Parker County Hospital Board of Directors~ an anachronism having long since outlived its usefulness

Reference – August 20th article from the Weatherford Democrat: Hospital district gives $9 million to WRMC parent company

by Frank Williford
This article is certainly an attention getter. What is it really saying? Who knows? As usual information extracted from the local newspaper and reformulated to meet the attention of a casual reader is long on rhetoric and short on pertinent details. This is not surprising as most readers do not want too many details. However, in this case the Parker County Hospital Board of Directors should have provided a cost benefit analysis before agreeing to a gift or grant that has only implied benefits to the citizens of the county.
Anyone who has observed the significant improvement in the facility,  the capability, and the staff of the Regional Medical Center, since it was privatized, will instantly recognize what a poor management job was being done previously by government entities before privatization took place.

Now many local residents feel secure in utilizing the medical center whereas they previously traveled to Ft. Worth due to lack of confidence in the local service. I am not surprised that a for profit business, which is well managed, would have recognized the opportunities being wasted and acted upon them accordingly.

There could well be a valid reason for transfer of nine million dollars of taxpayer money to the owning entity of the medical center, but the hospital board  has not made a convincing case for this action. In fact the board has made no rational case at all so far as I can determine from my limited information and knowledge of the situation.  But of one thing I am sure, the board must provide cost benefit justification for pledging such a significant sum, especially in an atmosphere where private industry has  shown meaningful progress through their own initiative and government entities and taxpayers are currently extremely stressed financially.

Are the senior governing entities in this county content to remain silent on the board’s action?

An additional thought for future consideration is:   Should this elected board, which is a creature of standing government, be considered an agent (temporary) of the government and thereby enjoy the same “protection of the soverign” enjoyed by the county administration, or should the board be recognized for what it now is: an anachronism having long since outlived its usefulness and no longer an agent as first intended.

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  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    Business as usual will continue in Parker County & Weatherford.

    You reelected an entire city council and mayor after national publicity and disgrace over conditions and anomalies at the ” death camp” aka Animal Shelter.

    You reelected a county judge even after he milked the wimp comissioners court for an extra $20k to cover his knee surgery.

    You reelected a sheriff who lobbied for, and got , privatized jailer services, then failed to reciprocate by reducing a bloated staff or even increasing patrols. And who is deamnding raises for this same bloated staff and department.

    I could continue in detail. But the “approved” pattycake politics, nice social luncheons and approved conventions will continue…………..obviously.

    “Truth is the cry of all, but the game of few.” – George Berkeley

    “Most ignorance is vincible ignorance. We don’t know because we don’t want to know.”
    – Aldous Huxley

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