Cut-n-Run Conlely ~ which way did he go?

Does anyone really believe Commissioner Conley will show up to defend his dismal voting record on Commissioners Court during the upcoming Republican Party Candidate Forum scheduled for May 3rd or the Candidate Forum in Azle on May 8th? It ain’t gonna happen – not Cut-n-Run Conley!

The following by TEA Party leader Dawn King, is in response to an article in the Weatherford Democrat titled “Is Conley scared of election opposition?”

[snip] Mr. Conley is afraid of losing his $84,000.00 sweet deal! The Conservative minded, Parker County Tax Payers have been paying this bill long enough without proper representation. Time for change! Voters are smarter and more informed than ever. We are well aware of Mr. Conley’s voting record… and it’s not good for the tax payers. The  Parker County TEA Party put those commissioners on alert that continued to raise our taxes AGAIN because they couldn’t make the needed cuts. Thank you Mr. Conley for your service… your out! gone! dismissed! New conservative blood is coming in. You can now return to your Democratic party. [snip]

Aw shucks Dawn, why don’t you tell us what you really think! Admit it. You want to fumigate the courthouse the way we did when Dobbs, Plugge and Horton held Commissioners Court hostage. Are you suggesting it is time to purge county government – starting in the courthouse, of ‘good ole boys’ who are more concerned with saving gov’ment jobs and benefits than CUTTING SPENDING???

Did we replaced the Dobbs, Plugge, Horton court with the Riley, Conley, Peacock court? Sure looks like it!  Seems the only thing that has changed are the faces; certainly not their actions!

Oh yes, the Commissioners voted to raise their own pay to that outrageous amount. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it is $84,000 + a $12,000 per year vehicle allowance. That’s $96,000 per year – are you kidding me? For what? Have you seen your taxes go down? Have you seen Commissioners Court protecting property and gun rights?  Have you seen positive results from any strategic planning? What clean, job producing industry has been enticed into relocating to Parker County? What are we getting in precincts 1 & 2 that could in any way justify $96,000 per year for these good ole boy pothole filling Commissioners?

The only true conservatives on the court, Roth and Renfro will serve a coupe of terms and move on.  Anyone want to bet the other three will hang on to the bitter end – until voters actually get sick enough of their power grabs and big spending bloated budgets, to vote them out of office?

Commone Dawn – tells what you really think!

by Lenny Leatherman

Commissioner Peacock, you’re next!

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  1. 2 corrections, May 3rd is at the courthouse on the square and May 8th is in Azle.

    All the rest is true.

  2. Jack C. Pickard

    For those that haven’t had the opportunity to attend the Commissioners Court, with its unfriendly to voters that work for a living, timing … Dawn has nailed this situation on the head. Well done Dawn and thanks Lenny for placing this here for all to see.

  3. Gosh guys, you are really hard on the guy. Must have had a bad experience with this fellow. Just like the bad experiences that were posted on one of the other blogs comments that were removed from and were given a stern fall in line or don’t post talk. But I do agree with the Senator on 2 terms and move on, with the amendment that there needs to be a good alternative to vote for and not against everyone else. I have been on numerous ocassions to the county court, yes on court day, I usually don’t say much, however, I do believe that they think the respondents that do speak are not representative of their voter base. As the economy has tightened the voter base is looking to do better in choice and quality of representatives. The only way to give the other choices legs is to get out the vote on examples and true conviction that there is a better way. Not because you believe in something but why you believe in something different. Even that idiot was smart enough not to be specific and offered hope and change, and all of us have a different idea on what is hope and change ,smoking mirrors from the start, I would also caution that we have many rinos in the county that really think there is no end to the availability of funds to do the redistribution thing Just look at the cost of rembursement to the hospital district for un compensated medical expense, the number of people on food stamps and housing assistance has gone up and the availability of private funds for donations have gone down in nearly all the church and benevolent orgs in the county. Gosh, can we have a civil discourse? sure we can! but not about smoking mirrors.

    1. parkercountyblog

      “Just like the bad experiences that were posted on one of the other blogs comments that were removed from and were given a stern fall in line or don’t post talk.”

      You make a very good point “stangarner”.

      Folks, we welcome everyone to participate in our discussions by voicing your opinion concerning the issues. While it is difficult to remain fair and objective on all issues all the time, that is our desire.

      We ask that you make sure all negative comments are factual, and that you can produce documentation supporting your assertion(s).

      We try to provide all candidates a place to announce events such as meet & greets and fund raisers.

      We sometimes post articles about the candidates that have appeared in newspapers and other media. We try to be more flexible on those posts because assumption is made that the original source of the article has already verified its content.

      Bottom line – occasionally it becomes necessary to make judgment calls that regrettably some may not agree with. I’m ok with that. Hope you are too.

  4. Senator-Blutarksy

    It will be good to see at least 1 of the rubber-stamps for Riley, be ousted.

    Now we have to be sure that Pct 3 (my precinct) does not replace Roth with a rubber stamp for the sheriffs office, like the 2 career L-E in the race.

    I am supporting Damon Stedifor for Pct 3 – we need broad-based true citizens representation, rather than career “law men” in the race. I am sure they are fine gents, but we do not need a commissioner who will be very “inclined” to bend-over-backwards for the sheriffs department.

  5. Conley is a coward who is afraid of facing an opponent. How much money has he spent trying to get Jon off the ballot? I’ll bet you it was more than the filing fee that Jon avoided by knocking on doors and meeting citizens of Parker County and getting their signatures. Conley isn’t even really a Republican I don’t think. Did he ever vote Republican before he ran for Commissioner? He certainly does not espouse Republican values on the Court. He won’t show up for the Candidate forum on May 8th just like he didn’t show up for our Tea Party Candidate forum…he is not only scared of an opponent, he is scared to face his constituents who he has failed to represent. Jon Moffett is a person of character and has the kind of virtues that we need in a Statesman…notice I didn’t say politician. A politician is all Conley is, and not a very good one either, a typical one though.

  6. Everyone has an opinion

    Just some facts. People are moving to Parker County in droves partly due the low tax rates that are here, aside from the school districts. Parker county’s general fund tax rate is less than 85% of the counties in Texas as of 2010, according to the County Information Project, Texas Association of Counties. Should they try to lower it? Yes of course but let’s not act like the county has a high tax rate. I know this site likes to paint certain members of the court to fit their agenda but the bias is a bit over the top. Our justice system, law enforcement, vital records etc needs to be properly funded. I think they do that quite well while keeping our taxes as low as possible. That is what county government’s primary role is, according to the Texas Constitution. The transportation bond approved by 60% of the voters did cause taxes to go up up by 4 cents or so and still only approximately 38 out of 254 counties have a lower gen fund tax rate. Can and should they try to improve on that? Of course but comparing to to the dobbs court is nonsensical in my opinion. You know what they say about opinions but the facts say our county govt tax rate is one of the better ones in the state.

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      “Our justice system, law enforcement, vital records etc needs to be properly funded. ”

      Is the Commissioners Court spending @ $20K to have special treatment for someone’s knee “properly funded”?

      Or their decision to spend $35-40k on extra medical needs for a deputies surgery?

      or their somnabulism in “privatizing” jailer services, but NOT reducing the Sheriffs department payroll even a single employee “properly funded”?

      Or blowing $35k of county funds for some ridiculous “emergency command vehicle” that I suspect has never been used?

      Shall we discuss the senior citizens center and all the issues there ?

      “The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys.”

      –Thomas Jefferson, 19 June 1808

    2. parkercountyblog


      I am sooo relieved to learn we are sliding deeper into socialism at a pace that is slightly slower than 85% of the counties in Texas! Now that is great news!

      And all this time I thought people were moving to Texas because the state from which they came is descending into socialism at an even faster pace.

      No need to go to Europe to see the results of creeping socialism. Just make sure we don’t change anything we are doing here.

      I saw an awesome video today – “If I wanted America to fail”. If I wanted Parker County to fail, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  7. Amy Fortenberry

    To “everyone has opinion” I wonder this of you a few things,

    Why hide behind a false name and just put out who you really are? None of the ones whom you have found fit to say have an “unfair” bias towards folks out here in parker county do. We all for the most part put our real names.

    My other questions are just purely out of curiosity…. Did you know that the Sheriff’s office gets Tax payer’s money each year to help fund the joint effort in dispatching for 911 calls but doesn’t allocate it towards such? It’s proven and on public record where that money goes mean while those outside the city lines have to suffer from a poorly educated and organized dispatching system. Do you know who allows this to continue to keep happening each and every year turning a blind eye to this? Oh it’s the Commissioners and the Judge…Did you know that? I wonder do you in fact live out here in Parker County and did you know that with this new land rush of sorts to Parker County that our water table is being drained faster than anyone can blink at? Did you know that the Commissioners know this and HAVE KNOWN that the water table is running too low to support this many new family dwellings for years now? But yet they keep on allowing more and more subdivisions to pop up around Parker County like bluebonnets in the spring…

    Do you have Children that you want to raise out here? Have you noticed the increase of violence being brought to our school systems out here in Parker County as of late from the “inner city” children? Our school system out here it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, we have bullying going on so badly out here the teachers are ignoring it for the most part due to parents that are either bullies themselves or don’t care enough about their kids but hey that is just how society is right? We have taken away all the punishing in the schools with the kids knowing this they are getting away with everything thus providing a child the mindset they can do as they please without recourse, after all its not “fair” to punish a child these days. As well as Children with disabilities do not have all the help that they can get partly due to “there isn’t enough funding”. I have heard that quote being dropped so much this school year it makes me sick. “Cut back cut back cut back” let’s make it all “fair fair fair fair”.

    So is it “fair” to be trying to make sure everyone has it “even”? I know life isn’t fair and blah blah blah but geesh can’t society even be able to judge when “even” or “fair” is enough? Parker County needs to stop this growth rate long enough to catch up with what we already have. Before we know it our current water restrictions will be so bad we will have to take baths only on certain days and times. All the tax “breaks” in the world will not help our students get a good education, in safe atmospheres without all the help they need to be successful.

    Yeah I am a little bias…bias to the fact that I have lived in Parker County nearly all my life. Wanted to raise my children in Parker County where I felt I was at home and in a small town atmosphere. Now I am wondering if I made the right choice after all with all these new folks waltzing right into town claiming they know what is best for Parker County with their new “let’s all have it fair” ideas. I tell you what…if I wanted Obamaisiums in Parker County I would ask him to come take Hooks spot but I don’t. I want to grow old here and I want my children to enjoy the beauty of Weatherford and the magic that has made her what she was before ignorance stepped into our local government. My vote will make sure of this….

    1. Senator-Blutarksy


      Thank you for bringing up a very key point about the water table.

      Elected “public servants” seem enamored with the word “growth”, when long-term visionaries all know that – growth for the sake of growth- is a fallacy. All the usual elected miscreants seem to be able to consider is an ever-increasing tax base, based on very flawed “growth” ! If things cannot be exponentially increased with QUALITY, growth for purely that sake, is a dangerous thing.

      It gives these “potentates” more tax revenue to dole out, all the while deameaning the true quality of life. I was warned by Parker County natives to “not move here-it is an exploding trainwreck”.

      I should have listened, back in 2005.

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