Texas State Rifle Association Legislative Director to Speak at Parker County Republican Women Club

Alice Tripp

Please join Parker County Republican Women as we host Alice Tripp, Legislative Director for Texas Rifle Association (TSRA), the NRA state affiliate. TSRA was founded in 1919 and currently has over 40,000 Texas members who may or may not be NRA members.

Alice describes herself as a goose hunter although time spent as the legislative director and lobbyist for the TSRA leaves little time for hunting or sport shooting. She’s been known to get teary-eyed at the sounds and sights of geese as they fly over. She claims to love mud. As for guns, she prefers shotguns but thinks all guns are fine.

After 14 years as TSRA’s lobbyist, her successes include helping to develop and pass dozens or pro-gun, pro-self-defense, pro-hunting bills, many now part of Texas law. The TSRA supports all NRA-identified issues but has successfully taken-on Texas-only related issues.

She just completed her 7th legislative session and looks forward to the coming primary elections, whenever they are! Life is never dull around the Legislature.

The meeting will be held at the Doss Heritage Center in Weatherford on Thursday, April 12th at 11:30. Luncheon is $15.00.

Parker County Republican Women is an active, patriotic, vibrant organization eager to grow and make a difference. For information about our organization, please go to http://www.parkercorepublicanwomen.org.

To make a luncheon reservation, please call Sonja Davis 817-443-3870 or e-mail parkercorepublicanwomenrsvp@gmail.com

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