Animal Shelter ~ Smug Officials With Untouchable Mentalities

If you are/were a volunteer at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal “Shelter”, and have credible verifiable first-hand information relative to the horrendous treatment of animals at the facility, we want to hear from you. Please help us ensure that those who were responsible for the deliberate killing of 30+ adoptable puppies are held accountable for their actions, and that such despicable acts NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!  


Harry Wilfer, March 22, 2012 – 

Until ALL of the incompetent and uncaring politicians in this city AND county are replaced not a single thing will be resolved. As a former volunteer, I (as well as all of the volunteers) have been misled, delayed, sweet-talked and outright lied to by those in charge. When we asked why volunteers could not continue serving while the program was restructured our questions were met with political “double-speak.” Since January of this year I have not heard one clear and honest statement from anyone drawing a government paycheck. I have sent emails, OK angry emails, to the mayor and city council (lower case intentional due to lack of respect) and county officials. Replies? Phone calls from 2 city council members and the assistant city manager – to whom I did NOT sent an email. NO response from the mayor, other council members and none from a single county official. That’s a pretty accurate representation of smug officials with “untouchable” mentalities!

Concerning the shelter’s photos currently on, at least one of them is extremely outdated. I refer to that of the female adult Pharoah Hound on the page of this link The photo used was taken by volunteers on February 10th. Her name is Lizzie and according to her shelter ID number, she was taken in to the shelter LAST YEAR – probably very late in December. Does anyone really think this dog is still there? And if in fact she still is, how does that match up with Steve Bates’ excuse of ‘overcrowded conditions’ for the mass euthanasia of 30+ puppies just before Christmas? [He made that statement at a public meeting on Feb. 1 when asked about the “massacre” of those healthy, adoptable puppies on or around Dec. 20]

So if you are content to live with corrupt, or at the very least inept city and county government, then vote these clowns back into office or take the easy route and stay home on election day. If, however, you want to see competent local government it will take as much effort as getting into your car, driving a few miles and punching in some new names on a touch screen. Let’s let those who are supposed to be working for us now go find work with someone else!

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  1. Carla Hollingsworth

    AMEN! After talking to several with previous on-site experience at the Shelter and reading the articles and blogs (including some from a Ft. Worth animal rights group), I’ve always felt that we, the tax-paying public, have not gotten the full and honest story of what has been happening at the shelter. I don’t know who the officials are protecting, or why, but there has got to be a change! And, if we ever find out who was responsible for all of the animal atrocities we are hearing about, then I hope proper loss of jobs, charges and sentencing are carried out. Innocent, defenseless little souls have been killed for no reason. Yet, decent human beings get caught up in our judicial system every day for allegations that don’t involve the death of anyone. I encourage you to tell local elected officials what you think. Do NOT re-elect any of the incumbents on City Council! The problem has gotten lip service, but none of them have shown ANY willingness to come up with real solutions! Forming yet another committee does nothing but continue to protect the guilty ones involved!

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      City Council meeting Tuesday March 27 6:30 ish

      from a fellow concerned citizen-

      “Animal shelter is on the agenda. It’s important to have a good showing to citizens if we’re going to let the city council know we’re serious.

      I was at the shelter the other day. It’s a disgrace. No volunteers there since January, and the city keeps dragging its feet on that — why???

      One of the people at the shelter told me they get in 150 dogs every 5 days. You can imagine what that means.”

      I could not agree more about cleaning house at election time


      1. Is it just me or do you find it strange that the animal shelter update disappeared from the public meeting agenda (6:30) and was at the last minutes switched over to the work session at 4 pm without any substantial notice. Are these work sessions open to the public? Are they recorded for transparency?

        And, I find it very peculiar that Weatherford has the City Mgr conduct an investigation where he should be one candidate of several being investigated. How does one investigate themselves? I will be suggesting AGAIN (mentioned this last night at my comment) an audit/investigation from someone who is NOT employed by the city. I also want Dr. Kaiser interviewed regarding her side in this investigation and how about finding out from Parker Paws President her story? Let’s get all sides people! Funny how only city employees to date have been interviewed, don’t you think? Perhaps they are worried that Dr. Kaiser and Ms. Pursely won’t lie for them???? WAKE up people…..what is being hidden needs exposed to light!!!! Demand transparency!!!

        Also, I find it rather unusual practice for a shelter who barely keeps dogs alive by feeding them so little, now has money growing on trees to offer citizens money back guarantee by coming forth to city council meeting and say you are not happy and want refund….of which also now covers personal vet bills. ( dont get me wrong, I feel terrible for the family who adopted a parvo pup that needed put down, and spent $308 total on the animal including adoption fee, but can the city really afford this?????)

  2. Please Come to the Parker County TEA Party Candidate forum on Tuesday April 3rd at 7PM Willow Park Baptist Church and bring your concerns and your friends!

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      Bring all the Tea people tuesday night March 27 and lets get the shelter FIXED

    2. Absolutely agree. Let the TEA party people or any would-be elected official show their concern where it counts (at the city council meeting), not just a meet-and-greet for empty promises!

  3. Just looked at the shelter’s pages. Beyond appalling! Forget photo quality – some dogs look scared and in at least one you see the dog’s face and tongue and very little of its body. Most shelter animals have only one picture per listing and most have no description other than those required by the website. Hayes, daniels and her shelter crew are doing the barest minimum to try to quiet their critics. Honestly, they aren’t doing squat to serve the community and the innocent lives which have been placed in their trust. Why are we paying these people?

    See for yourself – go to, type in your zip code and compare for yourself how poorly the shelter stacks up in quality to other rescue groups. It seems obvious who is trying to save animals and who isn’t concerned about killing them!

  4. It’s a shame when members of the so called
    Animal Advisory Board call honest
    citizens liars.
    I personally don’t understand this group
    of City Officials. They seem to do everything they can to keep citizens from helping some
    poor unwanted animals.
    I personally would like to see an audit
    of the shelter books.
    Maybe some answers are there.

  5. The shelter books ought to be available, after all the city of weatherford allegedly received the 2012 Leadership Gold Circle Award for Financial Transparency from the Texas Comptroller’s Office. It’s on the city’s webpage

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