MAY 25, 2012.


Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler wants to send a warning to adults who intend to purchase or furnish alcohol to minors.

A man and woman were booked into the Parker County jail Thursday morning in connection with furnishing alcohol to minors at a prom party April 29, 2012, in Millsap.

“There is no excuse for contributing alcohol to minors at this time of the year or any time,” Fowler said.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to a disturbance call prom night from a concerned citizen who reported the incident in the 3100 block of Bennett Road, in Millsap, around 1 a.m.

Upon arrival, deputies observed numerous underage individuals drinking and running toward a wooded area with more than 20 vehicles on the property. Deputies reported more than 100 individuals were in attendance at the party.

Deputies reported finding evidence of numerous underage drinkers, ages 16 to 18, to be participating in a drinking game of “beer pong.” Sheriff’s deputies also found numerous plastic cups on three folding tables with ping-pong balls inside the cups filled with suspected beer, numerous liquor bottles and beer containers on the front porch, in coolers and on the ground of the residence.

Deputies stated the homeowners, Patricia Parrish Linn, 50, and Gregory Ray Wright, also 50, were on the steps and appeared to be watching the teens drink. No other parents were located at the residence. The couple was questioned as to why they the teens were at the residence and allowed to consume alcohol. Linn told deputies she was trying to provide a safe place for teens after the prom and believed it would be better for the teens to be out in the country on 200 acres rather than be in the city getting pulled over and receiving tickets.

Linn told investigators she “never bought beer for the kids. I only gave them a safe haven. They will go out and do this anyways [sic].”

Three teens were injured during the party. One male teen sustained a large gash on his left knee, while a female teen suffered two large knots on her head from falling off a ledge and a third male sustained a dislocated shoulder. Paramedics were called to the scene. Two injured teens left the scene without treatment while one teen was treated and later released by paramedics.

Linn was charged with purchase furnish alcohol to a minor. She was released upon posting a $1,500 bond Thursday afternoon.

Wright was also charged with purchase furnish alcohol to a minor. He was also released upon posting a $1,500 bond Thursday afternoon.

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  1. I would be interested in hearing what some of the parents of the under age drinkers have to say. Sometimes silence is not golden!

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