Limbaugh Congratulates Judge Trey Loftin

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By now everyone has heard. It’s been all over the news and even on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the Environmental Protection Agency “is ‘guilty of fear mongering, gross negligence and severe mishandling of this case’…”

The EPA, using falsified evidence provided by a liberal activist environmental consultant, accused and fined a local gas driller of contaminating wells. And this after our own State agencies insisted the company had done nothing wrong.

Obama’s EPA backed down only after Judge Trey Loftin ruled that the evidence was “deceptive…calculated to alarm…” (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Feb 24th, 2012)

If the Obama Administration uses Washington , D.C. bureaucracies to force an agenda on hard working Texans, Texans like our own Judge Trey Loftin will stand up to defend the Constitution. Judge Loftin makes us proud. He respects the Constitution.

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