Armed Citizen

From the NRA, August, 2012 – Just one week after being released from prison, Kiet Thanh Ly, 34, allegedly entered Smith’s Marketplace and purchased a kitchen knife. After leaving the store, Ly used the knife to senselessly stab a 30-year-old man multiple times in the abdomen. He then attacked a 45-year-old man who suffered cuts to his arms and head. Ly continued to threaten and chase people in the store’s parking lot until a 47-year-old man with a concealed-carry permit intervened. He was able to detain Ly until police arrived. Ly is being held on suspicion of assault and attempted murder. (The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, UT, 4/28/12)

Raymond Hiles, 25, was arrested after being treated for a gunshot wound to the neck. He was shot after breaking into the home of Fred Ricciutti, an 84-year-old Korean War veteran. Ricciutti had been asleep with his wife, who was ill at the time, and heard a noise at about 4:30 a.m. He then saw someone come into the room. Ricciutti quickly drew a gun from a nearby drawer and shouted a warning at Hiles before firing once. (York Daily Record, Elizabeth, PA, 5/10/12)

After dropping off her teenage grandson, 57-year-old Lulu Campbell was sitting in her vehicle searching for her cell phone when two men approached with guns. Brenton Spencer, 32, and Dantre Shivers, 30, shouted at Campbell to open the door and give them her money. As Campbell reached for her .38-cal. revolver, she reclined the car seat in an effort to take cover as both men began to shoot at her. Campbell returned fire, striking Spencer in the chest and causing Shivers to flee the scene. Campbell was uninjured. (The Telegraph, Macon, GA, 4/24/12)

Three men entered a Cigars International store one evening and attempted to purchase a tobacco product. The store manager, 37-year-old Matthew Bzura, asked to see identification. Bzura explained to them that it was against the law to sell tobacco products without seeing proper identification. One customer became irate and went as far as to angrily knock over a large sign outside of the store. When Bzura confronted the men causing havoc outside, one of them produced a knife and held it to Bzura’s throat. Bzura quickly responded by pulling out his legally concealed .40-cal. handgun. All three men fled on foot. Bzura said, “I have never been in a situation like that. Basically, my instincts kicked in.” (The Express-Times, Bethlehem, PA, 5/5/12)

Just before noon, a 37-year-old man entered Carillo’s Jewelry Store, hopped over the counter and approached the office at the back of the store. The store owner, his wife and 4-year-old daughter were in the office at the time of the incident. When the armed suspect appeared in the office doorway, the owner grabbed a handgun and fired at the aggressor. Although medics attempted to revive the suspect, his wounds proved fatal. (San Francisco Chronicle, Vallejo, CA, 5/4/12)

Sometime before 5 a.m., Jesse Home, 24, began to bang on the door of a residence and yell for a woman. The homeowner, who was not acquainted with Home, explained that he lived alone and asked Home to leave. After damaging vehicles outside of the residence, the assailant turned his attention to a side door of the home. He kicked in the door and entered, only to be met by the homeowner’s .22-cal. handgun. Home was shot several times in the leg before fleeing the scene. He was later arrested and charged with first degree home invasion after being released from the hospital. (, Marquette, MI, 5/22/12)

Two men forced their way into a home early one afternoon and began to assault the resident. During the scuffle, the resident managed to pull a handgun from his pocket and fire it multiple times. Both men fled the scene on foot. The body of Jacob Clark was found a short distance from the residence; he had suffered a single gunshot to the chest. The second alleged intruder, Joey Pugh, 18, was not injured. He was caught soon after the incident, arrested and charged with aggravated burglary. (Knoxville News Sentinel, Crossville, TN, 5/23/12)

When 14-year-old Brady went to the kitchen for a glass of water late one night, he heard voices. Brady said, “I walked to the edge of the stairs and I [heard] them talking. I didn’t recognize their voices and I went back to my room and got my 12-gauge shotgun. I loaded it.”  The boy confronted the men. The intruders had their own firearms pointed at Brady, but fled upon seeing his shotgun pointed back at them. (FOX16, Little Rock, AR, 4/30/12)

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