City Council responsible to voters for conditions at “Shelter”

by Senator-Blutarsky

Weatherford City Hall

Blaisdell serves ” at the pleasure of the City Council”…… evaluation of this whole sordid situation is – Blaisdell should resign, just ahead of City Council firing him.

I do not say this lightly.

I have spoken with many well-informed citizens on the shelter issues . The buck stops with Blaisdell, his assistant, (and I understand Steve Bates has been reassigned (?).

We have a city council tangled up with ” paralysis by analysis” – all these months and we cannot correct these issues ? We have numerous “volunteers” who have been scolded, treated poorly, and suffered numerous indignities.

No spirit of cooperation, of positive improvements, or of cooperation.

A clear message needs to be sent by the Mayor and City Council – Blaisdell and his assistant should be removed immediately. The situation should NEVER have deteriorated to what we find today.


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  1. I am moving my post from yesterday evening since Lenny has been kind enough to put this issue on the front page of his blog site and place Blutarsky’s comment there.

    Eric Matthews March 29, 2012 at 4:59 am | Reply
    Blutarsky – I will not allow you to malign the honor and integrity of Assistant City Manager Sharon Hayes by suggesting she holds any blame in the improper handling of this matter. You need to read the new City Charter that was voted on and approved by 7% of Weatherford’s population that voted in the November 2010 election. Then you need to ask yourself where was I (Blutarsky) when the City Manager and his other Assistant City Manager, Robert Hanna were beating the bushes telling everyone why changing the City Charter was such a great idea. I’ll tell you why it was changed. It was to preclude your elected officials (the city council) from directly approaching City Staff without first going through the City Manager. Where was your tenacious review and outrage at the language contained in that new charter before it was ratified by the voters? Did anyone else on here who is complaining about the shelter speak out against the language contained in the New Charter before it was ratified? Did anyone even read it before they voted on it? If you did speak out! No my friend the City Manager in accordance with the language contained within the City Charter is accountable for everything his staff did and failed to do. The buck stops with him as the City Manager for how the mission given to him by the Council was accomplished. He asked for that power when the new Charter was ratified and with power comes responsibility and ultimately accountability to the citizens of Weatherford.(well not all the citizens)(only the 7 % that care enough to vote and be involved in what goes on in their City with their tax dollars). Sharon Hayes, the assistant city manager was assigned the duty of investigating the matter and was not privy to how the shelter was being managed. Do you know what Sharon Hayes primary duty has been while at the City? No you probably don’t because like others on this blog you do not care enough to be involved in how your City is run. The only time you care to speak out is when a problem that has been festering for years finally blows up in your faces and becomes a crises. Sharon Hayes primary duty has been Director of Utilities until recently when she had to take on Robert Hanna’s responsibilities as Assistant City Manager when Robert was hired by another City to be their City Manager. You know why you always have electricity and water in your homes and businesses here in Weatherford without a single power outage or loss of water it is because of her Leadership while the Director of Utilities and her excellent staff and City Employees at the Utility Dept. So I take personal offense to you or anyone on this blog trying to drag her in this quagmire by suggesting she suffer the same fate of those who are alleged to have improperly managed the shelter.
    Now let’s get back to the meat and potatoes here…. The City Manager answers to the City Council and the Council answer to the voters of Weatherford. So there is an inherent expectation that since the Council answer to the people of Weatherford the Council has the duty to be asking questions and making inquires on a frequent basis of the City Manager on how the City is running. And if they are not asking those inquiring questions of their manager and having their Manager take them on visits to his various City Departments on a frequent basis so they may provide you the citizens an accurate report on how the City is doing then they (the City Council) are improperly executing their duties of which you the citizens appointed them to do. Then you the Citizens must decide at the ballot box whether they will stay or go. AND IF YOU DON’T VOTE THEN YOU HAVE NO REASON TO COMPLAIN!!!!!
    That being said lets peel back the final layer of the onion here by asking one question? Who is ultimately responsible for this problem reaching crises levels??? I’ll give you one clue…..who has the real power here? The People!!!!!! Then wouldn’t you say that when you are to lazy to be involved in your City Government and go vote then the true culprit is you Mr /Mrs Joe Apathy Citizen!
    Hopefully my point was crystal clear here! I guess we will see when the votes are tallied in May in your City Council Race!

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      cool Eric – and I will post my earlier reply to you-


      no one here ( certainly not me), that I have read has maligned anyones “honor and integrity” – where are you getting that implication?

      You can bet your bottom dollar I am calling out the COMPETENCY of city employees who have FAILED IN THEIR STEWARDSHIP, of issues at the shelter and the wanton destruction and care of the animals for which they have STEWARDSHIP.

      When a situation goes down the tubes, management has to bear culpability. I have very credible information that the city manager, the assistant, and Bates all made decisions contrary to the best interest of the animals, the volunteers, the public in general, as well as violated and/or circumvented correct procedures.

      Competent management would see problems develop and take corrective action. INcompetent managment allows problems to fester, to ignore them, and to fail. This situation has “festered” and worsened, and for months.

      When the animals are not even FED, when diseased animals are sent to homes, when 30 or so Christmas puppies are nuked (for spite I am told by trusted sources), when an entire volunteer organization is run off, we have incompetence and indifference.

      And Eric – this argument by you above is also specious – “I’ll give you one clue…..who has the real power here? The People!!!!!! ”

      You can rest assured many many “people” have been involved, have addressed the issues, voiced their frustrations for MONTHS, have sought corrective actions, and basically very little has been changed or corrected to the benefit of the animals. Just lots of “paralysis by analysis”, in my opinion.

      When I call for the resignation of the city manager, his assistant, and Bates I do so because of their obvious indifference and painfully clear incompetence. I am not now, nor have I challenged or impugned anyones ” honor and integrity”, in this issue as your post above wants to baselessly imply

  2. I am inserting some key quotes out of Mr. Blutarsky’s rebuttal to my above comments.

    {And Eric – this argument by you above is also specious – “I’ll give you one clue…..who has the real power here? The People!!!!!! ”} – Blutarsky

    {You can rest assured many many “people” have been involved, have addressed the issues, voiced their frustrations for MONTHS, have sought corrective actions, and basically very little has been changed or corrected to the benefit of the animals. Just lots of “paralysis by analysis”, in my opinion.} – Blutarsky

    {When I call for the resignation of the city manager, his assistant, and Bates I do so because of their obvious indifference and painfully clear incompetence. I am not now, nor have I challenged or impugned anyones ” honor and integrity”, in this issue as your post above wants to baselessly imply.} – Blutarsky

    Now to address Mr. Blutarsky’s key quotes out of his rebuttal to my above as they appear here….

    Feel free to reference the City Charter and amendments that the 7% who voted in the Novmber 2010 Election here approved. Here’s the link off the City Website

    (1) My rebuttal of your first quote above that I pulled from your post: A historical note taken directly out of the first few pages of Weatherford’s Charter….{Weatherford, by its action in 1918, changed from being what is now called “general law city” to being a “home rule city”. According to the Texas Home Rule Statute (V.T.C.A., Government Code ch.9), a city may become a home rule city by having an election at which a majority of the voters approve the “home rule charter”. Under the provisions of Art. 974a, a home rule city has very broad powers. It can do many things. The only powers that it does not have are those powers expressly forbidden or restricted by state law, and those powers forbidden or restricted by the Charter itself.} One other note…Weatherford has elected to use the Council – Manager form of Government.

    Council – Manager form of Government: The council–manager government form is one of two predominant forms of municipal government in the United States; the other common form of local government is the mayor-council government form, which characteristically occurs in large cities. Under the council–manager form of government for municipalities, the elected governing body (commonly called a city council, city commission, or board of selectmen) is responsible for the legislative function of the municipality such as establishing policy, passing local ordinances, voting appropriations, and developing an overall vision. The legislative body (the City Council), which is voted into office by public elections, appoints a professional manager to oversee the administrative operations, implement its policies, and advise it. The position of “mayor” present in this type of legislative body is a largely ceremonial title, and may be selected by the council from among its members or elected as an at-large council member with no executive functions. The city manager position in this form of municipal government is similar to that of corporate chief executive officer (CEO), providing professional management to the board of directors. Council–manager government is much like a publicly-traded corporation. In a corporation, the board of directors appoints a CEO, makes major decisions and wields representative power on behalf of shareholders. In council–manager government, the elected council appoints a city manager, makes major decisions, and wields representative power on behalf of the citizens.

    Home Rule City definition: Home rule cities are those cities which have adopted a home rule charter for their local self governance. The citizens of a home rule city are free to choose their own form of municipal government, choose between a large or small city council, fix the terms of office of council members, decide on the method of election of the Mayor, provide for creation of more boards and commissions which they feel is essential for proper city functioning, etc. In US, most of the states have home rule cities. For example Michigan legislature has enacted the Home Rule City Act which provides the frame work by which a new city can become incorporated and have its own government, by adopting a city charter. In Texas, a city with more than 5,000 people can choose to become a home rule city. The home rule city can take any actions which are not prohibited by the state or federal laws and the constitution of US and Texas. Home rule cities are not burdened by the limitations of Dillon’s rule which is a doctrine that says that a unit of local government may exercise only those powers that the state expressly grants to it.

    (1) Now to address my rebuttal to the first quote I pulled from Blutarsky’s rebuttal of my previous post. First let me give you the definition of “specious” {having a false look of truth or genuineness}. Blutarsky – Now after reading the type of Government the City of Weatherford has above, whose comments are specious here?

    (2) My rebuttal of your second quote above that I pulled from your post: You said many people have been involved in addressing the problems with the Shelter for months. Well my friend you missed the point of my previous blog….obviously these problems that have reached crises status are all apart of the same basic problem that has gone on for years. You want to know what that problem is……the failure of the people to hold the Council accountable in the performance of their duties by not caring enough to be involved in what goes on in their City and by not voting at Election time. The people have allowed their power under our Home Rule form of Government to be taken by the Council because they are not involved in their City and only 7 % of the population gets out and votes. If I am a leader and my boss isn’t holding me accountable for my actions then your darn right I am going to do what I want to do. The council works for the people not vice-versa. It’s time for the real “Boss” here to get involved and do thier jobs. If the real boss here doens’t like how their company is being managed then he/she needs to vote folks out of office and replace them with new leaders.

    (3) My rebuttal of your third quote – you have impugned the ” honor and integrity” of the Assistant City Manager Sharon Hayes when you place her in the same box you are trying to place those responsible for the problem in. Sharon Hayes has done many great things for this City during her long tenure as an employee and as I stated in my previous post the City has never been without water or electicity while she has been in charge of the Utility Department. She is the investigator here not the culprit and she answers to the City Manager so you need to place the onus on the City Manager not her.

    Bottom line…I love animals matter of fact my wife and I rescued and adopted a 3 month old teacup Chihuahua off the streets of Weatherford about a year ago that was malnourished from lack of food and water and had a bad case of ringworm, who my wife was told by a animal shelter employee would be euthanized if we left him at the shelter. After several visits to the Veternarian he is one of the healthiest, good looking, lovable dogs you could ever own. I’m sharing this story with you because I certainly don’t want to demean the hard work and dedication of the volunteers here and I am not saying a problem does not exist either, I am saying that the volunteers and all those who have experienced problems here need to be talking to the “Real Boss” the people in order to get the problem solved. There are way to many times I hear from folks that “oh I live in the County and this is a City problem” ….my thoughts when they make that comment are REALLY? How about picking up the telephone and talking with their friends and neighbors that live in the City and get them involved in the situation. How about going out and knocking doors in the City and telling your story to the people of Weatherford, reminding them to vote, and giving them a ride to the polls to make sure they vote if needed. I can guarantee you that if the + 28,000 plus people that live in Weatherford understood how their Government worked and got out and voted we would not be on this blog having this discussion now would we?

    You see my friend…making a difference in your personal lifestyle and Government starts at the local level by the people. If you are holding your elected officals accountable at the local level then your taxes are low, your utility rates are low, you have well maintained streets, your personal businesses can grow and flourish, and you have a safe place to live and raise your children. You may not be able to control what happens at the National level in our Country but you can at least lessen the impact of their stupidity by focusing your efforts and involvement on the local level.

    Food for thought….Don’t wear blinders or narrow your vision because a particular problem may not be affecting you at a particular time. Just because you work in sales and marketing in a company don’t narrow your vision to just sales and marketing. It takes all the parts and pieces of a company working together in unison for that company to be successful. The City of Weatherford is your “Company” get involved in all the parts and peices of the company if you want it to function properly.

    Hopefully I’ve armed folks with the tools they need to solve this problem.


    Eric Matthews
    Former Weatherford City Councilman Place 2

    1. I don’t know about Senator Blutarsky, Mr. Matthews, but as a County resident, I have no say in City politics. I do vote in County elections and am pleased with my Commissioner, John Roth. Because the animals shelter is funded primarily by County residents, however, we do have a say about how that facility is run.

      At the City Council meeting on March 27th, the City Manager said that he had delegated responsibility to Ms. Hayes for the animal shelter, suggesting that she still answers to him. Ms. Hayes seems like a nice person. I have met with her, and exchanged emails and phone calls with her. I’m told that she does an excellent job with the utilities — again, I live in the County so I wouldn’t know — and I’m baffled by the City’s habit of shuffling city employees from one position to another as if they’re interchangeable. Ms. Hayes will tell you she knows nothing about running an animal shelter, and, based on her expressed views on standards of animal care and Mr. Blaisdell’s comment that she still answers to him — I don’t think she is the proper person for the job.

      Perhaps the Senator was merely suggesting that someone else be put in charge of the shelter — someone with compassion for all the animals that are dying while city bureaucrats stake out turf and refuse to answer simple questions put to them by the residents who pay their salaries.

  3. Thank you mr. matthews for your defense of Sharon Hayes. You are completely correct. She has not been involved in the oversight or management of the animal shelter at all. This has been handed to her cold. She will use her strong management and people skills and work out a good solution to the disaster of an animal shelter. She is constrained in her authority to make decisions and her actions by the city manager. The meeting last Tues. nite in city council was a warning from citizens in the city and the county to the current incumbents on the council. The incumbents have lost the confidence of the voters. The city manager was accused publicly of an inappropriate relationship with the city employee running the shelter. The implication was that that was part of the reason for the out of control actions of the staff. It implies job protection no matter what is done on the job. That is completely unacceptable by any standards you care to use. The current council is obligated to correct this situation now. Fortunately there is soon to be a way the citizens can take control of their government by ballot. It is past time for this to happen in our town.

    1. I personally witnessed the appaling, repugnant and disgraceful display put on by the Reform Shelter Group at the last City Council Meeting. For the last three City Council Meetings I have listened to their complaints and not once have they offered any concrete proof of their allegations. They have repeated rumors and made unsubstantiated allegations. It would appear as if they believe if something is repeated often enough it will become the truth. I suggest that all read the Bible: Lev. 19, Psa. 50, Prov. 11, Prov. 20, and Ezek. 22.

      1. Ms. Webster everyone has a right to blog as they choose. If you have attended 3 concil meetings that is nice. The only thing is you must have been wearing blinders and ear plugs. The volunteers and concerned citizens have been offering proof of their allegations and solutions to their complaints from the beginning. Their first hand experiences speak volumes. Have you ever been to the shelter since the current person has been in charge. I think not. Whatever your position is with the city or ect. you need to rid your mind of your favortism and deliberate blindness. Offering a bible lesson is just plain arrogant. Are you a counslor or minister? This sitiuation is not among children, these are badly behaving adults who are at the root of this scandal. The responsibility to clean this up and correct the bad situation at the shelter lies squarely with the city council.. The city manager is disiplined and hired and fired at the pleasure of the city council.

      2. Watcher –

        Ms. Webster is a continual presence at the shelter, even as the volunteer ban is in place, with the obvious blessing of staff and management. She constantly berates volunteers and the reform group, siding with the city for her own agenda.
        Just two weeks ago, while at the shelter I observed her leaving Building “B” as I was entering “A.” After entering the building, I watched her as she studied me. Not long afterward an ACO entered the “A.” He looked briefly at me before entering the puppy room, which I had previously noticed was totally empty. A minuted or two later he emerged and walked past me. I greeted him as he passed me and left by the back door. The staff had clearly been “tipped off” to the presence of a former volunteer.
        Ms. Webster is the eyes and ears of shelter staff and their handlers. She will criticize those trying to help and support those in charge. In my opinion, she may as well be a paid employee.

      3. The only disgraceful conduct I’ve witnessed at the City Council meetings, Ms. Webster, is that of people who condone and make excuses for killing healthy, adoptable animals while pretending to be their voice. Your self-righteousness is misplaced and your biblical reference a measure of your hubris. I’m not accustomed to Bible Belt politics, but didn’t Christ say, “whatsoever you do to the least among us, so you do unto me?”

        As for “concrete proof” — what would you call eyewitness accounts, Ms. Webster? I have yet to hear you speak a word in defense of the animals at the shelter, and that’s what this is about, not your cozy relationship with City officials. If anyone should be ashamed, it’s you. I share Mr. Wilfer’s concern about your activities at the the shelter.

      4. Judy’s words, “I have noticed your group has begun to use such words as kill, murder, slaughter, rather than the correct term of humane euthanasia.”

        Judy, Judy, Judy –
        I have a question for you Judy. Which dog is “deader”- the one that has been killed, or the one that has been “humanely euthanized” ???

        I doubt seriously if your semantics is a matter of importance to the totally innocent and helpless dog that is about to be unnecessarily killed!

        While you are busily defending the indefensible, more helpless animals are being SLAUGHTERED!

        Why? – I was hoping you could tell us with some degree of intellect and believability.

      5. My Dear Child – Semantics is extremely important in any discussion. Take for instance the word puppy – ahh, it congures up an image of a cute, furry, little dog rolling around playing with their littermates. Did you see the “Christmas puppies”? I did. Some had been dipped for what the resident vet said was ringworm. Ringworm can only be determined with any degree of certainty with a test and not by sight. Ask your vet. These were not cute little fuzzy puppies, but were half grown, large dogs with missing hair. The average adopter would not have considered adopting these dogs. Maybe eventually they could have been sent to rescue. Did they deserve to live? Of course! Another term so freely used is “fully vetted”. This is a misnomer. While the dogs may have had a provo/distemper injection, they did not have a blood test, or any other diagnosis test done, and to my knowledge were not spayed or neutered. Semantics important? Yes!

      6. When you resort to lying, Ms. Webster, you should know you’ve lost the debate. Shame on you.

      7. This is the truth Judith, difficult for you to hear, I suppose.

      8. And I have spoken to many people who will contradict your account. What is difficult is hearing people lie while animals die.

      9. Perhaps you would like to have these people personally post their “observations” on this blog.

      10. Mark – Perhaps there is something about me you should know. I have five little dogs, all the city will allow. All of these precious little ones came from the Weatherford Shelter. All were very old when they came home with me, and suffer from various health issues. The last one came to me with an enlarged heart and a cancerous tumor in his chest. At times it is a struggle to pay their vet bills, but I manage because I love them very much. All of these little ones were “unadoptable” to the average person. They deserve to live out their lives in comfort and peace. I cannot take every one and neither can you, and yes, sometimes I come home from the shelter in tears because I can’t save them. What are your solutions? I would be most interested.

      11. Had you attended the No Kill workshop, you would have learned that there are a number of alternatives to killing animals at the shelter. That’s the problem with those of you who haven’t evolved with the times. The other is that you don’t listen.

      12. If you had communicated with Lee Ann then you would have known that I was attending my nephew’s funeral. So quick to judge ———-

      13. Educate yourself, then. There are plenty of opportunities for that.

      14. To clarify regarding the puppies added to the euthanasia list for Dec. 20. There was in fact a litter of 5 puppies which had ringworm when they were brought in by Animal Control. They were kept isolated and were treated by Dr. Kaiser, her staff at the low-cost clinics, and Parker Paws volunteers at a very minimal cost and were healthy when made available for adoption on December 17. The treatment involved a smelly sulphur-based bath, and D. Daniel objected to the smell during the treatment (in the surgical room). Other than their initial treatment when they arrived, we performed these treatments on Mondays after our low-cost clinics so did not involve shelter staff. The treatment was successful. All but one of the 5 puppies were euthanized per D. Daniel’s list on Dec. 20. The one she allowed to live was adopted.

        Many of the other puppies added to the euthanasia list were 8-10 week old puppies.

      15. And yes, the shelter veterinarian, Dr. Kaiser, did test the dogs for ringworm. She’s a licensed vet and knows how to perform skin scrapings and other diagnostics.

      16. I never said the ringworm puppies were 8-10 weeks. So much mis-information here. Here’s the crux: a list was made for euthanasia to provide the required number of empty kennels. The list was amended, D. Daniel told me it was to assert her authority. It wasn’t because Springtown was bringing dogs, it wasn’t because they were ill, it wasn’t after Christmas – it was the week the school children were out of school and there were more than the usual number of potential adopters, it wasn’t because there were adoptable dogs to take their place.

      17. Ms. Webster,

        I can not control every person who speaks out at city council, so it’s silly of you to judge a group of concerned citizens. Just like you jumped to conclusions that I was part of Parker Paws, you are now jumping to conclusions that any person who speaks out with a complaint at a public meeting is part of some conspiracy group or whatever. I think the Mayor made it very clear by numerous responses he offered (without answers I might add) that there are numerous problems and he stated on record he holds the City Mgr. accountable. Funny thing about government and businesses alike. Someone ultimately is responsible like it or not. And they do have written policy they are NOT following. I know, I asked for those public records and read them.

        Lee Ann Adams

  4. Senator-Blutarksy


    Right now, I just really dont care about water and utilities……or about the city charter back in 1918, or the voter turnout % or anything else.

    I am addressing the abuse and neglect and bad track record of a shelter. I have not seen anything PROactive done, only REactive defense, “raionalizations” & “justifications”. ( as have many many others)

    Your bud may be great on many issues – on this one, not so much. She has been in charge of utilities, etc. for the City for many many years but has no experience with a shelter.

    Hayes went to the No Kill workshop along with about 7 former Parker Paws volunteers on March 10 — those volunteers came back all fired up and full of knowledge, convinced that our shelter can go No Kill NOW — but Hayes has given no indication that it had any impact on her. Like Blaisdell, she says that she wants to work with people “who want to work with me,” — she has been clearly told that “working with me” does not mean “falling in line.” She had a meeting with volunteers and came away thinking that this was her “core group” who are going to be her little cadre of insiders who will help fix the shelter; those volunteers, however, came away thinking that nothing is going to change.

    There is the problem – attitude at the top on this issue. in my considered opinion, that will not change and dismissal is the only remedy. You really have not offered anything constructive to this issue – what do you want done and who should be held accountable, and I dont mean 3months-6months down the road !

    What has changed since the No Kill workshop on March 10?
    Answer me that –

    Are you more interested in defending Hayes, or in fixing the shelter ?

    I have no problem calling out any one in any position, and its all impersonal and dispassionate. Or as Sgt Joe Friday would say ” just the facts, ma’am…”

  5. Senator-Blutarsky, You seem to be collecting your “information” about the shelter from all the wrong places. If you were a serious poster, you would leave your legal name and the source, or sources of your information. However like most of the complainers you hide behind a false front.

  6. Blutarsky- once again you missed the point I was making with this whole issue.

    I get tired of people telling me they live in the County and have no say on City politics. I wished I could say that because I live in the City of Weatherford I don’t care about what the County does but that is not how the system works. You may live in the County but you do have influence on your friends that live in the City. Or you can at least make an effort to knock doors in the City and educate the people of Weatherford on what is going on with the shelter and that they need to go to the City Council Meetings and comfront the City Council and if they don’t get the answers they like then vote them out of office in May. You can even offer a Weatherford voter a ride to the polling place just to ensure they vote. This is how you fix the problem.

    Blutarsky – your gutless, a pessimist, a complainer, and to lazy to crawl out of your computer cave and make a difference.

    The difference between me and you is I have had the courage to run for City Council and win, and I have served in other volunteer capacities in my community, and I have served my Country by putting my life on the line for 18 months in a combat zone. The difference between me and you can be summed up in two words Selfless Service.

    So I wash my hands of you and others who don’t vote, don’t care about the City because they live in the County, and always are quick to complain of the problems but never give solutions.

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      I see you failed to address my questions….typical. And I hope your arm does not hurt from patting yourself on the back. FYI – I live in the county, but i worked FOR your election and re-election and stirred up a few hornets nests on your behalf, with misplaced signage and other issues, all in an election in which i could not participate. So do not wrap that flag so tight or pat yourself on the back quite so hard – you dont pack the gear, son.

      Call me whatever you wish and however totally unsubstantiated . Others here know I was the first to speak at County budget meetings, at the TexDot public hearing on the toll road nonsense. I participate and attend what i can. i have also served as a Pct Chairman in my district.

      Also, you make an emotional conclusion that I, and others, do not vote or participate, as if you have some moral high ground.

      Your name-calling and baseless assumptions and emotional rant, show your true colors . Shakespeare would say ” me thinks one doth protest too much..”- is the issue Ms Hayes or the shelters’ disgusting state of affairs? What is YOUR agenda, Mr Matthews?

      or – Socrates said, “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

      I can assume you have nothing constructive to add to the shelter issue?


      1. So let me get this straight. The shelter situation is, in a nutshell, the fault of w’ford voters? Why didn’t they just tell us this back in January so we could understand it. And apparently as a county resident I am equally at fault. I should never have volunteered at the shelter since I’m such a bad person.

        Let me just apologize right now for the problems I apparently created.

        The attitude represnted by Mr. Matthews’ remarks are typical of those we have run into while dealing with city government. Blame the voters, blame county residents, blame the volunteers, but never, ever hold those responsible to task and never, under any circumstances address the issue directly.

      2. Blutarsky – my bad. I don’t know you by your real name because you haven’t shared that with me. I might have been partially wrong on the label I placed on you but I do think you lack faith and hope in tomorrow or our future as a Nation.

        I thought I did answer your questions. Let me restate my answers:

        (1). The people of Weatherford can fix this problem. By packing out the Council chambers; by picketing City Hall in a lawful manner; by calling the members of the Council and voicing their complaints; by organizing at the grass roots level and getting 28000 people out to vote in the City Election in May (or at least 2000 voting in the City election would be better than the 1100 that usually vote at the polls in the City Council race) and voting the incumbents out of office if the people don’t like how their City is being run; by assisting those who are running against the incumbents with their campaigns. This problem will not be fixed overnight. And it may not certainly be fixed in the manner in which you wish it. You know why, because the people have delegated their power to the Council by not voting at election time and not holding their Council Members accountable.

        Mr. Wilfer – I appreciate your volunteer service to the Shelter and our Community and I am certainly not in any way trying to be unappreciative or dishonoring to you or any of the other shelter volunteers. I am trying to arm you with the proper weapons to fight this battle if indeed you are willing to take up those weapons and win the battle you are fighting.

        Guess what there are three council members up for re-election here in May. That means that 60% of the Council can be changed by May. That means having 3 Council Members all working in the same direction and voting on issues in the same manner would be a majority consensus on the Council and could change the face of Weatherford literally overnight. Do you understand what kind of power that is?

        So again the answer to your problem is ensuring that the 3 incumbents do not get reelected If the are not solving the problems as they relate to the shelter to your satisfaction. If they get reelected they will be in office for another 3 years. In the meantime if you believe the City Manager holds partial responsibility for the problems at the shelter then ask for his resignation.

      3. I, as well as other volunteers, HAVE been fighting this SINCE LATE DECEMBER! We have met repeatedly with city officials who turn a deaf ear or pretend to care and promise things will change if we’re only patient. We have spoken to the press on many occasions and still the honchos are unmoved.

        What we want, no, NEED, are solutions to the shelter problems, not a long-winded civics lesson! Should I find comfort inn the fact that a small portion of the city’s electorate chose the current screwed up form of government? Will knowing weatherford’s system of government ease the knowledge that probably hundreds of potentially adoptable animals have been killed at the shelter because there was little to no effort to get them adopted? The main body volunteers left in December and the few who returned in February were told after three weeks that they could not serve there until the program was restructured. The real issue concerning most of us on this section of the blog is the hundreds of animals in care of the city of weatheford, NOT, I repeat NOT, who will or will not be elected or even the issue voter apathy. People engaged in humanitarian services, like the shelter volunteers, are more concerned with immediate resolution rather than electioneering to see if they can get a (hopefully) less-tyrannical official elected.

        I know I may sound cynical. Guess it’s from my 60+ years experience of political rhetoric spoken only to gain election and party favor, not to benefit to electorate. I lived most of my life in NY and thought that the “Boss Hogg” style of politics was merely television fiction. Well, it’s not! It’s alive and well and thriving right now in weatherford, Texas. I have personally been called a liar by steve bates at the Feb. 1 public meeting when I mentioned the unusually large number of empty kennels a week after the 30+ puppies were massacred for “overcrowded conditions.” Later in that same meeting blaisdell shuffled and blustered and tried various excuses and finger-pointing at former volunteers to deflect criticism aimed at shelter management. Shining examples of small town politics at its worst.

        I love Texas and for the 12 years I lived here I have loved weatherford, but not so much anymore!

        And through it all one statement floats to the surface like a turd. We’ve heard it from blaisdell, wilder and elsewhere: Everybody owns a dog! Yeah? So does that really prove anything? Even Michael Vick owned dogs!

    2. Senator Blutarsky- I hope you will accept my humble apology for letting my emotion overide my logic and result in my unfair labeling of you. Emotion should never be injected into solving a problem because the other party you are attempted to persuade to your line of thinking focuses on the emotion rather than the logic you are attempting to convey to them.

      I hope you can see past my emotion in my previous blogs here and can understand the solution I attempted to give you.

      You stated you were a supporter of mine during my election and reelection campaigns. This must mean that you and I had some common ground we both agreed on with matters as they relate to the City. That being said I would like to meet with you at a time of your convenience and have coffee and further discuss what might be done to reach an amicable solution between all the parties involved as it relates to the animal shelter. Lenny Leatherman has my cell number and is a friend on my Facebook page. You may contact him to get in touch with me. I hope you will accept my offer. I await your response.


      Eric Matthews

  7. Senator-Blutarksy


    I know your response was meant to be directed at eric matthews

    and you stated it well………………Eric is one of those who dance all around the issue rather than addressing it directly

    1. Yep, but I’m glad you read it as well.

  8. I agree with Mr. Mathews about Mrs. Hayes. She was not at all involved with the problems at the animal shelter until MR. Blaisdale dumped it in her lap. She was put in the position of Assit. City Manager after the former Assist. City Manager Robert Hanna left. The conditions he left under were not exactly volunteer. He actively sought another position. Guess he felt the hot wind comming. Mrs. Hayes is really good at her job with the Utility Department and is a through professional. She does have constraints placed upon her by the city manager, who is utimately responsible for the situation at the animal shelter. She should not be tarred with the same brush as the council and Mr. Blaisdale. There are plenty of folks who should have been taking care of this who outrank her. Assistants always are used to dump hot potatoes on in the business world and the political world.

    1. Ms. Hayes ended up with this mess sometime shortly after Steve Bates ran fast the other way.

  9. Mr. Matthews — I take umbrage with the way you paint everyone in the County with the same brush. I DO vote, I campaign for politicians I believe in, I work at the polls, I write letters and make phone calls on issues dear to my heart, and I refuse to accept responsibility for the apathy of the many who do none of those things. How typical to blame those of us who are trying to do SOMEthing for not doing more. Like other citizens who have attended City Council meetings, I’m frustrated that more people in the community don’t get involved.

    I have asked long-time residents for suggestions about how to reach more people in the community but no one has an answer. I asked Sharon Hayes and she said, “I don’t know.” The main problem with Ms. Hayes is that she sees solutions from within the prism of a long-time government bureaucrat. While the city talks about procedures and statistics, there are living, breathing animals who represent those statistics suffering and dying by the thousands while the City does nothing — and will not allow those of us who do feel their pain do anything, either. I honestly don’t care if Ms. Hayes is a loyal city employee — she is making the same excuses for letting those animals die as everyone else at the City. We need someone in charge of the shelter who cares about animals, not someone who follows orders well.

  10. May I point out the Elephant in the Room?

    Scapegoat…..Ms Hayes.

    Ultimate Responsibility……Weatherford City Council

    And, may I point out that on March 24, 2012, I took my daughter out to the Wford A Shelter to try to find a dog we had seen online. When I arrived my opponent for City Council Place 3, Waymon Hamilton, was seated outside the kennel on a bench while his wife was taking pictures. He walks now with a cane so I am sure getting around on the uneven ground isnt easy. I asked him if he was also adopting a pet and he laughed. He was telling one of the staff how HE was instrumental in the development of the Wford Shelter. I walked away, as did she. I later asked the staff if they had ever seen Councilman Hamilton out there before the election had started. They had not.

    I did witness a very clean facility, as I stated at the Council meeting. I also address the City Manager with this statement “and I know that you are working on resolving the hostile environment?” I did get the head nod. I saw the City Manager the following day and he thanked me for my kind comments about the shelter. I told him that it was very clean and we played with several of the dogs. BUT, he had to resolve the issues and he knows what I mean.

    Running an Animal Control Unit is not the same as a Animal Shelter. Which one do the Citizens of Weatherford (and Eric is correct only 5-7% will vote) want to be taxed on? Is more government what is needed or is a private No Kill Shelter run by Parker Paws and others what is called for here? I dont know, I am asking?

    I have seen horrid conditions at government run shelters but I have also seen horrid situations at private homes where people have lost touch with humans and they are hording dogs. I owned a kennel and I showed dogs professionally. I LOVE THEM! I will help you guys however I can, but not in a violent manner. For now, I am just a Citizen like you all. If I am on Council I will help but I am only ONE Vote. If I dont win, everything stays as it was before the election began. And, from what I can SEE, my opponent had never been to the Animal Shelter before the election began and he wasnt out there to save an animal, so why was he?

    1. Amy Fortenberry

      When has there been any violence ? Did I miss something somewhere? And if your meaning the verbal batting back and forth there is a certain “citizen at large” that spews all over the place daily ranting and raving. So please don’t consider it all just one sided because it’s not.

      1. Amy, Is that really all you retained from my statement? If so, then I am loosing my ability to write with inspiration.

        I wish you all well. I am just a citizen like the rest of you. I have suggested to one who seems to lead you that you all learn to use the Robert’s Rule of Order if you are going to continue to come to Council Meetings. If not, there is no sense in you showing up.

        My opponent is Asleep at the Wheel….he has proven that.

        If you dont live in the City and cant vote you really dont have a horse in this race, but if you do live in the City and you dont vote, then I really dont want to hear anymore complaining. Amy, I am not just addressing you here. A lot of people are following me on FB and on these blogs. I really wish you guys would have learned the Robert’s Rules of Order months ago and settled this and we could be discussing Barbara Pursley as the new Animal Shelter Mgr, if she would consider it. That is my recommendation, but as I said….for now I am just a Citizen not the Council Member who will represent our commUNITY.

        Enjoy this beautiful day!

        Tawni Maughan

      2. Amy Fortenberry

        Honestly Tawni I was simplely asking if there was any as your post was coming across to have witness some violence at some point. To clear your judgement, I have only been to one meeting due to many other things in which I was unable to attend phyically. But I have been maintaining events through reading the city site as well as speaking to others. I DO NOT have a “leader” I do help out with many things around this county but I do them on my own accord so do not group me with everything and everyone, I march to my own beat as some say. I do however think you are flaky and that is my very own opinion as I have seen you wish wash from side to side. Again that is my own personal opinion and not a reflection to anyone else. I am sure that if you seen me on the side of south main you couldnt even pick me out so please dont act if you know me at all. With that being said I will reask my question where has violence been witnessed and when? Can you name whom as well? And further more perhaps if you are wanting to be on city council stop using terms such as “you guys” and “you” it not only segerates people it also can insult the very ones that are part of the cause in which their 1st admendment right is being express with. Yes please have a lovely day I know I am.

      3. Mrs Fortenberry,

        The First Amendment gives us the Right to Speak and Write as we choose. It was never meant to encourages us to attack one another, no more than the Right to bear Arms was a direction for us to shoot our neighbor.

        What directs my words is what fills my heart.

        Blessings to you and your lovely family.


  11. Thank you

  12. I don’t know what special privileges Ms. Webster gets at the shelter when she rescues cute small fluffies who adopt fast and easily (I rescue the big black labs that dont stand much of a chance at adoption within the shelter walls) however, regardless of her breed of choice to save, she has no idea how the staff talks behind her back just as they did other Parker Paws volunteers. It’s really sad too, she is standing up for them, but when they have no further use for her, they’ll throw her under the bus too.

    The non compassion shelter director said very matter of factly to me, last Aug 2011, “nobody in Texas wants our piece of crap labs, why would anyone outside of Texas want our piece of crap labs” (referring to rescue groups I was working with who did in fact want to rescue some of our labs, but my hands were tied due to constraints, again more of this Power Play talk I have shared frequently). So that’s what were fighting, really. Back woods, uneducated, old dog pound mentality way of doing things. With tools like the internet and telephones many pets at other shelters are being saved through networking, but not at WPCAS, because surely nobody wants our crappy dogs.

    And yes the WPCAS transfers our healthy adoptable animals to Fort Worth Animal Control/Care (sick hell hole). Why? Why are they GIVING away our REVENUE to FWACC? Did you know that the animals that have been transferred often get URI (upper respiratory infection within a matter of DAYS are killed there. All to make Ms. Daniels LRR (live release rates) look good on paper. But when asked how many got adopted, no answers were given. To date still no answers are given. So now we are pushing our healthy dogs FWACC so they can make a buck off any that don’t get sick that are earmarked for the Petsmart adoption centers. And if they so much as get kennel cough there they are sent back to FWACC to be killed. How do I know? I network those dogs online. Here is the fb link where people like me and and others from the “reform group” save animals with less than 24 hrs to do so. We drive over there in our cars, pay the gas, pay the adoption fee or medical care and foster them at our own expense: why? Because this is who we are. And we would be doing the same for WPCAS if we could. But our hands are tied. We are given photos of an ear of a dog to network. This shelter had the best thing going. A dedicated volunteer group who raised over $70,000.00 (I bet Ms. Pursely does have the financials to prove it Ms. Webster) and this is what the city mgr threw away with both hands? For What?

    How will this loss be made up? Is there a tax hike on the horizon? I have begged and pleaded for them to allow the volunteers back. I offered to roll up my sleeves and get on the animal advisory board, I wasnt so much as given an interview. Why? Because this city council doesnt believe the citiznes. They choose to only listen to continued lies of shelter staff that volunteers have “stolen dogs”. What a joke. We showed our paid reciepts for the dogs we RESCUED. Was that correction made in newsprint. NO. You think I am peeved? You betcha I am. I have asked who are they getting their advice from to have kicked out ALL THE VOLUNTEERS….no answers are given. Why? I just want to know who they are seeking to role model after. What is so difficult about that to answer? I made an outline for Ms. Hayes, it was ignored. I made an ad for a March adoption special, it was not used, but instead a misleading and confusing spay neuter ad was posted instead. I suggested better shelter hours. What have you suggested? Oh yeah, that’s right, I need to find those minutes to read what your suggestions have been since you’ve sat on the advisory board for more than one term…One that comes to mind from the last meeting that I attended, was one you snagged from our group…Customer Service comment cards….Hmmmmmm why would you suggest that unless you KNOW there is a problem there?

    I rest my case.

    Ms. Webster proudly sits on the Animal Advisory Committee and has for some time now. I emailed her and left my phone number to share my concerns, but instead of responding to me, she jumped to conclusions that I was still associated with Parker Paws (I have not worked with since Aug. 2011) and sent a rather RUDE response to Ms. Pursley. I still have the email. So if that qualifies me as being, “appaling, repugnant and disgraceful or offering unsubstantiated allegations” so be it. I stand up and take a bow.

    I also asked Ms. Webster what suggestions for improvement she has offered in her past term serving on the animal committee, I guess I better go read the minutes to see all of her wonderful suggestions…Oh Wait, that’s right, the shelter has no problems! Just smoke screens, no mirrors.

    Where are your notarized documents Ms. Webster? Here your words are mere “allegations” just the same as ours. You had freedom to speak at the last City Council meeting. I saw you there, taking notes, right in front of me, but you had nothing to say then. Why?

  13. A few points….
    1. Regardless of what Ms. Webster thinks, I do not know everyone in Parker County or Weatherford to involve them on updates with every tidbit piece of information I read.
    2. It’s a free country. We have freedom of speech. And I am not afraid to change my mind or my opinion. For example, I was a no kill naysayer and now am a believer!
    3. Attacking Ms. Pursley will gain you very little support here. This community knows who are talkers and who are doers. I can’t think of anyone who did more for that shelter or the animals than she did. Didnt matter when I dropped in, Ms Pursely was always there. In four years of volunteering I may have run into you 2 times total, always sitting with shelter staff holding a small dog in the office.
    4. Ms. Pursely came up with creative ways to fundraise, she developed a foster program, a low cost spay neuter event more than once per month, held off site adoption events, 5K benefits, parades, yard sales, christmas tree competion, christmas on the square in aledo, peach festival and on and on and on….and on top of that gave more than 40 hrs a week as a volunteer. What do you have against her? Are you that filled with hate Ms. Webster?
    5. I did not start any facebook page besides my own personal page, except one I attempted called Nokill weatherford and have done nothing with since.

    Hate me, attack me, but what did Ms. Pursley do to deserve your unfounded attacks? You wanted to know about the puppies, and she kindly, matter of factly replied without any accusations or revenge or retaliation. They were vetted healthy puppies. They had been treated with MORE than one round of vaccines, treated for fleas and ticks, and thank goodness were not spayed and neutered as that would have been even MORE money the city mgr would have thrown in the trash. As you know, animals get fixed upon correct age and when adopted, for that very reason, to not be wasteful. I believe they were also dewormed.

  14. I and others who had volunteered or read in newsprint about goings on at the shelter have spoken publicly. I do not agree with everything every person who speaks publicly (or on a blog or fb site) says.

    I have always believed truth would prevail. I believe it has and will continue to prevail.

    I feel Ms. Daniel has been and is being paid to do a job and if she is not capable or able to do her job correctly and well, then perhaps it’s time for her to go; be it transfer to another position within the city, retirement or being fired. That is not up to me to decide, nor I do not have that authority.

    Ms. Daniel is not a compassionate shelter director. She killed (and yes there is a difference) those puppies for no reason except spite. Perhaps she “lost it”, “flipped out” I do not know, it is not for me to investigate why, but I have asked why and who, who was responsible. If she were compassionate she would have asked for fosters and rescues to save them, she did not make one phone call, or did she? I don’t know, I’ve asked and asked and asked. No answers have been offered to the public. So until otherwise show I believe she spitefully killed them and had them tossed in the dumpster like trash and in doing so wasted taxpayer money and parker paws donated money, as they were vetted puppies ready for adoption. Time and money and “supplies” were used to get them ready and the one in authority who decided they needed killed, wasted the money used to vet them. If it was not Ms. Daniel who ordered the EU list be altered on Dec. 20, do bring that evidence forward. Many would like the truth.

    Let me make it clear that I have no respect for anyone who lies. Mr. Blaisdell has been caught in lies and he knows it. Mr. Mayor made it crystal clear he held the city mgr responsible at city council meeting March 27. So, it is ok for Mr. Mayor to hold the city mgr responsible, but if anyone questions him it becomes hate or revenge? The mess ongoing for months now could have been cleared up, but for some reason feet are being dragged. I keep asking why. No answers still.

    Whatever Parker paws does or doesn’t do one thing is for certain, they were not responsible for the killing of innocent animals and they worked hard to raise thousands of dollars, how will that loss be made up this year?

    In closing, I would like to focus on the main point that started all this. Many citizens are not happy about what happened on Dec. 20, 2011. And since that day, more issues have been uncovered and questioned. They want answers. They have asked and they have waited. They deserve answers. They deserve the truth.

  15. Barbara Benson

    I have been a volunteer with Parker Paws for almost 3 years. During that time I never lacked for “direction” as Ms. Webster puts it. And believe me I had a very real purpose. Volunteers at the shelter knew their business. If you don’t know what that was then you obviously never got your hands dirty (or your clothes) enteracting with these wonderfu animas. Barbara Pursley’s office was in the shelter office so where else were we to go to report who was adopted at an event. Where were we to go to discuss upcoming adoption events, fundraisers and other necessary business. Where were we to park after we returned animals that were not adopted at an offsite adoption event? Since we were rarely allowed to use the adoption trainer for adoption events we had to transport them in our vehicles. Should we have parked on Bankhead and walked them in? Ms. Webster where do you park when you visit the shelter? Before you attack others you might want to make sure you really know what you are speaking about.

  16. Barbara Benson

    Yes yes I know my response is full of typos

  17. Ms. Webster…what is your purpose at the shelter? Are you a volunteer at the shelter now? I spent many hrs at the shelter volunteering and so have many others doing the things that the staff would not do. Walking dogs, socializing, grooming, bathing them when they were infested with fleas and ticks, or just to make them feel good again; playing with… spending time with them on a nice sunny afternoon, just lying in the grass with them, keeping them company. Many volunteers even spent time sitting in the kennel with the dogs that were too frighten to come out of there kennels. While, you as you stated in your previous blog post, sat in the nice cool office with a little lap dog socializing!.. Don’t tell me and the rest of us reading this blog that the Parker Paws Volunteers did nothing or anything they wanted to do. We did the things that had to be done. We took dogs and cats to the Vet when no Vet was on Staff or when the “mobile” Vet was not due for another week, using our own money to get the animal treated. We took them to adoption events in the cold and the Heat. We took them to other Shelters when xfers were arranged to give them a better chance of getting adopted when the staff refused to take them because no one (staff) wanted to pull the trailer. In one instance because according to a staff member who refuse to drive and pull the trailer “it would be too hot for the dogs and Cats in the trailer” like it was any cooler in their kennels. BTW, the Trailer has A/C but of course it did not woringk and no one bother to get it fixed. Must have been too much work to do that. As was the broken Tail light on the trailer which was brought to the attention of the staff many times which was never fixed ,as well. We would interface with the visitors, sharing with them our knowledge of dogs they would be interested in. Answering questions they had about the dogs. .
    Ms. Webster, The Public and the Community know what the Parker Paws Volunteers did for the animals.
    It was too loud in the office that the staff could not hear the phone ring? Come on Ma’am, Maybe the loud birds in the office had a part in that, if your claim is even true! As for parking, maybe the shelter should looking into more parking so the many volunteers which, many shelters would love to have, and the public do have some place to park.. That would go a long way in the shelters favor in becoming a more public friendly place. But, NO talk of expanding the parking lot that, I’m aware of but there is talk of building an Aviary for the birds.., now that is how the tax payers want there their spent.. I think that would be for the BIRDS !!.
    Please to do speak of things that you do not know about when it comes to the Parker Paws and its volunteers. You are just showing ignorance. As to the issue of the city Council meeting when you Stated Volunteers just complain. I see you do not mention while sitting in the back row the snickering and belittlement by the shelter staff, directed at people at the podium addressing the council. I guess you choose to ignore that!

    Correct me if I am wrong… you been a member of the AAC for a while… What good have you done in your time as a member? I have been told that those meetings have lasted 10mins or so if that long… Now, only because of the issues that have come to light has the AAC been of any relevance. If they are relevant at all. Why again were you re- appointed to that advisory staff when it has failed the mayor,city council, the public and most of all the animals in the shelter, in the past.
    Maybe It was just more city cronyism taking place

  18. rws (Robert Smith)

    The belittlement and snickering is not a rumor.. It was witnessed by many people including myself. at the first City council meeting in February. You were there but ,once again you chose to hear and say what you want not what is… I’m not hiding behind anything..people know who I/am..It is you who hides the behind the coat tails of the bureaucratic machine. As a citizen who seems to know the ins and outs of the shelter as well many other things. I’m not sure what service you provide beside being the shelter staff puppet..I assure you, Ms. Webster,
    all our volunteers as well as I do, appreciate you giving your time and money to help the animals but you are not please do not continue to bloviate

  19. Ms. Webster, In all due respect Maam you must need a hearing aid, as I was in the Lobby watching the Shelter Staff whisper and snicker between themselves and make fun of people. The Rescue Group you speak of did not say a word to anyone when they left . I did hear one lady say something to the other lady as they walked out and I followed them outside where we discussed what we had seen take place among the Staff. You are so wrong about this wonderful group of Volunteers , which I was not one, before you throw in your two cents worth. Every word out of your mouth has pretty much been transfered there from your wonderful Friends on the Shelter Staff. We all see how one sided and closed minded you are. Also by the way I am not hiding my Identity as you stated over and over again on other people on here. This is how I setup my login from the Beginning. My name is Robin in case you can’t figure that out.

  20. Yes Ma’am she did complain to the Lady she was walking out with , but did not stop and talk to anyone until I followed them out. I did not have to be in the room to tell what was being said by Shelter Staff as you could tell by their actions what was going on. I was the one that made the remark about passing it on after I came back in from talking to the Ladies. They were sitting close enough to the Shelter Staff to see what was going on. I had already noticed the whispering etc that was going on and mentioned it to my friend sitting with me before that ever happened after the meeting. Beg to differ with you but your “Observations” are very one sided. Remember there are 3 sides to every story, Your Side, Our Side and the Truth which is not coming from the Powers to Be in Weatherford.

  21. And you have to have the last word I see so Goodnight Ma’am.

  22. rws (Robert Smith)

    @ Ms. Webster..Not only did you just contradict yourself in your last statement but it is extremely obnoxious as well. sincerely Mr.O’Reilly

  23. Amy Fortenberry

    Ms. Webster,

    Are you that bored in life that you have nothing else todo other then sit at your computer and find ways to sound absolutly insane? You have come across as some bitter old woman who has nothing better to do then to see how many folks you can pull chains around town. Clearly you need some direction in what your day to day activities are. IF you are so concern with the shelter animals and their staff why dont you actually do something constructive with your computer? I have just sat here and read every single post that started from the very beginning for the mere fact that I was interested in seeing where you started and your progress along the way. May I ask how do you think anyone can take you seriously? Here you sit acting high and mighty on your little self made throne, looking down your pointy little nose at everyone that doesnt meet your “cut” of character. So tell me what do you get out of this? Is it populatity amongest the inmates and shelter staff? Are you now “their” knight in shiney armour? I should suggest that you take a step to the side and look at what will happen at the end of the day for you cause you are going to get burnt then look like a even bigger fool then you already do. I was at that last council meeting and I am still holding true to my words to the Mayor about finding solutions to the problems that we currently have at that shelter. It is a mess and yes it needs to be re-established but its not going to happen with little bittys like you that seem to think that with your computer to hide behind you can rip and tear into folks you can not even point out if you seen them at the shelter. Go ahead rant back all you want I will enjoy reading your reaction seeing that you feel that you have to have the “final say” in all matters on this blog. I can already tell that your cup of coffee will include you rushing to this blog to see just how many folks have given you the attention that you so desperatly seek. Come on woman get off your can and put yourself to actually doing good rather then creeping in the shadows trying to be on the “good ole boys” side. Elections are coming up and some folks will not have a job once the voters go to the polls…..Words to think on perhaps?……….

  24. Tawni Maughan

    Are you all coming to the City Council meeting tomorrow night at the Weatherford High School 9th grade center on S Main St tomorrow, Monday, at 7pm?

    1. This is the first I’ve heard of a City Council meeting Monday at WHS. Share more please!

      1. Amy Fortenberry

        I am going to the one being held at tison middle school I didnt know about the one at the high school… Is it about the “east loop” ?

  25. Tawni Maughan

    You are correct. I am a bit sleep deprived with my travels and meetings this weekend. It is indeed at Tyson MIddle School. I was just notified yesterday of it.

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