Respect for Taxpayer’s Dollars

Larry Lippincott

I recently attended a Candidate Speaking in Brock at the Brock Community Center. It was a well managed event and I would like to thank the Brock community for hosting the candidate forum.  All the candidates were given an opportunity to speak and afterwards questions were taken from the audience.  One question that was posed for the County Tax Assessor candidates was concerning whether or not the candidates were currently receiving a county retirement check in addition to a county salary.  I answered “no” because I have not retired. My opponent, Ms. King answered “yes”, that she is currently receiving both her county salary check and a county retirement check.

Ms. King also indicated that she proudly takes both checks because she “has earned them.” I was taken-a-back by the hubris of Ms. King’s answer.  In this tight economy some people can’t even get a job and Ms. King says she is proud to be double dipping at taxpayer’s expense.

In the interest of open government and transparency, let’s look at the facts.   Ms. King began receiving her county retirement benefit check in 2001 when she retired from the county. She was re-elected to her old job in 2009, and continued to receive her county retirement benefit check along with her new current salary. The county retirement check Ms. King is receiving is partially funded with your tax dollars along with her current salary, also funded with your tax dollars.  Now in 2012, she is asking the voters of Parker County to elect her for a fifth term and continue to pay her double for another four years!

I believe it is excessive and unreasonable to expect taxpayers to actually double pay an elected official for the same job they were performing before they retired. I believe it is an injustice. Especially when you consider that she is actually building another retirement nest egg with her current salary and benefits package as Parker County’s Tax Assessor-Collector.  Does this injustice indicate a lack of respect for taxpayer’s dollars? I would like to ask, can the taxpayers of Parker County afford Ms. King‘s double dipping at tax payers expense.

Thank you,

Larry Lippincott

Candidate for Tax-Assessor Collector

Weatherford, Texas



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  1. Senator-Blutarksy

    It sounds just like Rick Perrys’ cute little package – drawing his salary AND a retirement stipend.

    Such is a problem with people who feed at the public trough too long. Two term limits for any elected office and no more, from the county level straight up to the Governors office.

    My recommendation – no elected PUBLIC SERVANTS can serve but a total of TWO terms at any and all levels, period. With an influx of fresh blood, we might once again have a government ( at all levels) ” of, by and for ” the people. The current system encourages cronyism, pay-offs, favors, and outright ” BOUGHT ” policies and favoritism, and always favors the incumbent.

    This is not a ” representative republic”.

  2. There is clearly a sense of entitlement with the current incumbent which needs to be put to an end at the ballot box. If honesty prevailed from her side, she would be running as the Democrat that she truly is.

  3. Kerri Rehmeyer

    Wow, that is ridiculous. I don’t think elected officials should even receive retirement packages at all, period. ‘Politician’ shouldn’t be a career, but a short stint. And if people do make a career out of it, they should fund their own retirements like the rest of us have to.

  4. I have a few questions, And I would appreciate your response,before my questions I would like to make it clear that I don’t have a personal dog in this hunt, other than as a citizen who wants the best for our county.

    1. If you went back to work doing the same job because you were asked to, would you give up your retirement to do so, or refuse to take pay? example, Lockheed retirees are called back all the time as temportary help, sometimes as permanent positions they get paid with taxpayer dollars. and do not give up their retirement check.

    2. What if you were elected sherriff and retired and received a county check then was elected to county commisioner and took the pay as well as the retirement. this actually happened and I believe that this person may be collecting two retirement checks from the county.

    3. Not unusual for military personel to do this also?

    4. How many constables or there assistants are drawing a retirement check from the county and are currently still drawing a pay check from the county?

    the unusual thing about all these jobs is that they are all paid with taxpayer dollars including Lockheed. So this does not strike me as problem with county tax assessor, as much as it is with county rules established for pay and retirement. Back to commisioner court?

    5 Who was county tax assessor when Ms. King was elected the last time? Wonder why he was voted out. Hmmmmmmmmm. don’t forget that those in positions of resposibility are not assuming resposibility when it is always someone elses fault. what say you Lar

    1. parkercountyblog

      “My comments are concerning Elected Officials only.

      I believe elected officials have a special obligation to limit the impact of their own salary and benefits package on the taxpayers.”

      Comment entered for Larry Lippincott

      1. Thanks for your response, I believe that the time when this would have been true, was when the only remuneration offered was for real expenses associated with performing the work and it was considered a part time job or volunteer position.
        Those days have passed, maybe they should not have but they have. The laws associated with pay and retirement benefits evidently are part of the pay package available to all elected officials, as there are others I’m sure or suspect that have and are taking advantage of this oops. My point being is this a voting point? And if it is who is responsible for this oops? I am of course assuming that the rules of pay were not set by any one elected official, maybe a committee or group or ? I guess I need to look up the pay and retirement benefit structure for county elected officials, and be more knowledgeable before I speak. Maybe the county judge would take the time to explain where to find this info hey Joel! call and let me know where to find this info.

  5. Frank Williford

    This is for Stan. I don’t know what is appropriate or not with respect to pay schemes for County employees. All I can do is site myself as an example. I worked many years in industry and there is no doubt in my mind that private employers and public employers have differing views as to what is appropriate with respect to pay and benefits. I can only speculate that somehow these differing views arise because the
    private employer is paying employees with money the company had to earn while public sector employers are paid with money taxed away from others.

    My experience has been with private sector employers and defined contribution plans. Most private sector employers utilize defined contribution plans if they have a retirement plan at all. It is generally recognised defined contribution plans are less susceptible to abuse than defined benefit plans which are the type most government entities utilize.

    In the defined contribution plans I have had previously, the employee was allowed to contribute up to 10 percent of base pay and the employer would match the first 6 percent dollar for dollar. If an employee only contributrd 3 percent then the 3 percent was fully matched. In no case were any special benefits or emoluments considered for matching or as a basis for calculating the 10 percent base pay contribution, or ihe employer contribution component. Once an employee retired they recieved a payout in the form of either a lump sum or as an annuity based on the total contributed prior to retirement, that is, if the employee was vested, ie. retiring with enough years service to qualify to recieve the full employer matching amount. The employee always got back what they had put in plus interest or investment earnings even if they were not fully vested with enough years of service to receive the full employer matching amount plus its earnings.

    If the retired person returned to work, as an employee, after retirement their previous retirement pay (annuity) continued and they could start all over at ground zero in a second defined contribution plan. Chances were not very good they would work again long enough to become fully vested and so they mostly would get their contributions returned plus interest and investment earnings when they retired again.
    The other opotion for returning employees was to begin work again as a contract employee. In this case they would get a specified pay rate, no benefits whatsoever, and no retirement plan, insurance or vacation. On a contract basis any days of vacation or sick leave were taken without pay.

  6. We wonder why our taxes keep going up and we are told by the Commissioners court that there is no where we can cut the budget…now we find out that the Tax Assessor Collector is receiving retirement pay from the County and the Tax Assessors salary. Yet there is no where we can cut. Let me ask one question…Did Ms. King run for that position again…the good citizens of Parker County didn’t surround her house and draft her into that position. If she ran for that position then she should give up one of the checks…I’m sorry but I don’t get paid twice at my job, nor am I able to retire after 8 years and get more than my salary in Pension benefits. When did a position in County Government cease being your “Duty” and become your “Career” ? That is the root of the problem here, not that she is collecting two paychecks..although there should be some sort of stipulation, that if you are receiving a retirement check and you come back to work…you really aren’t retired any longer are you? I am not aware of what circumstances where that got Larry voted out of office and Ms. King voted back in, it all sounds a little fishy to me, and it smells fishy when you find out about this second paycheck thing. All we need in our County Government positions are good, honest, virtuous, statesmen. As I see it now we have a couple and we have a few trying to get elected. I now wonder how many other elected officials are getting tow paychecks…

  7. Mr. Lippincott is straining nats and grasping for straws and using the only thing he can dig up to attack his opponent with. Wonder why he is back after all. He was voted out of the position of tax assessor collector for very very good reasons. Mrs. King is the clear best choice for the position and must run every four years to keep it. The matter of her receiving a retirement she has already earned is fine by all the rules of employment she meets and did not have a thing to do with setting up. It is what everone who is on the county elected payroll has a right too. Look it up and you may find a number of others in the same position not just her. The commissioner’s court plays a big role in that arena of setting employment policies and rules. Put yourself in her shoes. When she started drawing her already earned retirement pay she was retired from public life. She will receive just what she is entitled to no more no less. Then after her replacement had four years to suceed and had not done so well, she was approached to return to serve by a vast majority of business people and citizens who had had enough of her replacement she entered the race and won quite handily. She is a hard working public servant who has made it once again a pleasure to do business with her office.

  8.         I just want to say as a long-time resident of Parker County, and seeing the difference in service between these two candidates….. Hands down Marjorie King is the one who understands what customer service truly is!Also, Please understand Im writing this from; events I’ve witnessed, my opinions based on what I’ve witnessed, read, and/or are questions. I believe my opinions of issues, are relative to Parker County(headline of this website).My family owning a few vehicles, a boat, and a trailer, I have spent a lot of time at Parker County auto registration over the years. For example during Mr. Lippincott’s term, I witnessed a customer who was irate and asked to speak with him. Instead Mr. Lippincott chose to stay in his office, (what could be more important than a situation like this)?! The young female clerk who was rightfully flustered,  apologized on his behalf, & tried to calm the now even angrier man. Meanwhile the line grew longer & longer! So myself  & other disappointed waiting customers grew more frustrated as we watched this scene unfold. We began discussing the fact that we as taxpayers/voters  were paying his salary! But yet Mr.Lippincott valued his own time more than ours? And cared so little to put taxpayers & his employees in such positions. Especially knowing that we the residents of P.C, would be voting on his ability to remain in his position. I’m sure it’s  many instances like this, along with the lawsuit that I researched, that ultimately cost him re-election.Since Marjorie King’s return, I’ve seen many positive changes!  Importantly, the over-all morale of her employees. They now have smiles on their faces, which I think says a lot in itself. The auto registration office is always  cleaner, and has a much improved atmosphere. (I would much prefer this, to some machine or Kiosk)! While these may seem like small issues, but to me it says a lot about the behind the scenes, & about the candidates management! Noticing these changes & speaking with the proud clerk, I asked if I could meet Mrs. King. To my surprise Mrs. King followed her clerk back to the counter, shook my hand and they listened to my praises. During our conversation even her Chief Deputy Susan Scott took time out of her day to come & greet me. I let them know how much I appreciated it, considering what I’d witnessed just years before. In telling them of my disappointments in Mr. Lippincott, & my experiences during his term, King & her staff never once put him down, only apologized on behalf of Parker Co.  Nothing but true professionalism was exerted. Which is not what I’ve witnessed even recently with her opponent’s  campaign! When I read that the two were once again running against each other, I decided to get more involved, & have even attended a candidate speaking. It was very hard to bite my tongue listening to Lippincott trash talk his opponent, rather than to focus on the real issues. But the proposed Kiosk use he speaks of, would be enormous cost to taxpayers to purchase these machines, more cost per transaction, extremely impersonal, & just something else I would get frustrated learning to use!? Who maintains, repairs, security, updates, ect these? How much will that cost us? And just like on-line renewals, those are decisions made by the state of Texas for our counties, not by our Tax Assessor Collector?! At the speaking, Mrs. King spoke with the professionalism & poise I’d seen in her office, & again exuded pride in herself, her campaign, her employees, & in Parker Co. The only pride I recognized  by Lippincott was when he spoke of the many places he’d been employed over the years? So even though he is of retirement age, has he ever been at any one job long enough to accrue a retirement package? Is Mr. Lippincott envious? I’m also puzzled as to why he & his wife have run for so many different offices within the county(with little success)?Meanwhile Marjorie King’s experience, pride, dignity, great customer service, & loyalty to Parker Co. still continues. I am sure that some of the topics I have touched on are why tax payers approached Marjorie King about coming out of retirement to run against Larry Lippincott! Therefore it’s apparent to many that these pleas along with her proven commitment to our county was why she returned, & was voted in as our Tax Assessor Collector. I believe its because a vast majority of taxpayers would rather pay Marjorie King her well earned  retirement, along with her salary,(I don’t know of anyone who goes to work every day for free), to be assured that they’re being well taken care of and that the job is done right! I also believe it to be true that the tax assessor collector’s office brings in substantial revenue to this county. It makes sense that we would want someone of her stature, that has done the job, and done it so well. Is it not true as others have stated that Parker County is responsible for the set- up of this retirement issue? So why is Mrs. King being blamed? (It does seem like  Lippincott is just  “grasping at straws”)! Wouldn’t the county be paying a tax assessor collector, as well as Marjorie King’s retirement anyway? So it’s not costing the taxpayers anymore or less, but the job is being done right! It would also seem to me that the lawsuit(please look this up) against Mr. Lippincott has been the true cost to us as taxpayers. On this subject, I myself witnessed the manner in which he treated his employees, by letting the young clerk handle & extremely difficult situation on her own. I don’t want to run the risk of yet another lawsuit, & having my tax dollars go to cleaning-up his messes, that would be the true “injustice”! Like Marjorie King I take pride in my county, I have done my homework and I hope that you the voters do the same.Who is the administrator of this blog? I do appreciate that you created it. However I recently read an article in the newspaper,.. another Marjorie King supporter wrote in that her post was deleted from this blog? I would hope that this is un-true, & that everyone affiliated with this blog believes in FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT!!Please remember early voting begins on May 14. And that the actual primary election is on Tuesday, May 29(the first Tuesday after Memorial weekend). 
                  Thank you for your time,

    1. Elizabeth your story is not true. I was never never rude to any customer. Also I never mistreated any employees. I got along well with all the employees I hired. I has trouble with Ms. Kings employees over customer service problems. Ms. King just wants to keep her job and she wants it so bad she is will is willing to conduct a dishonest campaign. She is collecting both a salary and a retirement check for the same job. It is time for that to stop. She needs to retire (again).

  9. Doesn’t retirement pay come out of your checks while your working? Soooo she has earned it!!! That’s not the only reason she’s earned it either… you are just trying to make your competition look bad. So u have to find something to use and this was all u could find. Smh!!!!!! She got re-elected and u didn’t…… jealous much?

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