2012 Parker County Primary Election Totals –

Click here to view the Parker County 2012 Primary Election totals.

Congratulations to all who participated in this election.

Do not become discouraged if your candidate didn’t win.  That does not necessarily mean he/she isn’t the most qualified candidate. It simply means we must work smarter and harder next time.

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  1. Frank Williford

    I hear what you say about working smarter and harder next time…..but….
    when one looks at the presidential primary race and of 13,686 voters …..12,565 voted for “Republican ” candidates and 826 voted for Democratic candidates ……..the total 299 under votes being ignored, there is no way to get rid of the long term establishment democrats running as republicans in the state and county races. Open primary elections allow democrats to be dishonest and republicans to be stupid. I’m not at all sure either can be fixed.

  2. Jack C Pickard

    Frank I can’t disagree with what you say, I think we have to work harder at sheering the sheep and showing the wolf in his real clothing. It is time to declare WAR on Rinos.

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Jack – who are these RINOs ? Lets call them out, name names

  3. Frank Williford

    AMEN !!

    1. Senator_Blutarsky

      Frank- clue me in – who are the RINOs, in your mind? I have a long list – curious as to yours and others


  4. Frank Williford

    S.B. Sorry but I make it a practice to not name names on a blog. All of my efforts are always aimed at getting people to think. I do not believe engaging in individual name calling is the way to go.
    The election numbers I quoted speak for themselves. When you look at some of the tremendous differentials in the tally it should be clear enough who the cross over democrats voted for. I doubt they really voted for a Republican.


  5. westernparkerresident

    You should read what the Dallas Observer has to say about Trey Loftin’s loss. This link will take you to the article….

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