A Call to Action

From the Desk of Dr. Robin Armstrong

Republican National Committeeman-elect

“A Call To Action”

August 1, 2012

Dear Fellow Texans:

Dr. Robin Armstrong

Now that our Texas primary has ended, the time has come to turn our full attention towards November and taking back our country! As a proud American, I am offended that Barack Obama has attacked our institutions that have made our nation great!

As a Texan, I am angry that Barack Obama has abused his executive authority to attack our voter ID laws, and to attack the oil and gas industry with radical environmental restrictions and regulations!

As a Christian, I am disappointed this president has abused his office to impose his will and his values on religious institutions despite the clear violation of the First Amendment!

As a conservative, I am offended this president considers me his enemy and a greater danger to our nation than radical Islamists!

As an African American, I am saddened this president’s policies have expanded the welfare state, skyrocketed the black unemployment rate to 14.4%, and further isolated our community!

As a physician, I am frightened by Barack Obama’s unconstitutional assault on the healthcare industry, which will lead to bankruptcies in both government budgets and healthcare quality!

As a taxpayer, I am angry this president wants to raise my taxes even further because he thinks I do not pay my fair share!

President Obama has stated he wants to fundamentally change our nation. He is well on his way and he must be stopped!

During my campaign for national committeeman, one of my goals was to do everything I could to ensure Barack Hussein Obama is a one-term president. To that end, I am calling on Texans to join the CFO movement (Campaign to Fire Obama). Our campaign will need at least sixty Texans to join us in Ohio from November 2-6 to work alongside the Ohio Victory Campaign to take back our country. The Ohio deputy political director and Ohio Republicans are very excited to have us participate in their efforts.

Ohio is an extremely important state in this presidential election–Mitt Romney must win Ohio to win the presidency. If you are unable to go with us to Ohio, I would ask you to consider making a donation to send someone in your place. Our CFO campaign is committed to raising funds to help Texas grassroots activists fight for our country in a swing-state where they desperately need our support. Our goal is to raise the money necessary to offset the cost of housing while in Ohio. Every individual would be responsible for his or her travel and dining expenses.

President Obama is on a course to fundamentally transform our nation. If he is reelected, I am fearful he will succeed in transforming the values and ideals that have made our country the greatest nation on Earth. In twenty years, we may not recognize our nation. I am concerned for my children and future grandchildren.

If you are interested in going to Ohio with us, please send me your name, address, phone number, and email address at: robarmstr@hotmail.com.

If you would like to donate to our Campaign to Fire Obama, please make your check payable to Texans Fight Back PAC and mail it to P.O. Box 1736, Friendswood, Texas 77549.

We cannot give up! We cannot quit! We cannot fail! There is too much is at stake. Join me in Ohio and let’s do something to help restore our nation!

God bless you!

Robin Armstrong, M.D.

Republican National Committeeman-elect


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