More accusations of wrongdoing by Animal Shelter Management

by Judith Fairly –  I have spoken with eyewitnesses to abuse of power at the shelter by Dianne Daniels, to those who have first-hand knowledge of shelter staff stealing food and other donated goods, of shelter staff playing games on their computers, never knowing what animals were in the kennels or interacting with any of those in the shelter’s “care” (and I use that term loosely), of a shelter employee forging the vet’s signature for prescription drugs. They saw shelter employees shut down early when there were people wanting to adopt animals. I am quite certain that Barbara Pursley would be willing to testify that Dianne Daniels told her that she killed — NOT “humanely euthanized” — those puppies before Christmas to “assert her authority” at the shelter.

Barbara has earned the respect of the community by her good works without ever asking for recognition. On the other hand, everyone I have spoken with in the community who has ever visited the shelter has had a negative experience with Dianne Daniels. When a specious claim was made against the shelter vet, she was suspended immediately while those charges were investigated. But the City has never troubled itself to investigate any of the allegations made by eyewitnesses, even those that involve broken laws.

Barbara Pursley will tell you that, after Ft. Worth took other dogs to the PetSmart adoptions, people who came to adopt Christmas pets found empty kennels instead. These were healthy animals who had been vetted and vaccinated in preparation for adoption and they were killed by Dianne Daniels. Ms. Webster, surely you understand the difference between euthanizing a sick or unadoptable animal for humane reasons and killing a healthy puppy to terrorize a group of volunteers –then GLOATING about it. Those are the actions of a sociopath, but the City does nothing.

It’s disgraceful that Dianne Daniels, who has demonstrated such a reckless and immoral disregard for living, breathing animals and a contemptible inability to run a shelter without abusing volunteers or side-stepping acceptable standards of practice is being protected by the City Manager. Why doesn’t he hold her accountable or, failing that, fall on his own sword?

I’m told that there was an effort in the works to have a group from outside do an audit of the shelter that made its way to the desk of an HR person at the City who has since retired. We in the community wholly support an outside audit of the shelter since the City is clearly incapable of policing itself.

The City Manager has miscalculated the depth of our anger in the community and we are not going away until every last person at the City is held accountable. We see now how the City handles a crisis like this, how it evades responsibility, refuses to answer citizen’s questions, and hopes if it stonewalls us long enough, we will give up and go away. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead) The City believes it’s about saving face instead of saving lives.

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  1. Senator-Blutarksy

    Finally…the references my sources got back to me about this Diane Daniels , all seem to ring true.

    I hereby demand the resignation of Blaisdell, Hayes, Bates, and Daniels. The City Council reading this should be advised that anything less will not be acceptable.

    Until we clean house with those responsible for the shelter, we will never make true progress, for the animals entrusted to the care therein. This is totally dispassionate and impersonal . It is performance and results. Evidently, even punishable crimes have been committed. The Nuremberg defense will not work here either.

    Note to Eric M – i will email you – lets do coffee soon

    1. Senator Blutarsky – Lenny has my email address if you need it. I look forward to our conversation.

      1. Concerned Citizen

        Here the thing… what and better yet, WHO is going to take the helm when these folks are gone? What plan is in place to fix righted wrongs? What happens to the sheltor if all the ones working there now suddenly are gone? I hope minimum that something is planned for the betterment of this sheltor once its cleaned up? Does anyone know.
        Its fine and dandy to clean house, but what are the plans for the after? Hoping someone can answer this? Thanks.

  2. There is such an abuse of power in Weatherford
    I agree there needs to be a house cleaning and soon.
    How can anyone let an organization like
    Parker Paws walk along with it’s countless volunteers and 70,000 in donations. The City
    refuses to hold the source of the controversy
    Diane Daniels accountable for mismanagent
    of the shelter.
    Something is very wrong here.

  3. Amy Fortenberry

    I will gladly take a seat to help Parker county out, it would seem that anyone can hold these positions so show me the way I will do it. I dont have any shame or fear as well as I can hold my own when it comes to making descions when it comes down to fairness. So tell me when and wear, I will be there with a pretty little dress on.

  4. Amy Fortenberry

    I really shouldn’t be doing replies in a fast motion due to the fact I look goofy spelling the word wear for what should of been where…laughs oh well that whole post full of ugly typos I will proudly admit it 🙂

  5. Dear Concerned Citizen:

    Maybe they can’t clean house all at once. But allowing paid employees to do what they want, when they want, without having to follow written policies, or without having any supervision over them, as you see created a huge mess. This has become an embarrassing mess for the city. Had those in charge been doing their jobs, this would have never happened. Someone needs to be accountable and someone needs to take responsibility for it. Being a Celebrity Apprentice fan, I will go so far as to say someone and perhaps more than one person needs to be fired for it. There must be consequences. Sometimes those consequences are serious. I see no action taken besides a director who took a paid leave of absence. When I tried to ask what type of paid leave this was, I was told at the March 27 city council meeting that it was a personal leave. When open records were requested it was an Administrative Leave and Workman’s comp claims were filed. So which is the truth? I think the citizens, at the very least, deserve the truth, don’t you?

    It’s time for change. Major change in the way this shelter is being run. I think it’s time for an animal shelter audit to be done by U C Davis or Cornell Univ. or other qualified group who has experience with shelter mgmnt. Our current city officials may love their pets, but they are just simply not qualified to clean this up. Running a shelter is way different than working with Utilities. Their are animals there, not just numbers and statistics, but live breathing animals there that need this fixed. Many are dying for no fault of their own.

    Lee Ann Adams
    Support No Kill… will save lives and money.

  6. It is interesting how many of the council members and mayor have said they have pets and are animal lovers. Michael Vick had dogs too……………………….

  7. There is something that can be done to improve the situation at the city concerning the animal shelter and a list of other citizens complaints. Three citizens have steped up and offered their service to do just that very thing. Three incumbents can be removed in this upcomming city election and it is way past time for them to go. The challengers motives are exaclty what is needed and been missing at our city. This is the last election in which that much change in leadership can be accomplished. The incumbents participated and managed to get amendments to our charter in the last election to accomplish this change. It also gave 3 year terms on the council. It was a thinly disguised effort to limit the citizens ability to make significant change in one election to our council. The public was hoodwinked and told the changes were just typos and minor changes. The city manager was also given a lot more authority over the city’s administration and even the council’s ability to interact with department heads at the city. WE citizens need to be very careful how much power and authority is given to elected officials as well. Whenever the term “continunity” is used by those in elected positions be very careful. What that can actually mean is a way to stay in power longer without having to meet a re-election challenge. It can seriously reduce the ability of the voters to choose their leaders and remove those who have proven to be unsatisfactiory. Just go vote! Protect your civil liberities. If you do not vote you must indure what is being done to you and know you could have made it stop.

  8. With all of the negative publicity that city government has received in news publications and social media you would have thought they would have acted quickly and boldly. Instead the city council apparently waited things out, hoping things would quiet down before election time. Now, however, they are making promises of improvement. Promises of new management, promises of a new volunteer program, promises, promises, promises. It appears to be nothing more than a new political strategy: hold out a carrot until the elections are over. If the incumbents win, then they can withdraw their plans and go back to business as usual.
    Until things at the shelter are actually improved, it’s just a lot of hot air! The promises made a month before the elections could have been made and implemented a month or two ago. For that matter, if officials hadn’t had their heads so far up their butts the problems at the shelter may not have happened at all. All of the incumbents: hooks, hamilton and wilder have to go, then, if they love animals as much as they claim, they will have more free time to volunteer at the shelter they had a hand in fouling up!!!

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