Welcome to the great state of Texas~

Every day we see more license plates from other states on our highways. That’s ok…. We welcome you to the great state of Texas as long as you:

  1. Don’t bring with you from the state you came from, the big labor union mindset that destroyed your economy, your schools, and your local and state governments.
  2. Don’t bring your ‘progressive agenda’ and try to implement it here. If your socialism worked so well where you came from…why did you leave?

One other piece of advice you should commit to memory – respect our property! DO NOT TRESPASS! …. And if you EVER get the urge to break into our home…

This image will most likely be the next to last thing you see. The last thing you see will be a bright flash!

One final piece of advice….Assimilate! Learn and adapt to our ways – don’t try to change us.  You will quickly learn why we so dearly love our great state of TEXAS!

– Lenny Leatherman

One response

  1. Senator_Blutarsky

    No worry Lenny – most new implants do not – 2.Don’t bring your ‘progressive agenda’ and try to implement it here

    They bring their kids, their diseases, the want-list for medicaid, free lunch, free breakfast, the dependent benefits, free dental and to get all the government cheese they possibly can.

    Our borders are overrun,notoriously from the south.

    But delegates cannot be “angry” at conventions, so it will be business as usual and the decay of Texas will be especially ugly, bordering what we do.

    UNangry delegates will continue to vote for border-collapsing toadies like Rick Perry & the Bush criminals, Dewhurst, kay Granger, and the tough-talking but testicle-free local Senator and Rep, who dance to the music in Austin

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