The Woman Behind The Veil: Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett

From The Western Center for Jerusalem, by , June 4, 2012 – In 2009 when millions of Iranians took to the streets to call for the removal of theocratic dictator Ahmadinejad, Obama remained silent, even though he later threw Mubarak under the bus, an ally of the United States and Israel for thirty years, calling for his removal within hours of the “democratic”  (that is, Muslim Brotherhood-orchestrated) protests.

When it was an open secret that Iran was enriching uranium and at the same time calling Israel a “cancerous tumor that must be cut out”—that they needed to be “annihilated”—literally, Obama coddled Iran with calls for endless sanctions. When it became obvious to everyone except the White House that Iran was close to building a bomb or had already built one, Obama attempted to get Israel to not attack suspected nuclear bomb-making facilities, at least not until after he was reelected!

This month when Iran began hosting a website dedicated to glorifying Nazism, the White House didn’t bat an eye amid the ramifications of glorifying a nation that sought the “final solution” as the lynchpin to world domination.

The question must be asked, is there anyone actually in charge at the White House? Obama’s ad nauseam metaphor for two years was that the Republicans had driven the economy into a ditch, that Obama told them they had to sit in the back seat from now on. But it seems now that there isn’t anyone driving at all.

But in fact there is someone driving. There is a wizard behind the curtain pulling all the levers to shift gears, turn left and right, drive not only the United States, but the world.

No, it isn’t a sinister far-Left puppet master billionaire or Saudi prince, but a woman whose only claim to fame is that she was known as a Chicago slum lord.

As Edward Klein’s #1 bestseller The Amateur makes clear, it is Obama chief advisor Valerie Jarrett that sits in on all meetings, weighing in on everything from the humdrum to what suspected terrorist should be taken out. It is Jarrett who decides who sees Obama and who does not. It is Jarrett who is the eyes and ears of the White House, determining who is loyal to Obama and who is not, and who needs to be taken out: “Within months of [retired four-star Marine Corps general James Logan Jones Jr.] being appointed as Obama’s first national security adviser, Jones became the victim of a snarky whispering campaign by White House aides” and was one of the first Jarrett casualties in the White House (e-Book section 2004).

But who is Valerie Jarrett? Who is this woman behind the veil that many call the de facto POTUS?

Most would be surprised to learn she was born in Iran.

Most would be surprised to learn she was named “Iranian of the Day” in August of 2008 by

Most would be surprised to know her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, has long-standing ties to communists.

Most would be surprised to learn that Jarrett often meets privately with Muslim activists.

If the mainstream media in 2008 had dug into Jarrett’s past half as much as they dug into Sarah Palin’s life, who knows what other things we would have discovered behind this Iranian veil?

When Iran lobs a nuclear missile at Israel—and make no bones about it, they will unless their nuclear program is destroyed—all eyes will be not on Obama, but that woman behind the veil, Valerie Jarrett.

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  1. Valerie Bowman Jarrett (born November 14, 1956) is a senior advisor and assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Obama administration. She is also a Chicago lawyer, businesswoman, and hustler. Prior to that she served as a co-chairperson of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.

    Jarrett was born to American parents James E. Bowman andBarbara Taylor Bowman in Shiraz, Iran, where her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children as part of a program where American doctors and agricultural experts sought to help jump-start developing countries’ health and farming efforts. When she was five, the family moved to London for one year, returning to Chicago in 1963. As a child she spoke Persian andFrench.

    In 1966 her mother, Barbara Taylor Bowman, was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute. After LBJ organized the “Head Start Program”
    Jarrett graduated from Northfield Mount Hermon, a New England boarding school, in 1974.She earned a B.A. in Psychology from Stanford University in 1978, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1981.

    In 1983 Jarrett married Dr. William Robert Jarrett, son of famedChicago Sun-Times reporter Vernon Jarrett. She attributes her switch from a private to a public career to their daughter Laura’s birth and her own desire to do something that would make the daughter proud.

    To one reporter’s e-mailed question about her divorce, she replied, “Married in 1983, separated in 1987, and divorced in 1988. Enough said.” In a sense, he was the boy next door. I married without really appreciating how hard divorce would be.” William Jarrett died of a sudden heart attack in 1993.

    Chicago politics
    Jarrett got her start in Chicago politics in 1987 working for Mayor Harold Washington as Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development.

    Her I refer you to Wikipedia “Tony Rezko” The convicted Chicago fund raiser. He and Valarie walked together but there is no mention of her????

    Jarrett continued to work in the mayor’s office in the 1990s. She was Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Richard Daley, during which time (1991) she hired Michelle Robinson, then engaged to Barack Obama, away from a private law firm. Jarrett served as Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development from 1992 through 1995, and was Chair of the Chicago Transit Board from 1995 to 2005.

    Until joining the Obama’s Administration, Jarrett was the CEO of The Habitat Company, a real estate development and management company which she joined in 1995. . Daniel E. Levin is the Chairman of Habitat, which was formed in 1971. Jarrett was a member of the board of Chicago Stock Exchange (2000–2007, as Chairman, 2004–2007).The Chicago Stock Exchange, Inc., paid her $34,444.

    She is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago Medical Center, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago and a Trustee of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Jarrett serves on the board of directors of USG Corporation, a Chicago based building materials corporation.

    Jarrett’s previous year’s income, in a 2009 report, was a $300,000 salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation from The Habitat Executive Services, Inc. The Wall Street Journal also reported she disclosed payments of more than $346,000 for service on boards of directors that reflect her political ties, and work in Chicago real estate and community development. She was paid $76,000 for service as a director of Navigant Consulting, Inc. a Chicago-based global consulting group with governmental clients. She received $146,600 from USG, and $58,000 to serve on the board of Rreef American REIT II, a real estate investment trust based in San Francisco.
    Advisor to Barack Obama
    Jarrett is one of President Obama’s longest serving advisors and confidantes and was “widely tipped for a high-profile position in an Obama administration.”

    On November 14, 2008, President-elect Barack Obama selected Jarrett to serve as White House Senior Advisor and for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs.

    Jarrett is one of three Senior Advisors to President Obama. She is Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, managing the White House Office of Public Engagement (formerly the Office of Public Liaison), Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, Office of Urban Affairs, and Chairs the White House Commission on Women and Girls, and White House Officeof Olympic, Paralympic, and Youth Sport.

    Relationship with President Obama
    In 1991 Ms. Jarrett, as Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Richard Daley, interviewed Michelle Robinson for an opening in the mayor’s office, and offered her the job immediately. Ms. Robinson asked for time to think and also asked Jarrett to meet her fiancé, Barack Obama. The three ended up meeting for dinner. After the dinner, Michelle took the job with the mayor’s office, and Valerie Jarrett reportedly took the couple under her wing, “introduc[ing] them to a wealthier and better-connected Chicago than their own,” and taking Michelle with her when she left the mayor’s office to head Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development.

    One of the properties was named for her communist grandfather Robert Taylor ,Neighborhood in the Grand Boulevard Community Area. Upon completion in 1962, Chicago’s Robert Taylor Homes became the largest public housing project Grand Boulevard and Washington Park community areas, the project comprised 28 16-story buildings mostly in U-shaped clusters of three, containing almost 4,300 apartments and 27,000 people.
    This massive housing project was ironically named after Robert Taylor, an African American activist and Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) board member who in 1950 resigned when the city council refused to endorse potential building locations that would induce racially integrated housing.
    Within forty years this neighborhood was being dismantled. Despite the structurally sound exteriors of the buildings and an academic study that found two out of three Taylor residents opposed to the demolition, the CHA had demolished half of the buildings by the year 2000.

    Apparently Valerie became a millionaire while serving the City of Chicago’s slum landlord.

    The Jarrett Obama that began a relationship that as of this writing has lasted 18 years. “Well, Valerie is one of my oldest friends,” Obama is quoted as saying. “Over time I think our relationship evolved to the point where she’s like a sibling to me… I trust her completely.” “She’s family,” he has said, “she combines the closeness of a family member with the savvy and objectivity of a professional businesswoman and public policy expert” and he “absolutely” runs every decision by her.

    For her part Ms. Jarrett thinks that President Obama is “really by far smarter than anybody I know.” “Not just smart intelligent,” she says, “but he’s perceptive.” “We have kind of a mind meld,” she claims, “And chances are, what he wants to do is what I’d want to do,” and “We always go through the day’s stories together and talk about what touched either of us.” Reportedly, when at the White House, Jarrett calls him “Mr. President” in the West Wing and“Barack” in the East Wing. | Others have observed their professional closeness. “’If there’s a consigliere in the White House, it’s Valerie,’ said [John]Podesta, Now a George Soros employee & former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton.”| 


    In Obama’s America, D’Souza states that Jarrett nixed the Osama Bin Laden operation twice before she decided that doing OBL in would be good for politics.

    According to White House Communications Director, Anita Dunn, Ms. Jarrett is “one of the four or five people in the room with him [President Obama] when decisions get made.”

    She encouraged the load to Solyndra because of her ties to the Chicago Kaiser family foundation, despite advice that the company was doomed by its accounts.

    Valerie also encouraged the ill-fated Copenhagen trip to meet with the IOC which ended with the Olympics going to China. She had put his reputation at risk because it would have been good for Chicago.

    We have a person steeped in Chicago Politics & Corruption (redundant) acting as military advisor to the Oval office.

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