The TRUTH About What Has Been Going On At The “Shelter”

By Lee Ann Adams

If I am never allowed to step foot on that property again, it will all have been worthwhile to expose the TRUTH about what has been going on at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter for YEARS. There are MANY wrongs that have occurred (and still occur) on that property.
Things like:
  • Staff stealing pet food.
  • Microchip cover-ups (When one is found AFTER they adopt the dog to a new family – then cover up missing it, and not canceling the new adoption).
  • Not getting up and doing intake on animals when they just don’t feel like working.
  • Being rude to the volunteers and to the public.
  • Laughing and mocking Barbara Pursley and Dr Kasier for taking animals all the way to Plano to get them out of this “shelter” alive.
  • Dogs not being fully put to sleep and being found alive in dumpster the next day. (This was a long time ago, long before Dr Kaiser, and it happened more than once).
  • Animals being put down prior to a stray hold because it pooped in a kennel.
  • Saying a cat was a health risk to other animals….If that is the case, they can put down ANY animal without proof of distemper/parvo/influenza vaccines.
  • ACO’s tossing road-kill in the dumpster without bagging them in trash bags causing horrific odors during summer months.
  • ACO’s calling our labs “piece of crap labs that nobody wants”.
  • Putting down animals so they can paint.

Many many issues have not been addressed yet. We all need to PLEASE continue to write your first- hand accounts – eye witness stories and get them to Judith Fairly. She can get them to this city council lady and get them brought before city council meeting(s).

We must make these issues public. We need to get on the agenda so that newspaper reporters can come and write this up and help to keep these issues in view of a public that isn’t even aware that these conditions exist or that Parker Paws and Dr. Kasier finally resigned in disgust!

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  1. Lee Ann, I sat in on the meeting Wednesday night. In my opinion, and I expressed it openly at the meeting, the City Manager, as well as the other city employees that were present, weren’t really listenting to what concerned citizens were saying. The City has their own agenda on how to deal with this problem, but wouldn’t really say what they were going to do. Steve showed the new website, but was very hesitant to have any one of you volunteers come and help improve it. I personally know many of the rescue workers and their networking abilities to get animals off the “hit list” – THEY ARE EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL AT WHAT THEY DO – why wouldn’t the city want this seasoned help? Ok, enough – don’t forget who pays the saleries around here – WE DO! If you want change then make it happen! Go to the City Council meetings and DEMAND change. You are voters – believe me, your combinded voices will be a change – Dawn King, Parker County TEA Party

  2. The City Council meeting is February 14th*. We are trying to get on the agenda; if that doesn’t happen, I’m told that there is time at the end of the meeting for members of the community to speak. We will keep everyone informed.

    * What better occasion than St. Valentine’s Day to do something for those in your life that love you unconditionally–your pets???

    1. I think it would be an excellent idea for “Parker Paws” to attend our Parker County TEA Party meeting this Tuesday at 7:00 pm. We meet in the Education Building at Victory Baptist Church. I am going to reserve time on our agenda to introduce this “situation” to our memebers. Obviously there is misappropriation of tax payer money…
      Dawn King – Parker County TEA Party.

    2. This comming Mon is the first day of filing to run for a city council seat. The deadline is Mar 5. If you know Ms. Adams and she is a city resident she needs to be incouraged to get in the political arena and win a seat on the council.. The best way to effect changes in how things are run is from the inside. She seems to be a dedicated person of ethics. These are things that are sorely lacking at the city council level. The rules are simple and there is no filing fee. She will not be incouraged to run and will meet with some opposition but “Where there is a will there is a way”. We actually need three good candidates to change some bad policies and get rid of some real noncitizen friendly people. The other two members need to go as well. They are equally as self-serving and non citizen friendly as well.

  3. I am not a city resident. I am a Parker County resident. I am flattered by the suggestion though. Lee Ann Adams

    1. To bad. the city needs folks like you and your friends. We have become a city with a counci who finds listening to the public too much touble. A lot of folks would like to be more active and outspoken but the concern about retaliation for questioning the current council and administration keeps them silent and nonparticipating. There has been a lot said about transparancy from city government but the reality is just the opposite. Only lip service no action is the truth. If you know anyone who is interested in making positive changes in the current make up of the council please incourage them to step forward and run for a seat on the council. There are three who need to be replaced right now. The filing period ends the first week in March. It is free and seriously anyone other than the current ones will be a better choice.

  4. For the information of all who want to change the conditions at the shelter: Until requests for Public Information are filled out and given to the city secretary concerning the budget and where all the funds allocated in the budget are used the whole picture cannot be corrected. They have 10 days to comply with your request. It cannot be denied to you. Care should be used when specifing what info you want. To get the whole picture you MUST abe very specific. Where the money has gone is what those in charge do not want made public. If one penny of public money is used for any reason that makes all info regarding the subject public information and available to anyone who needs it. Also if for some reason the request is denied a citizen may appeal to the Attorney General of the State of Texas. That office is available to any citizen in matters such as this. Don’t believe otherwise. They will take action. It could be the same must be done at the county. To get on the agenda at Commissioner’s court you must go through your commissioner to get on the agenda to speak to the Judge and the Court. The County Treasurer at the court house annex is where one goes to request a copy of all financial records pertaining to the county. Good Luck.

  5. A very large group of concerned citizens went to both County Commissioners meeting and City Council. We are returning to City Council on Monday, Feb. 27 and every City Council meeting there after until we get some answers. I have requested a WHOLE PILE of public records. Budgets, written policies, contract agreements, where Parker County Juror Donation money goes, Shelter operating expenses, how the figure is derived for billing the county for animal control use of city facility. You name it, I’ve asked for it. Once I get it all, I could use some help sorting through it all. I am confidant I can get some of my well educated friends to help me sort through it all. I will gladly seek help from Tea Party too.

    This is more about the care (or lack there of) given to the animals. I am finding there are a WHOLE lot of donations going into the shelter and none of it is being accounted for. It’s time to clean up the mess there, and the mess isn’t in the kennels. It’s in the OFFICE.

  6. Next City Council is Tues March 17. Please be a voice for the animals. Numerous issues came out in March issue of Parker County Today magazine….make sure you read story called “Reality Bites”. You will be SHOCKED at what you learn….now it makes sense why Dr. Kaiser resigned and why Parker Paws cut ties with shelter.


  7. Our cat was adopted out after we had been to shelter looking for her. The staff there are rude and act like they don’t care. Granddaughter was told she could bring kittens in and when she got there they said no.

    1. This blog is super old. For fast and better results, please contact the department head about your situation! Dustin Deel, or leave him a vm by asking for his voice mail box when calling the shelter 817-598-4111. I personally am sorry for any rude behavior you encountered and feel someone should apologize to you for it. I am not a staff member, I am no longer a volunteer nor am I currently involved in any local rescue group, but if you do need rescue assistance, I still have many connections!
      God Bless,
      Lee Ann Adams

  8. Someone seems to be re-sharing this blog from 2012. It is my pleasure to HAPPILY report a positive updates since many changes have occurred. A powerful group of “shelter reformers” stepped up the the podium to voices for the voiceless. They shared from their hearts and pointed out several concerns both at county commissioners meetings and city council meetings from Feb. 11, 2012-July 1, 2012. There is new management, new staff, new volunteers and new programs. There are new vaccine protocols, new cleaning products/procedures and frequent adoption deals/special offers. We also now have a low cost vaccine clinic on Main St next to Rio Mambo that will help our community reduce the unwanted litters that used to be dropped off at the shelter. The shelter director is also reaching out to ANY shelters in DFW that would like his assistance of what he did, how he did it to guide them for positive changes. For more information, feel free to contact Dustin Deel by phone or email. 817-598-4111 or – This just goes to show that people really can make a difference on issues they are passionate about.

  9. Well I can add to it! In 2010 my then husband and I ran a horse rescue out by reno. Because of our neighbor and parker county financial politics, I had a control officer karen or Kathy something, came out there and seized animals for no reason other than politics! She actually showed up no warrant w a commissioner and a Dutch digger and told us 4 were going to be put down that day. 1 was old hard time keeping weight ,1 had a growth on her jaw ,1 had gotten shot by a dumbass, behind the property, and 1 that had a foot issue. ALL OF THESE ANIMALS WERE UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF OUR VET!.
    I TOLD her not w o a warrant, so she left , and judge Hayes wouldn’t give it to her. The commissioner ever told her she really had no reason.
    Long story short, we were forced into surrendering some animals. Why
    The next door neighbor “I can’t sell my house with all those sick horses next door. ” not to mention the officer and next door neighbor were both breeders. …. and there it is . If u try to do something good in parker county make sure of who ur neighbors are….

  10. The city does what they want. They could care less about the citizens opinion. I’ve seen it time and time again. If they are making a pr Fit they will literally screw over every citizen in town to get that money.

  11. I was forced to pay to get my dog back after i identified her and she was spayed too. They claimed she wasnt there till three days after pick up the staff was very rude and told me she should have been put down

    1. Mel Kat, if your situation was recent, it would be best to contact the Dept. head director over the animal shelter about your experience. His name is Dustin Deel and he can be reached by email or calling the shelter and leaving staff a message for him to call you back. 817-598-4111 – Regardless I am sorry that staff treated you rudely. It’s always a good idea to get names when you have a negative experience with anyone in a customer service position, whether that is at a retail store, government agency or anyone who serves the public. I am NOT a shelter volunteer anymore. I am not a staff member. I was (when this old blog was written) an animal advocate and probably always will be.

  12. Pennie burkhart

    I’m shocked that people could let this happen over and over day after day. There is more then one person accountable for this stuff how do you do it ? What’s wrong with you people?

    1. If you look at the DATE…this was posted back in Feb. of 2012. Much has improved since 2012. I have posted an update further up if you wish, you may go read it!

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