Building Burger Business Their Way

From, by Kirk Cameron, August 25, 2012  –

God displayed His glory by stretching out the heavens. He celebrated music by creating Mozart. He put fine literature on display by creating Shakespeare.

And God glorified cheeseburgers and “animal fries” by creating IN-N-OUT Burger.

This family-owned company has been serving up deliciously amazing burgers for over 50 years, and even puts Bible verses on the bottoms of their cups and the inside of the french fry containers!

This is a fine example of the free market system’s results. A business that is free to try, free to fail, free to buy, and free to sell.

In fact this system works so well, I’m about to go buy a double-double animal style with extra fries right now! This photo was taken in front of an IN-N-OUT semitruck parked by the admissions office at a nearby college. What a way to recruit students!

One response

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    I have never eaten there as I rarely eat out, especially “fast food” – in checking their website, the contents of their food, and the quality, seem significantly higher than that of the chemical-laden toxic garbage served by Chick-Fil-A.

    Their drink menu however, has the usual suspects – toxic chemical dumps of HFCS, artificial sweeteners and flavors , and chemical agents all mixed in fluoridated water.

    I will pass on any beverages if I decide to score a burger at In-N-out someday

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