Is Conley scared of election opposition?

From the Weatherford Democrat, by Guest Columnist Amy Fortenberry – With the recent press over Commissioner Conley sorting through the signature collected from Jon Moffett in Precinct 1 it makes one ask, what is he scared of? Mr. Conley seems to have a tract history of going after the signatures every time they have been offered up in play. In the last year we have witnessed his uncanny ability to scramble when it would seem that someone else had more signatures then him during an election, so what is he scared of?

Last year when the ESD battle was put into place with ESD 1 and 3 for the Silver Creek area Mr. Conley made it his goal to do whatever it took including slander to get the votes that he wanted to gain the Silver Creek VFD territory. He even sent out, what I would like to suggest they are referred to as goonies to do his bidding so that his name wasn’t smeared publicly for the deeds that he did. Spreading rumors and giving promises to which he still hasn’t kept to those in the Silver Creek Area.

Mr. Conley and his goonies gathered Signatures themselves to present to the ESD 1 board. These Signatures were obtained through all measures which included at the local gas station asking anyone that stopped in to get gas without being asked if they even lived in the Silver Creek District. Mr. Conley and his goons would hold meetings in certain neighborhoods; they would only target the ones at the higher end of the tax scale. This means Mr. Conley only wanted to obtain the votes of those that had homes over $200,000.

I would like to ask why were the folks under that price ignored and not regarded as “good” votes as it was stated. With promises that they would have “top of the line” Fire Coverage along with faster response times and the use of “top quality” equipment, he made the taxpayers feel that the current department would be inadequate in helping save their homes or their families.

With these Signatures in hand ESD 1 accepted them without proper notice to those of Silver Creek area, the department didn’t even know what was going on till one of Mr. Conley’s goons bragged about it. There was a very small sign placed at the local gas station with print so small most of the citizens either couldn’t read the notice or didn’t even notice it was posted on the door.

SCVFD was not able to contest this as it was stated that it was still a notice the size of the font was not an issue the notice was still legal even if the taxpayer wasn’t able to read it.

Once many tax payers in Silver Creek found out about this underhanded event they too wanted to sign petitions going with ESD 3. Many felt that they had been cheated and discredited against since their home prices were not on the high end. Shouldn’t they of had the same respect to them even if they didn’t own a home in certain neighborhoods? When Tax payers in those neighborhoods found out they were dooped, some of them switched their signatures to ESD 3.

With this new turn of events Mr. Conley not only went to the courts about these signatures he sent out his goons to the homes of those taxpayers to harass them to sign back up on his side. What was this “team Edward verses team Jacob?” Did you know that when asked ESD 1 made it impossible for SCVFD to obtain copies of the signatures that Mr. Conley had received? But yet since Mr. Conley is the Commissioner he was given ready access to those signatures that SCVFD had turned in.

As the smearing continued SCFVD turned in their signatures from taxpayers from all over the district no matter what the cost of their homes were their vote was wanted and respected. Mr. Conley not only went after those signatures making sure they were all valid but he had ESD 1 Attorney go after ESD 3 over their use of the internet to post notices of the signatures being turned into. See both ESDs had to notify the tax payers of their intentions this process can be done through signs, new paper postings, mail, and a sign can be posted at the city offices.

Yet it was challenged from Mr. Conley for the use of a website posting, ESD 3 had even gone a step further by posting a sign large enough to read at the local store as well as all the other legal measures.

So what is Conley scared of? In the end he won he had scared enough of the taxpayers to get the minimum amounts of votes out there. He still hasn’t held true to his promises and now those same folks that where targeted in the original ESD battle find themselves in the middle of it again although they were warned this would happen Mr. Conley used his good ole boy stance with smear tactics to lie to the taxpayers to trick them.

Is this the type of Commissioner you want? Why so dirty Mr. Conley are you scared that Jon Moffett will do a better job then you? Do you feel as if your incompetentices will be exposed once you’re out of your little white truck? I encourage all of the voters out there educate yourself as to who Mr. Conley really is, ask what has he really done for you other than raised your property taxes and taken away your right to fire your gun in your own back yard.

Please learn who Jon Moffett is and what he stands for see him for the strong man that he is as well as how he can give you the voter the rights you deserve.

Amy Fortenberry lives in Weatherford.


3 responses

  1. Mr. Conley is afraid of losing his $84,000.00 sweet deal! The Conservative minded, Parker County Tax Payers have been paying this bill long enough without proper representation. Time for change! Voters are smarter and more informed than ever. We are well aware of Mr. Conley’s voting record… and it’s not good for the tax payers. The Parker County TEA Party put those commissioners on alert that continued to raise our taxes AGAIN because they couldn’t make the needed cuts. Thank you Mr. Conley for your service… your out! gone! dismissed! New conservative blood is coming in. You can now return to your Democratic party.

  2. Jack C. Pickard

    It appears that Parker County’s Court is about to return to its roots … the real conservative Court that we the citizens want. Thanks Amy for your guest columnists remarks here and in the Democrat. It is patriots like you, Dawn King, Jon Moffett and the Tea Party of Parker County that will truthfully educate the citizens of Parker County as to who is really representing a Conservative Standard that we all need to return to.

  3. Thank you Amy, that was very informative. I will make sure to share the info . . and I will push for All to vote for Mr. Moffett.

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