We Deserve The Government We Elect ~

Parker County Courthouse

The winners in the 2012 Republican Primary run-off election are:X

U.S. Senate – Ted Cruz

Railroad Commissioner – Christi Craddick

Railroad Commissioner, unexpired term – Barry Smitherman

Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 4 – John Devine

County Commissioner, Pct 3 – Larry D. Walden

Constable, Pct 2 – Joe Harris Jr.

Constable, Pct 4 – Scott Jones

Precinct Chair, Pct 215 – Virginia “Jennie” Little 

Precinct Chair, Pct 345 – Jim Trainor

Precinct Chair, Pct 350 – Robin Gentry

Precinct Chair, Pct 400 – Marvin R. Herring

Precinct Chair, Pct 425 – Betty L. Reinert

4 responses

  1. Lenny you are correct both men in the precinct 3 runoff are of good character, However one has extensive business experience and the other is endebted to a history in law enforcement. If I am wrong point that out to me and I will conceed.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      I had a real issue with those same dilemmas, Stan

  2. Frank Williford

    With respect to the constable Pct. 2 race. I do not know either man personally. I wonder why Mac Dobbs and a few other long time established democrats are displaying Joe Harris Jr. signs in their yards. I thought this was a Republican only run-off election and a I am therefore surprised at the sudden democrat interest in the outcome.

  3. My father told me 50 years ago, when I was trying to get him to run for commisioner, That if you really want to know what people really think of you run for public office in Parker County. So needless to say he didn’t want to know that bad.

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