Let’s keep Estes ~ Conservative Results not Rhetoric

Rush Limbaugh says, and I agree,“It’s not what they say, it’s what they do that matters.”

We need not listen to what he says about himself.

Ask any of the following, their opinion of State Senator Craig Estes!


U.S. Congressman Mac Thornberry
Governor Rick Perry
Attorney General Greg Abbott
Comptroller Susan Combs
Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples
Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
State Senator and Legislative TEA Party Caucus Chair Dan Patrick
Myra Crownover, Texas State Representative
Rick Hardcastle, Texas State Representative
Jim Keffer, Texas State Representative
Lanham Lyne, Texas State Representative
Tan Parker, Texas State Representative
Larry Phillips, Texas State Representative
Mary Horn, Denton County Judge
Drue Bynum, Grayson County Judge
David Barton, Parker County WallBuilder Founder and former Vice Chair of the Republican Party
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Texas Association of Business
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND
Texas Association of Realtors
Texas Right to Life
Texas Alliance for Life
Texas Retailers Association

Senator Estes – surrounded by supporters.

It’s not what he says, it’s what he does that matters –

Here are some of Craig’s most recent accomplishments:

  • Authored and passed new homeowner and property owner protections
  • Passed voter Photo ID bill
  • Passed balanced state budget with NO new taxes
  • Passed resolution calling for a federal balanced budget amendment
  • Restored local control to public education
  • Passed pro-life “sonogram” bill
  • Passed “Loser Pays” tort reform
  • Passed requirement to show proof of citizenship to obtain a Texas Drivers License
  • Passed stronger border security measures
  • Passed 2nd Amendment gun owner rights protections
  • Passed a resolution reaffirming States’ rights
  • Helped protect public safety with first-in-the-nation “fracking” chemical disclosure bill
  • Passed senior citizen property tax rate reduction
  • Strongly Opposes Amnesty
  • Strongly Opposes Obamacare

“I respectfully ask for your support in the Republican Primary so I can continue to work hard and deliver conservative results for the families of Senate District 30.” – State Senator Craig Estes

There’s more ~


All we know about Craig’s opponent is what we’ve heard him say about himself.

Would you vote for a candidate for State Senate if you knew he makes his living working for trial lawyers – if he boasts of being a forensic accountant – someone who considers himself a ‘professional witness’?

It has taken many years to get “loser pays” tort reform in Texas. Do we really want to elect someone who relies on trial lawyers for his livelihood?

It’s not what he says about himself, it’s what he does that matters!

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