger problem with steel crowns and composite fillings.

    Last year, the state paid more than $100 million for 690,145 steel crowns on children’s’ teeth, all of them for kids less than nine years old.

    While much of that treatment was surely needed, critics say the Medicaid dental system is being grossly abused by a few dentists.


    Lets see where all the dentists who have plundered this program donated their campaign contributions – maybe this is a question for ” ASK PHIL ” !

    The Rick Perry WIDE OPEN BORDER plan sure bodes well for the taxpayers- the 80IQ voters

  2. Senator_Blutarsky

    how about a home WATER PARK ?………..AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE !

    Posted on July 12, 2012 at 10:30 PM

    Updated Friday, Jul 13 at 11:11 AM
    •Texas AG lawsuits spurred by WFAA dental investigationadd to reading list
    •All Smiles Dental Center files for bankruptcy following investigationadd to reading list
    •Texas Medicaid dental program pays millions for crowns, fillingsadd to reading list
    •Texas doctor accused of Medicare, Medicaid fraud gives up licenseadd to reading list
    •Medicaid recruiters scramble for Texas dental patientsadd to reading list
    •Outrage on Capitol Hill follows News 8 Medicaid probeadd to reading list
    .See all 3 photos »

    DALLAS – The Texas Medicaid dental scandal is moving into a new phase. A construction phase.

    One of the dentists charged with fraud in billing Texas taxpayers tens of millions of dollars for unneeded braces on children is in a new spurt of expanding his mansion.

    He’s building a water park on the property.

    It’s happening out of public sight, among the high-dollar homes on Dallas’ glitzy Strait Lane. All the homes are big here, but the home of dentist Richard Malouf, former majority owner of All Smiles Dental Centers, is even bigger.

    Plans for the expansion are on file with the Dallas Planning Commission.

    “There’s going be a gymnasium, a rock climbing wall,” said real estate columnist Candy Evans. “There’s plans for a bowling alley upstairs. There’s going to be exercise rooms.”

    The complex, which began taking shape six years ago, began with one chateau. Malouf’s Medicaid dental empire was expanding, and he sold a major share to a private equity fund.

    Now he’s sinking his earnings into a new mansion next door, along with a private Schlitternbahn in the back acreage, along with a second swimming pool to match the one at the original mansion.

    All this is happening as two suits charge Malouf with massive fraud, brought by the Texas Attorney General and private attorneys under the False Claims Act.

    Attorney Jim Moriarty is one of a consortium of attorneys in the action, led by Waters & Kraus in Dallas. They say samples of Malouf’s records show that 100 percent of his Medicaid claims were false.

    “Frankly, it borders on being obscene,” Moriarty said of the mansion expansion. “The taxpayers of the State of Texas paid to build that house, and are paying to expand that house for a guy who claims to have made his money treating the people of Texas.”

    “I think the only other park I know of is in Jupiter, Florida,” Candy Evans said.

    That one belongs to singer Celine Dion. A comparison of photos of Dion’s estate with those of Malouf’s, obtained by News 8, show that Malouf’s water park may be bigger.

    In Texas, a family’s home is immune from seizure. But the lawyers in the false claims action against Malouf say his home may be fair game.

    “If that home is purchased with stolen money, or that home is based on money that has been earned by falsehood or deceit, then that home is not protected at all,” Moriarty said.

    Malouf has several groups of attorneys, since his former company, All Smiles, is in bankruptcy in addition to his pending false claims suit. His most recent criminal attorney did not get back to us.

    E-mail bharris@wfaa.com

  3. As dicussed here in the past, the cost of free health care in Texas alone, divied out to the illegals at the expense of the tax payer is astronomical. The border not being closed has cost more than just money it has also taken a moral toll on our nation. This toll includes us not taking seriously the rule of law as well as social issues that will take generations to repair.

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