Meet & Greet Debra Rogers – Candidate for Judge, County Court at Law #2

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  1. Senator-Blutarksy

    2 term limit, then go back to work – no lifetime career politicians, judges, constables, commissioners , mayors, councilmen, Reps, Senators.

    Strict two term limit on any elected or appointed office

  2. Good luck in this primary, may you remove a judge who needs to be replaced. Ask anyone who has been unlucky enough to need justice in his court. You have my vote and the vote of all my connections.

  3. Michael C. Oates, Weatherford, TX

    Debra Dupont had a tumultuous term in her former position as judge in Parker County. A return of her irrational sense of justice and noted lack of common sense should be avoided. Now that she is trying to return as a candidate under a different name, voters beware. She has damaged enough lives in her twisted attempt at a career in law – she certainly does not belong on the bench.

    1. AMEN

  4. I do believe this is the same Debra DuPont that showed up to a Tea Party candidate forum and accused the Tea Party of not inviting her chosen candidate. At the time I thought who is this lady who is acting this crazy? Now I find out she is running for judge.
    I question the ability of good judgment of a person who would run down to a stage in front of everyone and confront an event organizer before she had the facts.

    1. Terry,

      I think this is the Debra DuPont that ran for re-election for Judge while carrying on an illicit adulterous affair that destroyed two families.

      Seems to me that if you are going to pass judgement on others, it would be a good idea to demonstrate unquestionable judgement in your own life. This JUDGE clearly exposed her flawed JUDGEment!

      I think we can do better.

  5. I listened carefully to Debra Rogers at a candidate forum. I was very uncomfortable with her ideas that the court should be primarily a money making tool for the county. Seems to me that someone who is judge would be more interested in justice than making money for the county.

    1. Concerned Citizen

      Me thinks ones doth protest to much. Could you possibly be anymore negative, nasty and horrid than you are here?

      1. Me thinks you have no idea the type of person you are defending here. She is a sad sick person who has a very twisted perception of reality with little emotional intelligence. How can a person with such poor judgement judge others. She was not effective the first time in fact quite a mess.

      2. Me doth ? Lmao πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that’s u huh DuPont?? 😀

  6. She has absolutely no buissnes on the bench. Matter a fact not quite sure where she belongs. I wouldn’t wish homeless on anyone. However 24 yrs of marriage and her unfortunately on the bench, she had not one single problem either throwing me in jail. Then she smiled and said I had to leave my home by 5 the follow day. My attorney withdrew on me first court app. Not cause me. Cause DuPont it was a sad pathetic situation. The system failed me. I unfortunately can only dream of Justice. Desperately wish the truth would come out.

  7. Want to try and tell the story as best as I can. We lived in Bryson until my son graduated. Afterwards we had planned to buy some land and build a house in paradise. Plans changed some one told him about a house on 10 acres in Boyd. He liked it I’d of preferred to look at at least a couple of other places but didn’t push it. We bought the house at 800 knobhill rd. Things went downhill fairly quickly. He was my husband my best friend. There was no way I’d of just given up on him. On us on our marriage our life. Wow he knew exactly how to work me. We met in 1982 at a Motorola co. Dance for Motorolans only. Well I honestly wasn’t impressed I wasn’t rude simply not interested. He continued to come around and I was honest with him. I’m not interested at all. Long story short as I can we grew on each other or so I thought. I have to question my self so hard n so much. What was real? What wasn’t? I can tell you I no longer wonder what was or wasn’t real. 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I asked if I would be out of line if I parked at the end of the street with my binocular camera? A friend loaned hers to me. The officer said he didn’t see a problem with it. They surrounded me and had guns drawn on me. They arrested me took my truck etc. oh how I cried when they did finger printed me etc. I called my grandmother n asked her to call my friend Becky. Becky got me n my truck out. She said as soon as I got in the car with her somethings real wrong they didn’t want to let you out. We got bk to the house my X n I lived at. The second we walked n the door the phone was ring n. It was my X he said 8 hours and 23 minutes ain’t no where near long enough you will be spending a lot more time locked up. What’s going on??? Then his girlfriend n her friends all called. I let the answering machine pick up. Had them on recording. Threatening me etc. I called Parker co. Told them about this. Let them hear the recordings. They however said no the only one doing any harassing is you. Woah scary thk n bk he asked me to quit wk. I had wkd didn’t make as much as he did. I made 7.30 an hour he 30.00 I wkd 12 hour shifts ply hour drive there n bk. We have to pay to much at end of year. He said I could stay a half hour over a day n make more than u. Everything was in his plan. He filed INSUPORTABILITY. Suddenly I was a really bad person. When the divorce started I was a monster and clueless. I’m not real good at figure n stuff our. Specialy court documents. There was a lot of documents. Well Debra DuPont was our judge he had mentioned she was in his bk pocket. Smug as he could be. I thought nothing until she DuPont let me know she didn’t want to see or hear a word I had to say. She pointed to my X and said I believe that man right there. She pointed to my X he smiled from ear to ear with both arms crossed. I simply turned n looked bk at DuPont n pushed my glasses up with my finger. She yelled it’s not going to do you any good to get mad. I wasn’t mad and was simply shocked. I soon realized and she let me know I didn’t have a chance in hell. There I was didn’t give up tried to fight. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. He I’m sure mean n my X is still smile n ear to ear telling the story. During divorce my brake lines were cut windshield busted it was really bad. I know that I don’t know how to explain it all. There’s prolly so much more that I have no idea about. I don’t want to know either. I know enough I know that Debra DuPont is his favorite judge. DuPont would say things like this poor man bla bla. He hid so much did DuPont wk with him? Was she paid off? I would like to thk no. However I could only hope not cause I sure as hell couldn’t tell. Retirements pension plans keoghs money markets iras stocks bonds 401k house 10 acres everything he had spent on robin his girlfriend he got away with. Then proceeded to get everything we had. A buissness our $ bought her a buiss. Pure romance. Omg I remembered checking the mail one day. She had sent me an invitation to a pure romance party at 324 western ave. n Saginaw. Thank God I didn’t go however wow she was spending my money ours my X n myself. He gave it to her. A house vehicle like I said there’s so much to tell. I won’t comment anymore unless any one has a question. However I still have my homeless webpage I will vent there I guess. I don’t just vent. I would love to some how make a difference helping homeless. I have a dream it’s simply getting my X bk. In court with the truth n facts etc. knowing how important money is to him and all well you know I can dream!! Baby what’s your dream?? You know you got to have a dream! 😜

    1. Http// that’s where I vent. As well as here. God is good and he will keep Debra DuPont Rogers off the bench. I believe with all my heart he will. Im apparently a very strong person. God got me thru glory be to God. How ever I don’t want DuPont to ever have the chance to ruin any more life’s. The thrill of hope! The wonderful thrill of knowing people will get the Justice I was denied. Keep Debra DuPont Rogers off the bench. Thank you God I know you will

  8. Why should any one vote for you? DuPont in 05 is it true what happened in your court? Why did it happen? Why did you let the lie n man get away with that? Were you paid off? What was it about the lady that you decided to show her not one spec of Justice? I believe with all my heart you are an evil doer. I believe in God and justice ethics morrals

    1. I’m so deeply saddened about the loss of Debra DuPont I’m so sorry to her family. I am left guilt ridden because of my words my comments. How ever in my defense I know no one could possibly known what my x had done. How ever I want to apologize I’m not saying this had a hand in it what he had done. How ever I feel it could of very well played a part. I’m trying to be careful because I do not want to disrespect her or her family. I’m praying how ever what he did will come to light. May she Rest In Peace. God bless her family

  9. I am deeply saddened at the loss of Debra DuPont , truth is I wasn’t a fan. How ever I wasn’t because of my x. Our divorce was in her court room. Now no ones perfect ok but she really may not of known. Known the truth about what really happened. I now am telling you this because I now more than ever think the truth perhaps should be told. I’m going to see if I can speak to an attorney. I will not disrespect Debra’s family or her. This stΓΆrt true story should DEFINATELY be told. To her family I’m so very sorry for your loss God bless.

    1. I’m left even more frustrated saddened and confused. I never plotted lied perjured my self nor did I recurve a speck of justice. I was arrested 21 times that year. Now put yourself in my place.

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