What is Liberty Counsel?

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If your pastor is not speaking from the pulpit about the political issues of the day, please pass this information along to him.  If he still refuses to educate and inform his congregation, perhaps you should seek a pastor who will.

Thanks to Darrel and LeAnn Russell for providing this information.

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  1. Senator-Blutarksy

    One also has the option of addressing the “board of deacons/elders” etc and the pastor and demanding they rescind the “tax exempt” status. If such is unwilling to do so, the individual is free to move and attend a church who is not in the government sanctioned “system”.

    So many churches today have become enmeshed in the financial black holes of finance, bonds, loans, construction that they have ” lost their way “. All the needless lust for gyms, ” life centers”, gourmet kitchens, and the “sanctuaries” have taken away from the the true calling and purpose. So many of the mainstream “denominations” and mega-churches have degenerated in to fund-raising social clubs.

    But your donations get a “tax exemption”. LBJ is laughing from his grave.

    1. Lenny Leatherman

      S-B, I am absolutely convinced that you are correct! The pastors I have challenged in the past simply shut down and shut up – and do nothing I might add. To the pastor who may read this – How can you stand in your pulpit and lecture your congregation on faith while you cower behind your precious 501,c3 as if you and your church would be destroyed if you stood on faith and trusted God to keep the doors open? Faith – give me a break!!!

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