Gun Rights in Aurora’s Aftermath

From, By: Doug Edelman, July 26, 2012 –

More guns, less crime – FBI Statistics support the premise that an armed citizenry is a safe citizenry

It’s been said that those on the Right THINK, while those on the Left FEEL.  This is true enough as a generalization – you’ll find most folks are indeed consistent with this presumption.  Still, it can be shown that the mainstream liberal actually CAN think reasonably, logically and coherently, if motivated to pull his head out of the sand and actually examine empirical evidence.

Being that shame can be a decent motivator, let me encourage any left-leaning readers to continue reading with an open mind by reminding them that the willingness to commit to a judgment or an opinion without first examining all the evidence available (whether it supports or debunks your preconceived notions) is prima facie evidence of

In the wake of the Batman Movie shootings in Aurora, CO, the knee-jerk gun-control crowd is once again blaming inanimate objects for the crazed actions of an evil individual intent on mayhem.

William S Burroughs once made a statement now being quoted all over the net.  “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it.”  It’s true.

We’re being told we’re living in “the Wild West” by Director, Peter Bogdonovich.  Hardly.  Do you understand why Jesse James and Billy the Kid are legendary?  In the so-called “Wild West” days, when everyone had a six-gun strapped to their side and a Winchester hanging in front of their saddle, there were few with enough brass to choose to live the life of an outlaw.  Those who did, and survived successfully more than a couple months at it became notorious.  Back then, robbing a bank was something few would attempt and fewer would get away with.  Today banks are robbed almost every day and it is covered on the evening news somewhere between the new construction on 5th and Oak, and the sports and weather.

The fact is that an armed citizenry is a safer and more law abiding populace.

The state of Florida was an early adopter of the “Shall Issue” concealed carry permit.  As such, Florida was a test-case and was the subject of numerous studies on the effect of concealed carry by ordinary citizens.

The studies found decreases in crime in every county in the state.  But of particular interest was the observation that the only areas that saw increased crime were in the vicinity of the airports, where the criminal element knew for certain that people would not be armed, having just gotten off an aircraft!

You may have noticed that the locations of all the notable “massacres” in recent years have been “gun free zones” – many with signs prohibiting concealed carry prominently posted.  Schools & universities.  Retail Malls.  Theatres.

Ever heard of a gun crime at a gun show or shooting range?  Me neither.  Can you guess why?

Shortly before the Aurora shootings, a YouTube video depicting a 71 year old man using his gun to fend off 2 robbers at an internet café.  The armed, law abiding citizen has stopped many a crime in progress.

The adage goes, “When seconds count, the cops are only minutes away.”

Police rarely interrupt a rape in progress, they usually interview a victim and collect evidence.  But women lawfully carrying firearms have successfully prevented and interrupted rapes. For those who fear the proliferation of firearms in the hands of more citizens, let me offer into evidence the nation of Switzerland; where every family is issued a fully automatic weapon.  The Swiss enjoy one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

Does Gun Control make you safer?  Just look at cities with the toughest, most restrictive gun laws!  Chicago?  Washington, DC?  The point is so obvious, I need make no further statement and you understand it vicerally!

The empirical evidence proves that more guns equals less crime, though the emotionally based left presumes the opposite without examining the facts.

The presence of an armed citizenry is indeed a deterrent to mayhem.  Why didn’t Emperor Hirohito want to invade the US mainland?  He knew Americans had guns and knew how to use them.  He is famously quoted to have said, there would be “a gun behind every blade of grass.”

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting or target shooting.  Our founders understood that the People needed to be able to defend themselves against a tyrannical government.  They had just done exactly that, in fighting for independence from the British.

No, the 2nd Amendment is the guarantor of the rights and securities promised by the rest of the Amendments!  Without the 2nd Amendment, the First Amendment is revocable!  The right of citizens to bear arms is one of our inalienable God-Given rights that is irrevocable, unbridgeable, and absolute.   And there is no demonstrable, quantifiable, empirical evidence to support any justification for the leftist attempt to limit, restrict or remove that right.

either intellectual dishonesty, or intellectual deficit!

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  1. The rapid decrease in violent crime in the 90s was likely a by-product of Roe v. Wade. A whole generation of unwanted children who would have grown up as gutter trash were instead aborted. The same effect has been observed in other countries.

    But the data is still devastating to the pink liberal dogma that says firearm ownership causes crime. Something else is going on. Basically, Americans are psychotic; our non-firearm homicide rate exceeds the total homicide rate of most other countries. That’s what we really need to address.

  2. […] facts are there and it’s clear that an armed society is a safer society. Now, we just need to figure out how […]

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