MAY 4, 2012.


Parker County Sheriff’s Investigators arrested a woman Thursday afternoon in connection with a child endangerment case received last week.

Jennifer Marie Chron, 27, was taken into custody after an investigation revealed she left her small children unattended at her residence in the 1700 block of Old Mineral Wells Highway in Weatherford.

Sheriff’s reports indicate deputies responded to the home on a child welfare check around 9 p.m., Friday, April 27, 2012.

A concerned citizen reported Chron was at his residence and was “out of it,” attempting to gather his laundry, while leaving her two daughters, ages 2 and 5 alone at her residence.  Deputies arrived on scene and found the children unattended with Chron disoriented and confused about the deputy’s presence at the home. Chron had an unsteady balance and kept falling down. Deputies and witnesses observed an opened bottle of prescription medication with 22 pills missing from the bottle. The report states the smaller child was naked and dirty. A witness stated when she arrived at the residence, there was trash “all over” the home, the kitchen sink contained an opened package of raw meat with water running over it, beer bottles were, “everywhere” and groceries which had been purchased around noon that day had not been put up.

Deputies believed the children may have ingested some of the prescription medication which was prescribed to Chron.

An ambulance was called and the children were taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where they were treated for suspected overdose.

During an interview with Sheriff’s investigators, Chron stated the prescription bottle contained a child-proof cap, but she, “may have left it open.”

Child Protective Services was notified of the situation. The children are currently said to be in good condition.

Chron was arrested and charged with two counts of Abandoning/Endangering Child, a second-degree felony. Her bond was set at $70,000. As of Friday afternoon, Chron remained in custody at the Parker County Jail.

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