Stay the course Judge Loftin – It is almost over!

43rd District Judge Trey Loftin

Why is it that now only days before the election, individuals are coming out of the woodwork with slanderous claims of incompetency when only months ago, Judge Loftin was hailed across the nation for being a tough courageous Texas Judge?

What has changed? Certainly not Judge Loftin.

He is the same thoroughly qualified and experienced Christian conservative Republican father, husband and Judge that he was a year ago. He has not changed.

Judge Loftin’s opponent, Craig Towson claims to be a ‘hometown boy’.

Fact – Like Judge Loftin, Twoson came to Parker County as an adult!

Towson claims to practice law with Earl King and Phil King.

Fact – He does not! Next time you see Phil or Earl, ask them directly (no wiggle room) if Towson is their law partner. While you are at it, ask them if they endorsed Towson as he claims.

Towson claims to have jury trial experience.

Fact – He does not! Recently during a Candidate Forum at the Brock Community Center, Towson was asked, “When was the last time you represented a defendant in a jury trial, saw it through to the end and won? (or words to that effect)” The response from Towson was, “It depends on what you mean by won”. The question was then repeated, “When was the last time you represented a defendant in a jury trial, saw it through to the end and won? After a lengthy pause, he said it was last February. Again he was asked if he won that jury trial. He answered yes.

An independent review of every Parker County court case since 1996 revealed no jury trials of any nature with Craig Towson as attorney of record. (I, along with about fifty other people heard him say this.)

Why is all this important? I believe an individual seeking the office of District Judge must be a person of  impeccable character and integrity. Anyone who finds it necessary to lie in order to create the perception of one possessing the necessary qualifications WILL NOT get my vote, and I will work tirelessly to persuade others to cast an opposing vote! I find it highly offensive that a candidate would think I am so simple that I cannot discern the truth – especially, when verification is so easy.

Those who know me know that my character and my honor means everything to me, and that I have no hidden agenda. I will always seek the truth and speak the truth.

Stevie Wonder could see the truth here.

As for the slanderous “No Fraking Way” masterpiece released today –

Judge Loftin followed his political consultant, Craig Murphy’s advice precisely: “We were real careful in the mailings to make sure everything in there was appropriate,” he said. “What we’ve done is strictly reprint things that are in the public record.” – More to do about NOTHING.

Stay the course Judge Loftin! It is almost over!

Lenny Leatherman

6 responses

  1. Right on Lenny. This is the right man for the job,and he will prevail.

  2. Right on Lenny. Trey is the right man for the job and he will prevail.

    Jack Cavenah

  3. Lenny, may we use a few of your words in other postings [giving credit to you]?

  4. Jack C. Pickard

    Thanks Lenny, facts well stated, you are appreciated.

  5. Senator_Blutarsky

    The most important criteria for evaluating a sitting judge is how well “justice” has been served in his/her courtroom. many judges lean toward being a 3rd member of the prosecutorial team, which is wrong.

    The true JUDGE in a courtroom should be the jury. The dude in the black robe should be an impartial referee.

    Lenny has a link on the page to the Citizens Rule Book – it is the most important link provided on this blog.

    Any judge who tries to dictate from the bench, and obfuscate the efforts of the defense for a fully informed jury, does a disservice to justice.

    I hope all candidates for any judicial seat are well aware of the true ” judge ” in a valid court of law – the Jury !

  6. patsy perkins

    We are pulling for Judge Trey Loftin….. been thinking about him and his family all day! .
    Patsy & Jim Perkins
    Annetta North

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