Conley disputes validity of petition, by Carla Noah Stutsman, April 04, 2012

George Conley

George Conley, Parker County Precinct One Commissioner, says the petition filed by his opponent in the upcoming Republican primary election is not valid.

Jon Moffett filed a petition containing the signatures of 150 citizens in lieu of paying a $750 filing fee to run for the seat.

According to state law, Moffett needed a minimum of 120 registered voters to sign the petition in order to qualify.

But Conley, after studying the petition, says Moffett’s petition is “deficient.”

A letter from Conley’s attorney, Kent S. Hofmeister, to Zan Prince, Parker County Republican Party Chair, claims that approximately 25 of the signatures on Moffett’s petition are from individuals who are not registered voters or cannot be identified as registered voters in Parker County.

Six of the signatures contain birth dates that conflict with Parker County voter registration records, according to the letter; two do not contain the signer’s voter registration number or date of birth; seven have only partial addresses; and three are signed by individuals who did not reside in Precinct One at the time of signing.

The letter also alleges that information required by law to be contained at the top of every page is either missing, incomplete or incorrect on two of the petition’s pages, invalidating all the signatures on those two pages.

Finally, the letter asks Prince to reject Moffett’s application and to omit his name from the ballot in the primary election.

Jon Moffett

Moffett says he’s disappointed in Conley.

“George has always been a great guy, as far as I’m concerned – he’s always shaken my hand, asked about my family – just a great guy every time I see him,” Moffett said on Tuesday. “It’s really disheartening to me that he would do this. I feel he’s disenfranchising the voters.”

Moffett said as far as he has been told by Prince, there are enough valid signatures on his petition to qualify him for the election.

“Unless or until she tells me otherwise, I’m just going to keep pressing onward,” he said.

Moffett said when he learned of Conley’s allegations, he went over the petition signatures again, and he did find one mistake in which a young man who signed the petition said he was a registered voter but turned out not to be.

Prince could not be reached for comment by press time on Tuesday.


A comment from Jon ~

As many of you know by now, Commissioner Conley has challenged the validity of the signatures on my petitions for a place on the ballot. I chose to use this method instead of paying the $750 to be on the ballot. It was better stewardship of the money entrusted to me by my donors and it gave me an opportunity to meet you the voters of Precinct One.

Please know that the petitions have been validated by the Parker County Republican Party Chair and I will keep pressimg on with my campaign.

In response to the allegations made by Commissioner Conley, I am extremely disappointed that he would chose to try and disenfranchise the voters of Precinct One. He has stated on many occasions that he would stand on his record while serving as commissioner for over the past 3 plus years.

He is now choosing to keep that record from becoming public. His record of higher taxes and trampling on your private property rights is coming out. He can no longer hide from that fact.

I promise to continue to fight the good fight and spread my message of LOWER TAXES, PROTECTING PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS and LOOKING TO THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTY.

4 responses

  1. Nancy Lynn McCulloch Linde

    George Conley is an upstanding person and has done his job very well. Conley has come and fixed problems left behind by the previous commissioner. He has always been friendly and does check out complaints as soon as he hears about them. I would vote for George Conley anytime.

    Nancy McCulloch Linde/ Precinct 1

  2. Jack C. Pickard

    It is ashamed that a Parker County Politician lowers the level of a campaign by such tactics. George show us the proof! Jon hang in their and continue to tell it like it is. So far the gentlemen in the precinct 3 race have all kept it a clean race and about the issues, I am proud of them for doing that. George Conley in Precinct One, you should learn from the rest of the slate, that is the type of race that the people of Parker County want, informative without insults and unfounded accusations.

  3. Jack C. Pickard

    Springtown, Carla did you investigate the petition yourself and find any invalid names on it besides the one name that Jon found, that is what a real investigative reporter does and then completes the story before releasing it.

  4. Invalid petitions and voter box fraud are standard operating practices of the Zanmeister.

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