Obama Administration Placing Pro-Abortion Politics Over Womens’ Health Program

I want to share with you this excellent editorial by Governor Perry about the Women’s Health Program and the political games the Obama Administration is playing with it. I recently wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Commissioner Tom Suehs with several other representatives on this subject, urging him to stay the course and follow the intent of the legislature by not giving in to the pressure he’s receiving from the federal government to give taxpayer dollars to abortion providers.


As Governor Perry points out in the article, there are over 4500 locations across Texas that provide these important health services for women (without providing abortions) other than Planned Parenthood. The legislature is simply trying to stop any tax dollars from being used for the performance of abortions.

We must stand up to the federal government to not only protect the lives of the unborn, but also to preserve Texas sovereignty on this and so many other key issues facing our state. Please share this article with friends and family to help spread the word about this important issue. It is a pleasure to serve you in the Texas Legislature.


Phil King


Perry Op-Ed: Obama Administration Placing Pro-Abortion Politics Over Women’s Health

President Obama’s Administration plans to cancel funding for a long-standing and cost-effective health and wellness program for more than 100,000 Texas women. This move will cut off access to screenings for breast and cervical cancer, hypertension and diabetes, STD testing and family planning services for Texas women who otherwise could not afford them.

Unfortunately, President Obama and his allies are once again putting their political agenda ahead of sound policy and the delivery of cost-efficient health care. They are trampling on the rights of states like Texas to create programs like the Women’s Health Program and to administer it for Texans by Texans.

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  1. Senator-Blutarksy

    How did the Gardasil thing work out for ya, Rick Perry ?

    “putting their political agenda ahead of sound policy ..” or was it your financial “policy” from the Merck boys ?

    ” Men often decieve themselves in believing that by humility, they can overcome insolence.”
    – Machiavelli

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