Parker County Politics – good or bad?

Many of those who are actively involved in the Parker County political machine, especially the Republican Party apparatus, gathered together Saturday morning at the WISD Ninth Grade Center for Precinct Conventions and the Republican Party County Convention.

For those who were a part of the team tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the County Convention was a success, the morning’s activities were executed with precision.  The entire team headed by County Chair Zan Prince did a remarkable job of following protocol and adhering to State Party guidelines. All are to be commended.

The morning was not without moments of excitement. One such moment occurred when members from the audience proposed replacing the Republican Party slate of delegates to the State Convention with their own slate of delegates.

However, after a lengthy period of discussion, the original list of Republican Party delegates was approved. A motion was then introduced by State Rep. Phil King to add names from the list that had been introduced from the floor, to the Republican Party list of alternate delegates. The motion carried.

Citizens who do not consider themselves a part of the Parker County Republican Party expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which the Republican Party carries out its responsibilities. TEA Party members and Ron Paul supporters were especially vocal in their opposition to the party process. A suggestion was made to those who object to the Republican Parties manner of conducting business – get involved in party activities, start attending meetings, participate in voter registration drives, and run for public office or get involved in the campaign of someone who is running for office.

I recall thinking how futile their efforts to change the party are, from the outside looking in.  That’s like attempting to renovate your home by throwing rocks at it from your driveway – probably not going to be very productive.

After many years of being involved in political activities, I have come to realize progress moves at a snail’s pace! And because progress grinds along at such a painfully slow pace, many become totally frustrated and walk away. That’s understandable, but disgruntled disengaged citizens are a big part of the problem.

To those who truly care about the future of our nation, our state and our community, I say join the team and stay the course – don’t become discouraged, and above all DON’T QUIT! Can you think of one quitter you have known in your life who deserves your respect; I can’t.

We are not, as a Republican Party, where we want to be, and certainly we are not where we should be. But we will never get there by walking away.  It took many years for the Republican Party to become infested with RINOs and it is going to take years to purge the party of the stench of RINOs and incumbent cronyism!

Each one of us, are one of two things; part of the solution, or part of the problem.  Which one are you?

by Lenny Leaatherman

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  1. Jack C. Pickard

    Lenny well written and I agree with a lot of what you have to say. I would also point out that the Republican and Democrats are part of the problem also. They fail to recognize that many in the electoriate are not enabled by job or circumstances to play in the parties like they can. Some of us have obligations to the very public you are talking about through church, state, volunteer organizations and other such needed activities not to mention the Job of feeding families etc. The parties still seem to be fashioned more for the use of the privledged and are far from accomidating to the blue collar, emergency workers, public service workers, or just your average old hard working everyday citizen. Most of the meetings each year are not conducive to most of the hard working Americans that just can’t get off to attend the meetings. Considering the nature of our world today would it not be better to mail ballets out to Party Membership allowing votes for delegates on the ballets, or even better on line certification of ballets submitted via internet. Both parties claim they represent all people, yet Things have not changed in the last 40 years that I am aware of, how about you?

    1. parkercountyblog


      You make some excellent points, and I agree in principle with the manner in which you describe an important issue; how to involve those who, for legitimate reasons, cannot always participate in Republican Party activities.

      Many have struggled for a solution to that difficult issue. I certainly don’t know the answer. I do know however, that there is something powerful that takes place during regularly scheduled meetings, and County, State and National Conventions, and that is the floor debates and interaction between competing sets of ideas. I don’t know how you could possibly capture that experience any other way. It is truly democracy in action.

      I completely agree with you Jack when you say “….the Republican and Democrats are part of the problem also.” That is the point I intended when I said, “We are not, as a Republican Party, where we want to be, and certainly we are not where we should be. But we will never get there by walking away. It took many years for the Republican Party to become infested with RINOs and it is going to take years to purge the party of the stench of RINOs and incumbent cronyism!”

      Since the challenges of everyday life make it difficult for some to become involved in structured party activities, I believe each individual must find a way to pick and choose the activities his/her routine permits. One thing is for sure – one will never be part of the solution by doing nothing!

  2. It seems there are many disgruntled with the local Republican party or just the Party leadership in some cases. I was told it was a 60/40 vote against a new slate of state delegates. The “Parker County TEA Party” did not write the “Grass Roots Slate”nor did we organize the call for a new slate. This was not just Ron Paul supporters there were many who were neither from the Parker County TEA Party group or supporters of Ron Paul that voted for the “Grass Roots Slate.” Many long time Republican Party members voted against the original slate of delegates. I do not remember the total count but well over 200 voted for a new slate of candidates. I was very pleased in the end that voices on all sides got heard and some old grievances could begin to get resolved. No one broke any rules and all were respectful and all were heard and that is a good thing.

  3. Another story for the day is that my Precinct Chair Marvin Herring brought his HOA board members including 6 Democrats (I am told) to have a say and vote as county delegates in the Republican County Convention. To me it seems there should be some outrage somewhere about this!

  4. I’m certainly not disengaged. Everything in my life took a backseat to working on the Convention for the last month or so and working on various things before that for the last 5 years. I’m probably more engaged to political reality than 95% of Parker County residents. Yes, some call me disgruntled, but not because I object to the process at all. The process is great and works wonderfully when the rules are followed. Thanks to Judge Quisenberry the convention was run fairly. This was in complete contrast to 2008, where dirty tricks, lying and cheating were the norm. If you weren’t there, you don’t understand. Even if you were, but weren’t well versed in party rules and Robert’s rules, you were probably confused about what party rules were broken and the utter disregard for Robert’s rules that occurred.
    I haven’t done the Republican Party Meetings in quite some time for a couple of reasons. First off, they are usually held at inconvenient times for me. I have two homeschooled kids, one of whom is a gymnast that has classes at varying times 5 days a week AND a husband who travels most of the time which leaves me for picking up/dropping off etc. Secondly, I got tired of feeling like I was wasting my time among people who don’t understand or care about liberty or the Constitution. Some of them do, but the majority seemed to be there for social hour. I don’t relish listening to incumbent candidates talk about how great they are, while continuously voting to curtail our liberties and or spend our money on some fiscally reckless venture time after time. But no one calls them on it. No one even seems to have the thought that the candidate doesn’t walk on water. I came to believe I could accomplish a lot more working for constitutionally correct candidates of my choice on my time.
    I helped put together the grassroots slate and I and many others spent time learning to use Robert’s Rules of Order properly. But yet, the establishment types in the crowd predictably cried that we were “hi-jacking” the convention. What we did was the exact opposite. We played by the rules and we almost won. The final count was 59% to 41%. 18% may seem like a large gap, but in actual numbers we are only talking 5-7 strategically placed delegates would have given us the win. I’m proud of the people that took the time to participate and took a stand with the grassroots for liberty. If a few more people had come to our side, or if I could have persuaded a few more people to show up, the outcome would have been different and a huge chunk of the delegates attending the State convention as Delegates would have been strict constitutional conservatives.

  5. If people have a problem with what happened at the Convention on Saturday then where were their voices when the Republican Chair tried to place her name as the organizer of the Parker County TEA Party group? Now that was real attempted hi-jacking!!!!! No one tried to take over or hi-jack the Republican Party they just want accountability!
    There never would have been a need for a “TEA Party” or any of the numerous Conservative groups that have popped up over the last several years if Republicans held to the Republican Platform, held to conservative values and if there was real vetting of candidates by the “R” Party! The fact is that there is more then one Republican group in this county and why is that? Because people are tired of going along to get along!

  6. I thought the Convention went pretty well. We just need to be a little more organized. Had just a few more people showed up the Grassroots Delegate list would have won.

    I hope that we can work to unite our Republican Party. There such hostility towards the Party Chair and perhaps the group that has been in power for some time. I hope we can work on that in the future.

    For NOW, we need to band together to get our Republican nominated for President. We must select someone who has proven he will uphold our Constitution and serve our County with G-d as his leader. We need a candidate that can Out Talk Obama and that is no easy task. Obama is a great speaker and he can stir emotions. Not a lot of meat to his speeches but we all know that the average citizen is easily controlled if you can pull him by his heartstrings. Obama is sitting back and just waiting to pounce on Romney. Romney has not stayed true to any important issue. He flip flops depending on what he thinks will get him votes. “I” could out debate him! Obama will eat him alive and make him like it.

    We may not all agree with everything that Ron Paul says BUT…..we here in Texas have kept him as a Republican Representative for many years for good reasons. He is a devoted Baptist. He has been honorably married to one woman forever. He served in our military. He is a well educated physician and he wears our Constitution of the United States like a badge of honor.

    If you stop watching the media reports on television on Ron Paul, and just listen to him and look at his voting record as our Rep for TX, you will see and hear WHO he is and what he has done. Our active duty military have given him more financial support than all the other candidates (including Obama, their Commander and Chief) combined. So, if those fight in those foreign wars support his foreign policies, maybe we should?

    I just see and hear the love of Country in Ron Paul, that I have not seen in many years. He is my candidate for the office of the 45th President of our Great Nation.

    Thank you and blessings to you and your family
    Tawni Maughan
    Candidate for City Council, Place 3

  7. In the aftermath of the convention many were saying that it went well. Since that was my first local convention, I’ll go along with that because there was a common purpose among those attending: Let’s take our country back.

    It was my perception that all attending that day were there for a noble cause. Our country has and is being hi-jacked and something has to be done. But what? Moving to replace the original Republican Party delegates with the Grassroots slate pushed the essence of the problem immediately to the surface for all to witness. The “what to be done” difference essentially rests inside each individual’s decision on “who can get ‘er done”.

    The disagreement among the different factions attending that day, while definitive, was not conclusive. The coming together that day is key in getting all that are concerned about the future of our country to start communicating. That is certainly happening now. Since I’m lousy at predicting, I’ll go out on a limb to say this communicative exchange will not only continue but intensify as we march to Tampa.

    For me, we must make the correct choices now so that our children’s children have freedom of choice in the future. And I’m talkin’ real choice not the illusion of.

    And here is our current situation. At this writing, it appears only two republican candidates are emerging to compete for the nomination, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. What a difference. For those of you who understand a little about geometry, these two candidates are 180 degrees out. They couldn’t be more opposed.

    There is only one of the two candidates to break this left-right paradigm we find ourselves in. He carries the message of individual freedom, small government, states rights, sound money principals, non-interventionism, strong national border security, war by congressional declaration only, pro-life, freedom of religion….we can read the rest in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The principles laid out in those old documents are much easier to understand than my cell phone contract.
    “Who can get’er done?”

  8. Senator-Blutarksy

    I was unable to attend this one. My first in Parker County was 2008, and it was a trainwreck from start to finish, and an embarrassment to the electoral process. I have been involved in county conventions since 1972 in other parts of Texas. 2008 Parker took the cake for the clique-railroad-boss hawg personification.

    Glad to hear there was some semblence of decency this time

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