Morning Bell: Defending Israel from the Iranian Threat

From The Foundry, Mike Brownfield, March 5, 2012 – 

Less than 1,000 miles from Jerusalem, the Iranian government is operating in open violation of international law in a singular pursuit of developing nuclear weapons. Under the cloud of this threat, Israel is considering all options in order to defend its very existence, yet President Barack Obama is failing to grasp the nature of the Iranian beast and has not offered Israel the resolute support it so desperately needs and deserves.


Of course, the President’s record falls short of his rhetoric. In a speech yesterday to the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting, the President professed his love for Israel, insisting that his Administration has been a staunch ally to America’s friend in the Middle East. “I have kept my commitments to the state of Israel,” he said. “At every crucial juncture — at every fork in the road — we have been there for Israel. Every single time.”

Heritage’s James Carafano writes that the President left out glaring details on his failure to stand with Israel — namely by failing to mention the years he spent trying to “engage” with the Syrian and Iranian regimes, his missed opportunity to embrace the Green Revolution against Tehran, and the time wasted pressing Israel to negotiate with a Palestinian authority that tolerates Hamas — a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Though the President pledged that nothing is “off the table” when it comes to dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat, throughout his Administration, Obama has failed to go far enough in lending Israel the support it needs at this crucial time and, in fact, has undercut America’s ally by warning that an Israeli preventive strike would be premature.

The President’s weak commitment to Israel and inadequate posture toward Iran has resulted in a growing distance between the President and his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — a chasm that will be on full display today when the two meet for a summit at the White House. Netanyahu, of course, recognizes the significant threat that the Iranian nuclear program poses to his people. He is determined to prevent another Holocaust, through military means if necessary. Conversely, President Obama evidently does not grasp this threat, underestimates the ideologically based hostility of Iran’s Islamist dictatorship, and is relying on diplomacy backed by sanctions to keep Iran under wraps.

In a new paper, Heritage’s James Phillips explains that this conflicting view of Iran has bred a glaring lack of trust between Israel and the United States. He says that today, the two leaders must begin developing a common understanding of how to confront Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and present a credible military threat to Tehran:

Given the bellicose statements of Iran’s leaders calling for Israel’s destruction, Iran’s long history of supporting terrorism, and its growing ballistic missile capabilities–which can already target Israel–Netanyahu is understandably determined to prevent Iran from attaining a nuclear capability. President Obama should make it clear that he fully shares those concerns and pledge to take strong action to prevent that from happening.

Phillips recommends a series of actions that President Obama should take in order to bolster America’s support of Israel and combat the Iranian threat. Specifically, the President should make every effort to present a common front against Iran, clarify the red lines that will trigger U.S. military action against Iran, set strict conditions on any last-ditch diplomatic talks, and recognize Israel’s right to take military action in anticipatory self-defense.

It is one thing for the President to profess his love for Israel — particularly in an election year. It is another thing for him to take significant action to back up those words. For too long, the President has embraced the philosophy of the “Obama Doctrine” — an effort to charm America’s enemies through engagement, while turning his back on allies like Israel who need America’s support. That strategy has not worked, the Iranian threat is growing, and Israel is increasingly vulnerable to nuclear annihilation. If President Obama wants to be a true friend to Israel — and he should — then he must change course and offer America’s ally the support it needs in guarding against its enemies.

Quick Hits:

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More than 50 people were killed in Syria yesterday as the Assad government continued its attacks on rebel forces in the city of Homs and neighboring villages.

•General Motors is halting production of the Chevrolet Volt and is laying off 1,300 employees due to poor demand for the vehicles. GM is blaming “exaggerated” media reports on the car’s battery fires for low sales.

•Apple says it has directly or indirectly created more than 500,000 jobs in the United States thanks in large part to the popularity of its iPad and iPhone products.

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3 responses

  1. This would more accurately be called, “Morning Toro Caca…” The rest of the title should have read, “Defending Iran from the Neo-Con Zionist Threats”.

    The very first sentence out of the gate is an unmitigated lie, “Less than 1,000 miles from Jerusalem, the Iranian government is operating in open violation of international law in a singular pursuit of developing nuclear weapons.”

    “A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    – Mark Twain

    U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated in an interview in January, 2012 that Iran was NOT developing a nuclear weapon and stated in November, 2011 that an attack on Iran would only “briefly delay their nuclear program.”

    Why would Israel need to “defend its very existence” if Iran has no nuclear bomb and is not developing one according to Panetta? Why is it that Israel, a nation that possesses 200-300 nuclear weapons, “desperately needs and deserves” U.S. support against a nation that has no nuclear weapons?

    The above comments only represent the reasoned rebuttal of the first paragraph of this trash journalism…this war-mongering “rhetoric” that potentially has global thermonuclear consequences.

    Russia and China both have drawn a proverbial line in the sand and have vowed to defend Iran…while Russia is flexing its military muscle to defend Syria. The only reason NATO/Israel hasn’t started bombing Syria is because of the Russian naval task force docked on the coast of Syria…the Neo-Cons in the Pentagram ain’t that stupid.

    Of course, those kinds of facts only gets the Billy Bobs’ adrenaline flowing…”Bring ’em on! Screw them communist b*st*rds!! We’ll kill ’em all and let G*d sort ’em out!!” After 11 years of war, we’re well on the way to accomplishing that psychotic wish.

    With friends like Israel, who needs enemies? How many Iranians sit in U.S. federal prisons for engaging in espionage against Amerika? None that I’m aware of.

    How many Israelis and Jewish Amerikans sit in U.S. federal prisons for espionage against Amerika for the benefit of Israel? Several high profile ones…that the feds have admitted to. How many cases of Israeli espionage were swept under the rug due to the intervention of powerful Jewish interests?

    Take a gander some time at the long and colorful list of national-level politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who hold dual citizenship with U.S. and Israeli passports.

    It wasn’t Iranian intelligence service agents who were arrested in New Jersey on 9-11-01 filming the attack on the World Trade Centers…it was Israeli Mossad agents who were shortly thereafter released to return to Israel.

    Regardless of the illogical conclusions of the pre-determined 9-11 investigation by a panel of cherry-picked politicians who disagree with their own findings, we’ve already killed over a million Muslims in the last 11 years of war…enough dead for over 300 9-11s.

    When will our blood lust be satiated?

  2. I stand corrected…one Texas used car salesman of Iranian descent awaits trial on a trumped-up case engineered by the FBI. This “fall guy” is alleged to have sought to hire a Mexican drug cartel hitman to bomb a Jewish target. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and follow-up has virtually disappeared from the Mainstream Media controlled news outlets.

    These “domestic terrorism” cases are universally found to have been pumped up with the FBI informants / undercover agents encouraging the suckers to do things they never would have thought of themselves.

  3. Senator-Blutarksy

    Brubaker – it is election season in suburban Tejas – nothing gains votes like

    1. a picture of your extended family ( & you love Jesus)
    2. you love Jesus
    3. your campaign posters are in red-white-blue ( & you love Jesus)
    4. you are a ” Christian conservative ” ( & you love Jesus)
    5. you are a “Republican” ( & you love Jesus)
    6. You support Israel ( & you love Jesus)
    7. Fiery speeches open like a 4-square pentecostal evangelical gathering

    John Hagee will sprinkle holy water on you – ( & you love Jesus)

    Frank Zappa once said, “Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex”.


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