MAY 14, 2012.


Parker County Sheriff’s deputies and Fugitive Apprehension Unit members arrested two people this weekend, in connection with a cruelty to animals and child endangerment case, where 58 dogs were seized and Child Protective Services was called Wednesday afternoon, May 9, 2012.

Another suspect was arrested in Westworth Village over the weekend on non-related charges plus a Parker County warrant. While the third suspect was in jail in Tarrant County, a four suspect came to visit him and was subsequently arrested on a Parker County charge. A fifth and final suspect turned himself in to the Parker County Jail Monday morning, May 14, 2012.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the five arrestees include Teresa Lynn Weldon, 48; Harry George Weldon, 50; Amanda Gayle Weldon, 29; Joseph Wayne Weldon, 23, and Christopher Brett Weldon, 26, all of Springtown.

Sheriff Fowler added Teresa Weldon was allowed to acquire dogs from out-of-county animal shelters without a proper background check in that the residence, located in the 900 block of Lynch Bend Road, where she kept the dogs, was not a proper or adequate facility.

Parker County Animal Control Officers conducted a welfare check at the residence last week, where animal urine and feces covered the floors. The majority of the animals did not have food or water and were kept in small cages and kennels which were stacked on top of each other.

Sheriff’s investigators reported 31 dogs were living in crates inside the residence in their own urine and feces. Some of the crates were stacked on top of each other. The dogs inside the home were also found without food and water. The residence was found to be in an unsanitary and unhealthy living condition.

“The conditions were so poor that it created a serious health hazard for the occupants as well,” said Sheriff’s Investigator John Qualls said. “There was an overwhelming foul odor of dog feces which was detectable from outside the residence. It was extremely unhealthy for both humans and animals.”

All of the dogs were seized May 9, and assessed by a local veterinarian, who reported the majority of their conditions ranged from poor to extreme with parasites, worms and fleas. At least 15 puppies were deemed in poor health. Two of the dogs were euthanized due to extreme poor health.

Sheriff’s investigators said an 18-month-old male was found at the residence Wednesday. His crib, located in one of the rooms, was surrounded by animal defecation.

Child Protective Services was notified immediately for obvious poor environmental conditions which was alarmingly unhealthy for the child. CPS ruled the scene as unsuitable.

Property owner Teresa Weldon was arrested at the scene on an outstanding warrant out of Tarrant County for theft of property by check. Weldon was released from jail Thursday after posting a $500 bond.

Sheriff’s investigators returned to the residence Friday afternoon and executed an evidentiary search warrant.

Sunday, Teresa Weldon was taken into custody for animal cruelty and child endangerment charges.

Sheriff Fowler said Weldon was allowed to adopt animals from an out-of-county Metroplex animal shelter without a proper background check.

“That is totally unacceptable and very disheartening,” Fowler said Thursday.

Friday, Sheriff Fowler stated his desire for out-of-county shelters to follow suit after the Weatherford-Parker County Animal Shelter in a thorough background check on all animal rescue homes and individuals.

“Adopting stricter polices and enforcing them would deter would-be hoarders and keep animals from suffering needlessly,” Sheriff Fowler said.

Individuals arrested and their charges are as follows:

Teresa Lynn Weldon: Abandon/Endanger Child Criminal Negligence, (2) counts of Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals: Fail to Provide

Harry George Weldon: Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals: Fail to Provide

Joseph Wayne Weldon: Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals: Fail to Provide, Abandon/Endanger Child Criminal Negligence

Amanda Gayle Weldon: Abandon/Endanger Child Criminal Negligence

Christopher Brett Weldon: Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals: Fail to Provide, Abandon/Endanger Child Criminal Negligence

As of early Monday afternoon, Joseph Weldon remained incarcerated at the Parker County Jail. His bond has yet to be set. Teresa Weldon posted an $11,500 bond and was released Sunday afternoon. Harry Weldon was also released Sunday. He posted a $2,000 bond. Amanda Weldon posted bond from Tarrant County and was released from jail this weekend. Christopher Weldon was also reported in custody in Tarrant County Monday.

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  1. Animal shelters are a great refuge for abused animals. But what happens when the people who run the shelters that take in the animals don’t care about them? Sometimes, the abuse they suffer in these shelters is worse than if the animals were just left out on the street.

  2. No Kill Fort Worth

    Since many, if not most, if not all, of these dogs came from Fort Worth’s Chuck Silcox Animal Care & Control Center, will the investigation reach to Fort Worth’s Director of Code Compliance, Brandon Bennett’s desk?

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