Repealing the Gun Ordinance

Parker County Tea Party

Commissioners Court

Monday, May 14, 9:00 am

Parker County Court House

On the Agenda: The repeal the gun order which prohibited the discharge on 10 acres or less.

The same group that got this in place will be showing up in force.

If you want to have this repealed you must show up.

Please come and bring a friend or neighbor!

Dawn King

The Parker County TEA Party

“…for such a time as this”


About The TEA Party Patriots of Parker County:

The Legitimate Parker County Tea Party of Texas is a grassroots group of Americans united to share our common value – that the Constitution of the United States should be the governance of our land. It should not be re-interpreted or revised in meaning to meet the needs to special interests or political favors. We’re concerned about reckless overspending, unfair and punitive taxation, and the increasing lack of government constraints. We are peaceful American citizens that organize protests and rallies in Parker County, Texas. We’re not contained by any particular ideology or party, but strive to be a pluralistic and populist movement committed to Liberty, especially economic liberty.

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8 responses

  1. Why is this stupid ordinance still a law? Texas has a firearms preemption law that states that neither municipalities nor counties can have stricter gun laws than the State of Texas?

    Did Parker County secede from Texas when I wasn’t looking? Or is it just the standard arrogance of elected officials who think the state laws that apply to the Mundanes don’t apply equally to them and those they lord it over on so benevolently?

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      – the recent makeup of the court just shows how disconnected the court truly is/has been through too much of the pat decade. Until Renfro brought some sanity back to that Pct., Roth was the only member for fiscal or even legal “sanity”.

      The secesion idea is a good one……..but

  2. Here is how this ordinance got put in place. Remuda Ranch HOA had a dispute with one of their residents and took him to court. The HOA had not distributed by-laws to residents which clearly state that no firearm can be discharged in Remuda. The resident asked for a variance to shoot at his NRA standard range. They ignored his request and therefore, according to the deed restrictions, when they didn’t respond he would get the variance by default.
    They took him to court and lost the first hearing in the case. Instead of paying a lot of money to continue in district court, they went to commissioner’s court and told stories that were far from accurate.
    Be aware that the sheriff’s department had not received one call from these Remuda residents who said they feared for their lives when they were outside. Even after the ordinance passed and shooting continued by other residents, not one call was made to the sheriff’s office.
    In other words, to keep from paying thousands of dollars in court, this HOA had all of Parker County punished because the HOA did not enforce their own by-law.

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      We can thank Phil King for being Bob Perrys’ and Dewhursts’ lapdog on gutting recent attempts at an overhaul of oppressive and abusive HOA .

      From the Dallas Morning News –
      Further complicating matters is a Lone Star Report entry that points to state Rep. Phil King’s role in this along with Lt. Gov. Dewhurst and Bob Perry aides denying that the homebuilder had a role in the bill’s demise.

      Nonetheless,Solomons told the Houston Chronicle that this was the second time Perry had thwarted efforts to rein in abuses by homeowners’ associations. In a speech on the House floor, Solomons said a bill that had passed the House last session had 25 supporters on the floor of the Texas Senate, but Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst – after fielding complaints from Perry – refused to call the bill up for a vote.

      Guess that is why Solomons is so ticked off this time — enough to name names. In addition to Perry, Solomons had issues with King over these points King wanted in the bill. Again, from the Houston Chronicle:

      Solomons objected to an amendment by Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, because it stripped out provisions requiring associations to hold open meetings and keep records of their decisions. It also removed language requiring associations to formally serve court papers to owners when foreclosure action is initiated, he said.

      With “friends” like Dewhurst and King being go-fers for the big $$$ boys like Perry,
      property-owners do not need “enemies”

  3. westernparkerresident

    What was the outcome of this meeting? Did they repeal the law? I would like to know since I live on 1 acre and my neighbor likes to do some target practice.

    1. Judge Riley, Commissioner Peacock & Commissioner Conley voted to keep the ordinance. Commissioner Roth and Commissioner Renfro voted to rescind the ordinance. The ordinance is still in place.

      About 30 people showed up in favor of rescinding the ordinance. 8 people showed up in favor of the ordinance. All 8 were from Remuda Ranch HOA. Most were current or former board members. A note so you know not all of Remuda Ranch is nuts, 6 Remuda Ranch homeowners were there in support of getting rid of the ordinance.

  4. Frank Williford

    I am disappointed the court has left a bad ordinance in place with no indication of rewriting it to address the actual problem being considered. I believe the suggestion that the ordinance be rewritten to prevent the discharge from a firearm impinging on another’s property actually focuses on the issue at hand.

    The court seems to have forgotten the job of government is to provide equal protection of natural and property rights under the law to all citizens.
    The property owners on both sides of this issue have equal rights to the enjoyment of their property so long as no person or their respective property is compromised or endangered by another. This is true whether the property is one acre, ten, or 100 acres and is located outside of the city limit.

    All responsible gun owners know and fully understand they must not fire a weapon unless they are certain where the projectile will end up. Many hunters have passed up a shot at some attractive game for just this reason.

    In any event tresspass can be considered as much more than an individual personally entering another’s property without permission. Any irresponsible behavior causing damage, with a firearm to, another’s person or property can be dealt with very harshly under existing law, and should be so treated.

    I believe the court has erred in upholding a badly written ordinance. It does not consider equal protection for all. If I am situated next to a platted tract that is 10.1 acres while my platted plat is 9.9 acres I am prevented from engaging in an activity that is not prohibited to my neighbor. This is a bad ordinance.

  5. We have since become the focus of the Sheriffs department over this same ordinance after shooting in the same location for 18 years. A Reno cop has moved in and is now applying this OR09-08 throughout Precinct 1 west of Springtown.. There has never been incident or injury reported to date but now 1 person is dictating to everyone the interpretation of this and its application. I welcome any insight or assistance in re-addressing this to repeal it.

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