It’s Blaisdell’s Fault!

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  1. Says it all. The whole disgraceful mess should have never been allowed to get so out of control. Just one more example why change needs to happen on the council and at staff level.

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      Watcher – let me add, it is 1 more example of why Blaisdell should be terminated.

      1. Agreed by you are whistling in the wind with that. Now if the 3 incumbents are removed from council that will be a VERY different story.

  2. Aren’t there five monkeys on our Council? One is missing here.

  3. Amy Fortenberry

    Remember our Mayor is from the same cloth of car sales men….I guess he thinks he can still use the same tactics as he did before when he was trying to get his quota for spiffs out on the lot? I remember him telling a concerned citizen at a council meeting not too long ago. If it had something to do with a lincoln he would be able to fix it and such, then giggled like a lil school girl. Really? Perhaps we should give him the good ole days of the lincoln dealership back again? I mean since he is so sure he can “fix it” at the car lot I guess sitting as our mayor just isnt something he can “fix”……

    1. excellent point.

      Mr. Mayor has been saying for 4 months he needs and wants the shelter volunteers back badly….he wants them back so badly that to date he has done……..NOTHING to fix this. No volunteer handbook. No volunteer application. No volunteer coordinator position posted on city gov webpage. No volunteer program whatsoever. Nothing. Just empty promises. Remember, it’s election time folks. If we can’t get answers now, before elections, we surely won’t get any answers after the election, now will we? He says he holds the City Mgr responsible. The City Mgr says, “well it trickles downhill from there”. What does that mean exactly Mr. Mayor? City Council? City Attorney? Mr. Blaisdell? What on earth are you saying? Since when do you ask an employee under you to investigate mgmnt issues, staff issues, and public complaints about YOU? This whole thing is nothing more than a stall tactic.

      A blame game. It’s time to face facts. Your employees have SOP and they are not following it. They have written policy in place, but they either refuse to follow it, or just don’t have to because they can do what they want, when they want and how they want. Is this acceptable? They can kill healthy adoptable animals that money had been spent on to prepare for adoption for no good reason? Without trying to anything to get them into fosters or rescues? Why? Until the ROOT of the problem is REMOVED, history will probably repeat itself. Why will this city not get to the ROOT of the problem? Hard working, educated people see through these smoke screens. I hope they remember all this come May 12.

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