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From The Madison Project, Team Madison, July 2, 2012 –  With Congress in recess, there is not much going on in Washington, DC this week (thank goodness). There are, however, are a few things I wanted to bring to your attention. As I wrote last week, there is still hope in defeating and defunding ObamaCare, but it is going to take a concerted effort on our parts to keep Republicans accountable.
Foremost among them is Mitch McConnell, who stands to become Majority Leader if the Republicans retake the majority in the Senate. Today, McConnell was quoted in the Washington Post as saying ObamaCare is going to be virtually impossible to rollback. Actually, it will not be if Republicans show just a little courage as Daniel Horowitz blogged last week. Team, I have said it before. It’s not just the Democrats who are the problem in Washingotn, DC. It’s the Republicans as well and we have to be ready to challenge the Establishment going into this election season.

While the email this week is brief, as always, here is the Best of Daniel Horowitz from last week.   1)      Amidst all the commentary on the Supreme Court’s misguided opinion, one thing you won’t read much about is Justice Thomas’s dissent.  Thomas issued a separate 2-oage dissent in order to make it clear to John Roberts that his entire premise that the Commerce Clause covers any economic activity is false.  We explain what James Madison really meant with the Commerce Clause.  Please read more here

2)      Every single Republican in Washington will tell you that he/she strongly supports a balanced budget.  Yet, when it comes down to specific issues, they are nowhere to be seen.  Last week, the House and Senate passed the Obama/Boxer transportation stimulus bill coupled with an extension of more student loan subsidies.  Worse yet, they violated several tenets of their pledge to America by passing this bill.  Click here and here for complete coverage on the bill.  To see our color-coded breakdown of the vote, please read more here.

3)      Last week, in one of the biggest political upsets of the 2012 election cycle, 10-year veteran Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK) was unseated by Tea Partier, Jim Bridenstine.  Sullivan was an obscure House member until this year…when he sponsored the T. Boone Pickens NatGas Act, which granted lavish subsidies to the natural gas industry.  There are wider implications of Sullivan’s defeat.  Despite the fact that his district was home to many of the beneficiaries of this legislation, the conservative constituents of this district were able to see through the lure of entitlements, and voted this man out.  Please read more here

4)      Immediately following the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding Arizona’s right to check for immigration status, Obama announced that he would not take any phone calls from state police officers.  In fact, he announced that henceforth he would terminate the entire 287(g) state-federal enforcement program.  Once again, Obama is thumbing his nose at Congress.  Why are so few Republicans calling him out for this egregious power grab?  Why are they so scared of standing for the rule of law in immigration?  Please read more here 

For Liberty.

Drew Ryun

Political Director

The Madison Project

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