Shelter cancels spay, neuter clinic

From Weatherford Democrat, by Sally Sexton (CNHI), January 24, 2012 – 

PARKER COUNTY — Parker Paws has canceled at least one low-cost spay and neuter clinic, according to a post on Facebook, provoking even more questions regarding the relationship between the non-profit organization and the Weatherford/Parker County animal shelter.

“Today’s clinic was canceled due to the vet, Dr. Pamela Kaiser, no longer working for the city,” said Parker Paws president Barbara Pursley via email. “Parker Paws’ low-cost clinics at the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter are being suspended. I’m not at liberty to discuss changes made by the city regarding vet services at the shelter for our low-cost clinics, but because of these changes, we’re not sure how long the suspension will last.”

Steve Bates, vice chairman of the Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, declined any knowledge at the reason for the cancellation, stating that he “had no idea why” when reached by phone.

“Dr. Kaiser was employed by the City of Weatherford as the veterinarian for the animal shelter until Friday, Jan. 20, at which time she personally resigned from her position,” Bates said in an email Monday afternoon. “At the time Dr. Kaiser was employed by the city, she also served as the veterinarian for Parker Paws Low Cost Spay and Neuter program on a full-time basis. Parker Paws has provided opportunities for low cost spay and neuter clinics within our community for the last couple of years.”

When asked about the future of the animals being spayed and neutered, Bates said that volunteer efforts are currently in the works to provide a low cost solution.

“The Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter continues to work with multiple volunteer organizations, who have contacted us in regards to offering a low cost spay and neuter event,” he wrote. “We expect that an event will take place in Weatherford within the next couple of weeks.”

Friday, the same day Kaiser resigned from her position at the shelter, she also posted a statement on the Parker Paws Facebook page.

“I would like to extend my deepest regret to all those wonderful pet owners and volunteers and staff that have made our low cost clinic such an amazing success,” Kaiser wrote. “After an extensive period of unrest at the shelter, I finally decided that my services to the Weatherford Parker County Animal Shelter could no longer be continued. I am heart broken to no longer be of service to the best pets in Texas and hope to find a location in the near future where I can resume my passion and use my experience and education to promote the safety and well being of all animals placed in my care.

“All those people planning and looking forward to Monday, I appologize for letting you down.”

Kaiser also stated that the Pawsitively Mobile unit she owns will continue to run once a location is found and made herself available to the public for those still housing questions and concerns.

A message left with Kaiser was not returned Monday.

Tensions between the shelter and Parker Paws came to a head earlier this month, as Parker Paws announced through Facebook that it was suspending volunteer activities at the shelter.

“We hope the shelter continues with volunteers activities on their own as we feel that this has been an important contribution to the shelter pets and to the community. I appreciate the support, I know we’ve made a difference for so many shelter pets. Be assured that all donations received will be used to support the pets at the shelter,” the Jan. 3 post said.

One week later, another Facebook post announced that the issue had been fixed between both parties.

“I’m pleased to announce that Parker Paws and the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter have resolved the issues that were causing tension between them,” the Parker Paws post said Jan. 10.

“Parker Paws has been and will continue to be a supporter of the Weatherford/Parker County Animal Shelter. Both organizations have grown in complexity and as such, Parker Paws needed to become more focused so that it could continue to provide support without conflicting with the operation of the shelter.”

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  1. Animal Lover In Weatherford

    God Bless all who do good works for the Parker County Animal Shelter, especially Parker Paws! God Bless folks who take a moment to show some kindness and interest and try and do something good such as up and coming Precinct 400 Chair candidate Lynette McCracken. Animal shelter concerns often fall thru the cracks. Glad things are back on track. Thank you all!

  2. Unfortunately, Parker Paws President decided to
    “call it quits” after unresolved conflict butting heads with staff at the shelter.

    Currently things are far from “being back on track”, but a meeting has been set by Mr. Bates for Feb. 1, 2012 at 7pm at Harberger Community Center in Weatherford, to explain to volunteers his future plans for their assistance.

    Anyone wishing to volunteer at the Weatherford Parker County Animal shelter should try to attend this meeting.

  3. Hello, I am an intern at Animal Rescue of Tidewater (ART) located in Norfolk, VA .I found this blog while searching for other shelters and organizations that are big on spay/neuter like we are. One of our main goals at ART is reducing the killing of pets within our shelters in Southside Hampton Roads, Virginia. We provide low cost (and free) spay/neuter clinics for low income families who struggle with medical bills. It is great reading about other organizations who do the same. I hope everything gets back on track at your shelter! Best of luck 🙂

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