Armed Citizen

from, April issue – While a 21-year-old store clerk was working his shift at Balwi Food Market one afternoon, 31-year-old Urban Anderson entered the store wearing a ski mask and wielding a knife. When Anderson began swinging the knife, the store employee was quick to grab the rifle kept behind the counter for protection. The employee forced Anderson to the ground and kept him there until police arrived. Anderson was then arrested and charged with attempted robbery, assault and criminal possession of a weapon. The employee suffered cuts to his arms and was treated at a local hospital. (The Post-Standard, Syracuse, NY, 1/07/12)

Christopher Oster, 28, and John Shanks III, 29, broke into the home of a resident said to have been involved in a break-up and alleged domestic dispute with Oster’s sister, police said. With their identities concealed and an apparent intent to assault the tenant, they forced their way into the home. Inside, they were met by a citizen armed with a .22-cal. handgun. Shanks was shot once in the chest. Oster attempted to drag Shanks out of the home, but fled when he was confronted by the armed resident. Shanks’ wound was fatal and Oster was later arrested and charged with first-degree burglary. (Enterprise Record, Chico, CA, 12/22/12)

Suspected of committing a string of robberies, Martel Harris, 21, returned to the apartment complex where he allegedly had stolen a vehicle from the parking lot earlier that same day. When he attempted to rob a 54-year-old man at gunpoint, the man produced a firearm of his own and fired several shots. Police were notified when Harris turned up at a local hospital with a gunshot wound. After being treated, he was arrested and charged with robbery, attempted robbery, grand larceny, the use of a firearm in commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The stolen vehicle was recovered and the robbery victim was not injured. (Daily Press, Newport News, VA, 12/22/12)

Homeowner Andrew Wharmby, 27, became suspicious when he heard loud banging on his front door at almost 5 a.m. Before answering the door, he took precautions and grabbed his shotgun. He discovered two men in his home when he followed the continued noise into the garage. Wharmby fired shots at the men and at least one of the two intruders returned fire striking Wharmby in the face. One suspect suffered fatal injuries while the second suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was then arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. Wharmby was also taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. (San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio, TX, 1/12/12)

A husband and wife were awakened when suddenly attacked by a man with an unlit tiki torch he had found in their backyard. Seemingly under the influence of narcotics and wearing only underwear, socks and a bandana around his neck, 28-year-old Matthew Zamora had broken into the home through the back door and used the torch to hit the male resident. The husband grabbed a handgun, but the intruder swung the torch again knocking it from the homeowner’s hand. The homeowner’s wife retrieved a shotgun and ordered the intruder to leave their home. Without hesitation, Zamora ran into the bathroom, climbed out the window and fled. He was later arrested and charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, unlawful use of a weapon, providing false information to police, menacing, criminal mischief as well as an unrelated felony warrant. (KPTV, Aloha, OR, 12/26/12)

The owner of the Quick Time Liquor Market fought back when Armand Isaac, 21, and Leonard Higgins Jr., 20, entered the store and attempted an armed robbery. As the store owner and Higgins struggled, Isaac fired a shot at the owner barely missing his head. The owner then grabbed a pistol and shot Higgins twice, causing the men to quickly flee. Both men were later arrested at a local hospital as they sought medical treatment for Higgins’ gunshot wounds. (The Telegraph, Alton, IL, 1/07/12)

A resident awoke to a man banging on the door demanding entry at 1 a.m. Home alone at the time, the 71-year-old homeowner refused to open the door and called police. When the stranger, 23-year-old Shane Blackburn, began to kick down the door, the resident retrieved his handgun. Blackburn was shot once in the shoulder and fled. He was later located at a local hospital and arrested after being treated for his injuries. (The Ranger, Fremont County, WY, 1/05/12)

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