Personal Opinion Replaces God as the Ultimate Authority

Baby or Bunny – Who decides?

From, by Lynn Baber, May 14, 2012 – Once you recognize that a whole bunch of folks base truth on personal opinion and deny the existence of any absolute there is nothing left to debate. It is simply time to draw a line in the sand and decide which side you will defend.

Whatever happened to, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”? In 2012 the existence of God is little more than an historical footnote and Personal Opinion is quickly becoming the new law of the land. Napoleon Hill’s affirmation that “What a man can conceive and believe he can achieve” has transferred the authority for defining truth from the Creator to one of the creations.

Recent upheavals in matters of faith, society, and medicine prove the truth of Hill’s mantra. Our daily lives testify to the normalization of things once thought to be impossible. The introduction of the computer laid a very broad foundation for the new Tower of Babel that looms over everything from space travel to pet identification.

One Simple Answer to All of Life’s Great Questions

What makes a person male or female?

What is the definition of a mother? A father?

What is right?

What is truth?

What/who is God?

What is marriage?

What is the difference between a beloved child and a lump of worthless tissue?

The answer to each questions is the same, “Whatever I want it to be.” Which also succinctly defines anarchy.

Academic Ignorance and Social Arrogance

Abortion and gay rights are two hot topics that prove the ignorance and arrogance of the very people who claim intellectual authority over weak-minded traditionalists (read Christians).

What decides whether the beating heart in a woman’s uterus is a beloved child or a worthless lump of flesh? Judgement depends on the mother’s personal opinion. I am still amazed when abortion proponents defend their position based on property rights or freedom from male tyranny. Do they recognize that their argument suggests that women are too stupid to make the connection between sexual activity and pregnancy?

Why world would you trust a multi-billion dollar business to any man or woman who can’t grasp the cause and effect of sex? If one is able to grasp basic biological principles then the lives of unborn children obviously have no inherent value.

Is a little consistency too much to ask? How do you justify grieving with Judy who miscarried while celebrating with Jill who just aborted? Personal opinion suggests the two cases are not at all similar. Judy thought she was carrying a baby and Jill was simply freed from her parasite.

Every pregnant woman must choose to (1) carry her child, (2) murder her child, or (3) eliminate an irritating parasite. Perhaps pregnancy tests should read “host” and “parasite” until the magical transformation to “baby” occurs on some legally determined date of gestation.

Gender Re identification

“It is Monday, I am female. It is Tuesday, I am male. It is Saturday, I am female.”

The previous sentence is ludicrous. So is the idea that God got it wrong and that personal opinion defines gender. When I was a young adult many jokes started with the premise that a man walked into a bar and thought he was a duck. Everyone knew that the guy had a problem.Today he might chair diversity studies in a university.

Would you trust your investments to a guy who thinks his 8-pound tabby cat is an elephant? One might argue that the difference between a feline and a pachyderm is so great that no sane person would confuse them. Not so long ago the difference between male and female was just as significant. If personal opinion is truly the deciding factor, then have the courage of your convictions and write the guy that feeds his elephant Tender Vittles a check.

Gender is not an opinion but a biological fact. Gender does not define or limit who you are but which sex you are. A man or woman might conceive of changing genders and believe it to be possible. But the achievement of gender re-identification is based solely upon personal opinion.

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