Great day for homeless dogs at Weatherford Blooms

By Michelle Kays, April 29,2012 – If you were at Weatherford Blooms on Saturday you may have seen the adoption trailer there filled with pets looking for homes. If you were there at the end of the day you saw an empty trailer. Yes, that’s right, over 12 pets found new homes that day. Animals, that before, would have ended up as garbage in our shelter dumpster. But now these pets have families to care for them. Our shelter, under the direction of interim manager Dustin Deel, is improving every day. With help from Elyse Carter and another shelter employee, they achieved a wonderful thing that day.

They will be the first to tell you it was hard work. But I bet they will tell you it was worth it. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in a life. Just a few small changes and our shelter is already showing improvements. Instead of parking an empty trailer at First Monday once a month, they are loading it up and taking it to events. Advertising our shelter instead of hoping people stay away because it causes the shelter staff more work, discount fees for residents, lowered fees for rescues, allowing volunteers to come and photograph dogs and network them.  And lastly, working with a shelter manager that values a life and will work hard to see that life get a chance instead of making excuses on why it won’t work. We celebrate their achievements and are excited about the direction our shelter is going. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a lot of work to be done, but we are making strides. The proof is there.

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  1. Lenny Leatherman

    Sounds like a bond is beginning to form between management and the volunteers.

    “….but we are making strides.” Those are words spoken by a volunteer indicating mutual respect between the shelter’s interim manager, Dustin Deel and the volunteers. That is indeed good news.

    Instead of constant condescension by Judy Webster, and her same old “it’s the volunteers’ fault” song, we are now hearing confirmation of what the volunteers have been saying all along!

    The difference is – the shelter is ‘under new management’, and as long as Dustin Deel is allowed to remain in charge of the shelter, and mutual respect remains, progress will likely continue!

    The animals – and the citizens of our community deserve nothing less.

  2. Who was the other shelter employee?

  3. This is wonderful news! I am so proud of all the wonderful volunteers and concerned citizens who have worked so hard to make these changes happen!
    My friend Di Ann Towson adopted one of these dogs on Saturday!

  4. We did indeed! Lola is a very happy camper. I knew when Craig saw her she was coming home with us. I am betting at this very moment while we are out with the horses that she in on our bed feeling safe, secure, and so very loved!!!! She fits in perfect with the other 9 dogs and 3 cats. The cats waisted no time letting her know exactly who was in charge! She is brightl, healthy and a very happy girl!

  5. Dustin Deel is a fine man!

  6. Shirlene Newkirk

    Yes it was an AWESOME day!!! Thank you Elsye and Dustin for all your hard work this week.Thank you to everyone involved for all the networking that had been done lately.Lets keep heading in the right direction.We are on our way to having a NO KILL SHELTER!!!!!

  7. Christmas Angel

    It was a great day on the square yesterday. Mitch and I were there in the afternoon and were able to see the last dog of the day be adopted. It was such a pleasure to see this young couple with big smiles on their faces walk away with there baby stroller and their old dog on one side and their new dog on the other and Dustin giving them a smile and a thank you as they walked away. It wasn’t until after 3:00 when they left but Dustin didn’t start packing up until after the couple left. There was a time when we had to be packed up and ready to go by 2:00 and if we wern’t we were greeted with a frown with a little anger behind it. Thank you so much Dustin for caring more about the adoption than the clock and a thank you to the driver, I wish I knew his name, for being patient. Mitch and I would like to thank Elyse Carter, and the others, I am so sorry for not remembering your names, that were there to help. It was greatly appreciated that you gave up your Saturday so that this adoption event could be so successful. It was also a grereat day for big dogs too !!. Elyse and I were talking how some say that its hard to adopt big dogs, well not yesterday. They ran out of dogs by late morning early afternoon and had to go back to the shelter for more !! Elyse and I said ” well there goes that myth. ” Thank you Dustin, Thank you Everyone who took part, you all were Blooming Awesome !!

  8. Thank you so much Dustin Deel and Elyse Carter for a Record Setting Day . This was just awesome news and keep up the Great work. I told Dustin that we are going to start a Dustin Deel Fan Club and now an Elyse Carter Fan Club . We and the Animals just Love you Both so much.

  9. Which one did you and Craig get. We enjoyed your visit with us at the Parker Paws Booth before then.

  10. fostermomoftwo

    I believe the other shelter employee is Jackie. Sorry I did not know her name when I first wrote the blog. But her contribution was no less appreciated!

  11. Jack C. Pickard

    So glad to see the POSITIVE input in not only the article but the comments, at long last the light in the tunnel is starting to shine, keep up the good work all Parker County Friends of Animals.

  12. Just wanted to add my praise for the amazing job of saving lives this past weekend. Dustin Deel is definitely having a positive influence at the shelter. He is always pleasant, available and courteous.
    Thank you, Dustin, for hanging in there and sincerely caring for those voiceless animals that depend on us to help them.
    Keep up the good work, great things are on the horizon!!

  13. Michelle, thank you, so much, for your kind words. I’m so thankful someone appreciates our efforts!!!

  14. I am very glad for the wonderful success at the Weatherford Blooms event regarding pet adoptions and I hope with all sincerity that Dustin Deel is the not only the “real deal”, but hope he will be the real hero this shelter needs – long term.

    Meanwhile, I hate to burst any bubbles, but the truth of the matter is this, WPCAS is still an animal shelter who euthanizes healthy adoptable animals due to space and is not transparent about which, when or why to the public or the rescue world. Any “owner surrendered” animals, may be destroyed immediately. I do not think this is made well known to those giving up their pets or unwanted litters.

    I do not want people to think just because there was one successful off site mobile adoption event, that the killing of all pets at this shelter has or will stop anytime soon. There is no guarantee of that at all, quite the contrary as visitors to the shelter have recently reported when asking about specific animals they saw posted online.

    Assistant City Mgr, Ms. Hayes, publicly announced that this shelter would like to work toward a goal of 90% of healthy adoptable animals getting out alive aka LRR, Live Release Rate. For that goal to be accomplished it will take the entire community helping and reaching out to them. There obviously needs to be more education and awareness regarding the shelter operations and their needs to meet this No Kill goal. I certainly believe it is achievable and commendable. It will take the general population being educated in reducing unwanted animals, providing more low cost spay and neuter clinics, reducing unwanted animals being dropped off at the shelter and increasing the numbers of adoptable animals being adopted, fostered or rescued. This means it will take new creative ideas and programs to be implemented which will take time. It will take work and commitment, and as already stated, I hope Dustin is the man to get that job done!

    Dustin Deel knows he has my full support. I have offered assistance to him directly on more than one occassion. I hope local business leaders, citizens, rescuers and animal lovers will step up to ask Dustin, how they can help him reach this No Kill goal. It certainly will take a village.

  15. Weatherford blooms was a great big success. So why doesn’t the shelter continue with taking the mobile unit to other high traffic events? The mobile unit has an A/C and a generator. I saw the trailer parked near the square, did they bring animals to the event?

    Volunteers, business and citizens are ready willing and able to help. They just have to want it, and ask for it.

  16. So glad to see the trailer, which for so long went unused by previous staff, finally getting its “day in the sun”! Mobile adoption events WORK, especially when they are promoted! I love to watch it roll down our street full and return empty. Please continue this wonderful program at all local events!

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