Our Fight Against Washington Begins in Austin

Heading into this year’s election cycle with all of the confusion surrounding redistricting in Texas, it is extremely important that we focus on what this election is truly about. Here are a few facts that should help shed some light on what we are facing:


– According to the 2010 Census data, almost half of all Americans live in households that receive government benefits.

– This last fact is most disturbing given that 49.5% of Americans pay NO income tax. In other words, 50% of Americans are paying for the other 50%.

– The federal government now borrows 43 cents for every dollar it spends – in 2007 the government only borrowed 5 cents for every dollar it spent.

– The federal debt grows by over 4 billion dollars a day!

– In the next state budget, under Obamacare, Medicaid is slated to cost Texas taxpayers $30.7 billion – this budget $17.1 billion was appropriated for the same program. (Please note this is Medicaid, not Medicare.)

– Projections under Obamacare show that Texas’ Medicaid caseload could be up to 8.4 million by 2014, an 88 percent increase from today! 2.2 million Texans are currently on Medicaid.

This course is clearly not sustainable. As you can see, the stakes are higher than ever that we defeat the Obama Administration in November and get a handle on our spending at the national and state level. As Texans, we must not only stand up to the out-of-control federal government, but also look at innovative ways of reforming our own system. As a conservative, I believe it is our duty to get our fiscal house in order so that Texans have more money in their own pockets to help their families and businesses prosper. Economic freedom is key to a prosperous Texas and a prosperous America. Our fight against Washington begins in Austin. I appreciate your support in this fight for our future. It is a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.




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7 responses

  1. Senator-Blutarksy


    None of the issues you bring forth are exactly “new’ and exclusive to the present admin in DC.

    For example, the medicaid issue in Texas – we have had a FLOOD of illegal aliens come in and feast on public services such as this. The CAUSE has to be treated, not the symptoms. (Any 8th grader can treat symptoms).

    enlighten us as to SPECIFIC legislation you intend to introduce…otherwise your message is just tawdry campaign rhetoric

  2. Senator at the risk of being called radical, you nailed several billion dollars in un earned benefits paid forby the current state government. This has been a thorn for me for quite sometime. to continue pointing the finger at the other guy does not work for ever, even the O is figuring that one out.
    campaign rhetoric will continue, nothing will change and Joe will still control what comes to the floor for vote with the help of dewhurst, and estes.

  3. Senator-Blutarksy

    WrongRight – ‘POLITICIANS” running for office rarely want to give specific plans or attack scared cows. here are things he SHOULD address-

    King – It would be helpful to know your position on many topics – your website says next-to-nothing.

    So far, you offer nothing but vague, overly-broad soundbites and cliche`s…I see no “plan” at all. ( of course we know you love Jesus and represent yourself as a ‘conservative Republican and support all kinds of family values blah blah )

    What are you going to do to STOP toll roads? to eliminate ALL property taxes on homes? To end warrantless bloodsucking by DPS on so-called “no refusal” weekends? To use 10th amendment remedies to sundry Constitutional abuses by DC?
    to end sanctuary cities? to remove all CHL requirements and push for true Vermont-style weapons laws? to disband TxDot ? to end socialism for the wealthy via PPP’s and CDA’s ? I can go on – just let me know !

    Now that I have prompted you,King, do you take a position on ANY issue ?

    We have had enough vagueness and slight-of-hand from King & Estes to last a lifetime – they need to make some positions CLEAR, or better, return to private life and get out of the public arena for good.

  4. Senator-Blutarksy

    King – another very important issue – so-called ” smart” meters.

    Several of our state reps are now aware of this monster, so I believe we will see something in the legislative arena, but in the meantime, the fight is up to us because time counts. Those meters are dangerous.

    There was a PUC hearing Feb 23 – more to come out of this

    Rep. Jim Landtroop of Plainview is one state rep who is aware of the dangers

    This battle is going on in dozens of states, but we have to fight smart to win because the utility companies will have batteries of high paid attorneys.


  5. If you stay on the fence then you step off on the side that appears to be winning when the time is right

  6. Senator just read an article on your favorite site Red State they seem to think dew is not a conservative any thoughts?

    1. Senator-Blutarksy

      Dewhurst is a consummate Washington insider…………he is a Rick Perry slimebag on steroids. His agenda is totally to his masters in the globalist DC cabal. he makes frauds like Cornyn, Hutchinson, Granger look like 3rd-graders.

      Dew has been the real manipulator behind most of Perrys antics like toll roads and all the PPPs and CDAs pushed on us by lapdogs like King & Estes etc

      he is as bad news as it gets

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