Conscience Protection Amendment – Call Your Senator Today!

Conscience Protection Amendment – Call Your Senator Today!

Sometime this week (perhaps as early as today!), The Conscience Protection Amendment (offered by Senator Roy Blunt (MO)), appearing as an amendment to the Highway Transportation bill, will be voted on – AND YOUR ACTION IS NEEDED (see the action steps below)!

Don’t let anyone tell you that this amendment – or this issue in general – is about contraceptives or “just” abortion; or that it’s about us standing because Catholics aren’t. This isn’t about an attack on Catholics; this is about an attack on all kinds of faiths. This is about a three and a half year battle with the Obama administration’s vicious attacks on religious freedoms and brazen disregard for all types of conscience issues. Since the beginning of his administration, Obama has:


  • left the “Creator” out of the Declaration seven times
  • said not only that we are no longer a Christian nation but that we are the largest Muslim nation in the world
  • removed hiring protections for faith-based organizations
  • repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
  • enacted a 7% cut for charitable giving
  • put limitations on religious activities that occur at places that receive federal grants
  • left God out of his Thanksgiving address
  • restricted what military chaplains can or can’t say from their pulpits
  • canceled the White House service to observe the National Day of Prayer
  • used the old US motto “Out of many, one” instead of our current one “In God We Trust”
  • refused to allow the VFW to rebuild the cross memorial at the Mojave Desert Veterans Memorial

There are numerous other instances of his hostility to religion, but Obama’s latest assault is against the rights of conscience as protected by the Constitution. As Michelle Malkin points out in her story, this is just the beginning of this kind of blatant attack against religious freedoms and as David French also notes, we are all one Body – and it’s time for us to stand together and take action. So we are asking you to take action and stand against this bombardment of our freedoms.

Call your Senator today! Call your family, friends, co-workers, church members, your networks, etc., and ask them to call their Senators! We must act NOW!

Call the Capitol switchboard and ask to be connected to a Senator from your specific state (it will take two calls, one for each Senator). The easy numbers are (202) 224-3121 or the free numbers for the Capitol Switchboard include: (866) 220-0044 or (877) 851-6437. (You can also find the number for their local offices if the switchboard is busy or if they don’t answer in their office.)

When you reach someone or if you leave a message:

  1. Tell them that you want to tell the Senator to vote for the Blunt conscience protection amendment. (They may ask for your zip code to make sure you are one of their constituents and to note where they are receiving calls from across their state.)
  2. Ask them if they know how the Senator will vote on that amendment.
  3. Tell them you want to be contacted back about how they voted. (Be sure to ask for accountability!)

If you would prefer to email your Senators, you may visit the contact page for the Senators.

You can also take this opportunity to talk to your U. S. Representatives. Use the same switchboard number (listed above), and ask for your U. S. Congressman by name. Follow the same routine, but this time ask them to SIGN ONTO the Fortenberry Conscience Protection Bill.

Thank you for taking action to make sure that our religious liberties remain protected!

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