Welcome ~ All Candidates for Public Office

If you are a candidate for public office, we encourage you to send us a photo and your bio for posting on this blog.

ParkerCountyBlog however, was never intended to serve as a platform for those whose intent is to smear candidates for public office with unsubstantiated slanderous comments. If that is your purpose, please look elsewhere.

Although some ‘for and against’ comments may still be seen on this blog, it is not our desire to promote or to denigrate any candidate for public office. Our intent as it relates to candidates is to provide a means by which all candidates can announce their candidacy and to publicize candidacy related events such as fund raisers and public speakings.

Election campaigns aside, our purpose in maintaining this blog is to provide a means by which ordinary citizens can engage in the exchange of respectful opinions on issues of the day and to provide information that is relevant to the residents of Parker County and the surrounding area.

In all such matters we reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of all comments intended for posting on ParkerCountyBlog.

Thank you for your participation!

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