Finally ~ Estes fights back!

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  1. For those who wanted ‘change’ in ’08; you got it. Be careful what you ask for.

  2. Senator-Blutarksy

    I have a serious reservation about some of the things addressed in the release by Estes. I call this release “spin” and have an opinion on the “timing” of this as well….ie, he is seeking a sympathy backlash, but the release is really a dud and ineffective in my opinion.

    To clarify, I would vote against Estes even if there were no bankruptcy, the USUAL questionable transfers of funds in a bankruptcy or other issues even marginally related to this bankruptcy, or that a Walton family heiress received preferential legislative sponsorship of a bill by Estes. I mean the fact that she has been a 5-figure contributor would have no effect, surely….

    Bottom line, Estes position on far too many issues is like that of (in contemporary political jargon) – a “moderate Democrat” and is all onboard on “fascism with a smiley face” – “Public-Private Partnerships” ( PPPs ) & “Comprehensive Development Agreements” ( CDAs )

    He gets an-

    F grading from Texas Eagle Forum

    F from Young Conservatives of Texas

    F from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

    F from Heritage Alliance

    F from, the leading Anti-TollRoad watchdog activist group

    Estes has been in office far too long now, anyway. I am supporting Jim Herblin for District 30 State Senator

  3. Senator-Blutarksy

    The Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (“IRCOT”) endorsed Herblin

    Estes got a ” D ”

    surprised? You shouldnt be…

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